Rog Blog: Questions From A Bitter Mind


Why is SO much of today’s porn shot for people who just don’t like women? Have we all become so jaded that good looking girls and great sex isn’t enough?

I just don’t get it. I thought these were SEX movies. Why are some directors doing all they can to take the actual sexuality away from them?

Why does it seems that companies who used to shoot for the “pants around the ankles” crowd now seem to make movies with absolute distain for those people?

When did fanboys become “journalists” who are some embedded that they leave actual writers who have been doing this for years on the outside of little circles?

Why do 19 year old girls feel the need to cut up their faces, pump up their boobs and strip away what makes them unique to look like every other porn chick?

Why are some companies letting guys shot who have no talent at all while more skilled guys who can actually make a good movie struggle to get or keep a gig?

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