This is a brand new site featuring a set of gorgeous sisters. That’s right, Shana and Roxy are young, they are hot and they are sisters. The Lane Sisters to be precise and they are super fucking fun to watch. These Canadian twins (Yes, twins) made the leap from soft to hard core about a year ago, starred in a few productions and then decided to cash in their good looks, open attitudes and their unique stroke fantasy value. The result is their site, which features Shana and Roxy getting it on with hot girls and guys in stunning HD video updates and live cam shows that are sure to make fans of all of you. The weekly live shows give fans a chance to see the sisters in action and be part of the fun. This is a recent addition to better sites and I really think it adds a great deal of value to the membership. In between live shows, fans can enjoy the HD video updates. These are full hard core adventures featuring one or both of the Lane Sisters playing with lucky friend. For girls who have only recently made the jump to hardcore, both Shana and Roxy know how to get dirty. They use some big toys on girls, take cum shots on their petty faces and Shana even manages a gang bang. Of course, it wouldn’t be a sisters fantasy site without having both of them share a cock. Don’t worry, the Lane Sisters know how to share and some very lucky cocks get passed back and forth on their site. The site design and navigation are really good. I love the look and the features are easy to use. The picture quality and viewing options are very good as well. Sexually the updates are very good with good looking performers have energetic “reality porn” sex in all kinds of locations. There aren’t a lot of household names here because the Lane Sisters are the stars. Who needs the usual porn babes when you have fresh Canadian twins taking on all comers? I’d say there is plenty of “stars in the making” appeal with these two beauties. In the end, you have two gorgeous sisters doing hardcore. If that interests you at all (and you know it does) then is a great site.


Home: The main page for is very dynamic. The graphics are clear and huge with an update slider that really catches the eye. There is a simple toolbar at the top for videos and live shows as well as an on screen Twitter update to help keep track of the Sisters. Top episodes are featured on the side with large photos of the action. The site design fits the gonzo nature of the action and the personal sex journal feel of the site.

As of today (12/13/10) there are 53 video updates on for New scenes are rolled out once a week with three upcoming releases previewed on the main video page. Coupled with the weekly live shows, these updates provide lots of hot new material for members on a weekly basis.

There isn’t any real theme to the sex, no role play or fantasy niche going on. Well, other than the fact that the girls are sisters! That’s the main fetish appeal beyond the great sex. Don’t get me wrong. They do play it up a lot. Scenes like “Poker Night”, “Sexual TKO” and “Angel & Demon” prove that the girls can put on a custom and play to any fantasy you like. There are also tons of outdoor scenes here. If anyone happens to be into fresh air sex, add a few bonus points. Still, the main drawing point here are the Lane Sisters themselves. They are young and fresh with tight bodies and impressive sexual skills. The sex is good enough to be worth a look even without the sister aspect. With it, it’s a can’t miss combination for wickedly naughty gonzo fun.

Video updates come out weekly and consist of high quality video and some unique interface options. There is a basic text description and tags to help you find specific things. They have also included some simple social media sharing icons. (Word of mouth is going to spread quickly about these ladies.) There are some screen shots that all link to the streaming video. Videos stream as MP4 (Three quality settings, 240p, 480p and Web HD 540p) and WV (Four quality settings Three quality settings, 240p, 480p, Web HD 540p and 720p HD). Videos are also available for download. There are no still photos with these updates and most updates stream as full scenes so you will want to have a good connection speed to watch the high quality clips.

The most recent update on features Shana Lane having fun without her sister. Don’t worry folks, she isn’t alone by an stretch of the imagination. It starts out simple enough. Shana is doing a work out with her trainer. Watching her do squats in her thong is a nice start and provides plenty of tease. She likes the work out, but needs to do things her own way. The pretty Canadian wants cock in her mouth. Her trainer whips his out and she happily sucks it, asking him over and over if he likes it. Right in the middle of the fun, two more guys show up and she asks them to join the fun. The footage is really good and Shana is quite an enthusiastic oral artist. She sucks one cock with a helping hand on her head while jerking the other two off. They strip her naked and let her sit on one cock while continuing to find ways to keep the others happy. Shana is really working up a sweat here and she loves getting a little reach around action on her clit. They flip her over and pound that pretty shaved pussy really hard. The finish features all three guys busting big nuts on her pretty face. Even without her sister, Shana is a very hot young woman who gives a fantastic scene.

If you want to see the sisters in action (and you know you do) then “Blowjob for New Talent” is right up your alley. Shana and Roxy are working out on their exercise bikes. In walks Gab who is there for the casting call. The girls don’t waste any time, telling him to strip and impatiently wanting to see what he’s working with. He’s got a good sized cock and the sisters take turns licking the head as a nice warm up. Still dressed, the sisters provide some good eye candy as they relocate to another part of the room to further explore his tool with their hungry mouths. The double blowjob footage is outstanding even if you forget for a moment that the two mouths belong to twins. Both Shana and Roxy know how to suck a cock and even give a little helpful head shoving to get things deep. For a while, they lick up either side of the dick. Any guy watching who says that’s not a fantasy come true is lying. As he gets close, the sisters have their mouths together at his cock and their tongues touch every now and again. They end up expertly stroking a huge load all over both of their faces and bodies. This scene is just fucking perfect and a great example of why you want to join


There are three membership options for and a 1 day free trial.

1 Day Trial: FREE (Rebills at $24.99)
30 Day Membership: $19.99
3 Month Membership: $49.99

OVERALL: 95 of 100:
Models: 19 of 20 (Smoking Hot Twins)
Quality of Content: 18 of 20 (Very Good, Genre Specific)
Quantity of Content: 20 of 20 (Weekly Updates & Live Shows)
Ease of Use: 18 of 20 (Easy to use.)
Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Hot TWINS)

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