Suck Balls 2

Suck Balls 2

300 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
THEMES: Ball Sucking, Ball Licking, Sloppy Blowjobs, Facials, Cum Play, POV
STARS: Vicki Chase, Madison Ivy, Heather Vahn, Katie Jordan, Aarielle Alexis, Jacky Joy, Gia DeMarco, Krissy Lynn, Mia Lelani,


This one is really simple. If you like watching girls suck balls, you will love it. Not just a little bit of sucking or licking mixed in with a BJ, but sucking balls as the main event. Yes, they also suck cock of course, but this is five hours of some of the most intense ball play ever seen. The action is very well shot and looks like a great BJ movie with the focus a little slower. If it can be done with balls, it’s here; licking, sucking, slobbering and even some face slapping are all on the menu. The women are good looking with a few stand outs. Vicki Chase always leaves the audience satisfied. Madison Ivy looks great here and sucks balls like she has been doing it for years. Love this scene. Krissy Lynn may be my favorite girl here though. She has a killer body, a face that looks fantastic on camera and seems to really love cock and balls. The strength of this movie may be its only weakness. If you like ball play, this is perfect, a home run and a must-own. If you don’t care for the action, there is little to offer. If you’re in the middle, then you can enjoy it and still get some great facials along the way.

Mia Lelani

Cooling off in the pool, bikini-clad hottie Mia Lelani tells us that she loves sucking balls as much as she loves eating dick. As soon as the guy gets into the water with her, she grabs him by the sack and then sucks those balls like she truly loves them. When they are all wet, she starts sucking his dick with the same enthusiasm. Great POV action here as she ends up getting his balls rubbed all over her naughty face. They head inside and hang her over the couch so that her mouth can do some work upside down. Mounting her face, he lets her eat those balls for as long as she wants. Though she doesn’t ignore the cock, Mia spends better than ten minutes licking, nibbling, fondling and drooling all over his nuts. This earns her a really big facial shot that she greedily rubs into her skin when he’s finished draining his sack on her.

Katie Jordan

With a very tough act to follow, Katie Jordan poses in her lingerie, expresses her love for balls and then gets ready to eat some man sack. This cutie really knows her way around a set. She holds them in her hand and pulls them against her face as she kisses and licks the smooth skin. Turning her attention to his cock, she slowly slides her lips up and down on his long rod and nearly gets to the root. Though her blowjob skills are fantastic, she never lets his balls stay dry for more than a few seconds before giving them a loving lick or a serious bit of sucking. The spit runs down his prick and streams from her chin to his sack. Backing up a bit she gets hit in the face with a huge cumblast that suits her just fine.

Vicki Chase

Adorable as ever, Vicki Chase can tease with just a smile. Thankfully she also uses her cute little ass. Grabbing his nuts in her hand, she squeezes them and licks with great lust in her pretty eyes. Awesome two hand action here as she fondles the nuts and jerks him off simultaneously. She is adorable as ever and really lets her tongue take control of the fun. When she gets going, Vicki sucks his balls out away from his body and jerks him off hard. Vicki knows exactly how sexy she looks doing that and flashes us a naughty look while she eats them up. This is a perfect slow face fuck with fantastic ball sucking and a facial on a mug so cute everyone should launch all over it. She needs more so she hangs her head over the edge of the bed and uses a Hitachi on her pussy while she continues sucking. Things get really messy and she never lets up.

Madison Ivy

Sexy blonde Madison Ivy is up next. She has a rocking body, a pretty face and a mouth that is always seeking cock and/or balls. I love watching her tease and then devour cock with those hungry lips. Licking down the shaft, she takes balls in her mouth and eats them right up. Great eye contact during the ball sucking and her hand action looks fantastic. When she gets a chance to focus on the cock, Madison locks those eyes on camera and will have everyone stroking along with her hot hands. Looking down at her pretty face as she works the big cock, we are in perfect viewing position for the massive popshot that follows. Ball sucking or not, Madison is best with a big dick in her mouth and she knows it.

Gia DeMarco

Disc one ends with pretty brunette Gia DeMarco and her lovely big tits. She opens her mouth, takes the dick in there and starts her lips up and down. He straddles her face and dangles his nuts right into her mouth. She licks and sucks them until they glisten with her spit. She cups the underside of his cock with her tongue in a rather skillful move that looks great on camera. When he grabs the shaft, Gia moves her mouth down and focuses again on the balls. Nice POV shots of her with her face fully under his junk for a while. She sucks hard at one point, pulling them far from his body as she savors the flavor. Her great work earns her a big sticky load of ball batter. One big blast isn’t enough for this hot babe. She cleans up and goes right in for round two. Round two has her on her belly looking at the camera as she grabs he balls in both hands, squeezes and sucks dick. She gets everything all sloppy with spit and keeps on smiling. Gia gets a chance to show off her deep throat skills and really impresses the hell out of me with some really hot sucking. The second facial is a massive load that takes with a killer smile on her pretty face.

Heather Vaughn

Heather is really fucking pretty. Watching her suck cock is always a thing of beauty and she makes sure that every inch of his genitals gets the full tongue treatment. Dropping to her knees, she looks right into the camera and takes that huge cock into her mouth. Working her mouth down to his balls, she strokes while inhaling them. Continuing with the ball sucking, he dangles them into her mouth and lets her suck to her heart’s content. There are some great shots looking down at her as she moves from cock to balls in rapid succession over and over. Her face is covered in spit even before the big cum wad adds to the pretty mess. Heather takes a moment to clean up before getting back down to business. Just seconds into the BJ, she ties her hair back and doubles her efforts on his balls. She slobbers all over them and rubs her pretty face on the smooth skin. Things are already so messy that the load just looks like extra icing on an already iced cake. Her eyelash even comes off. That’s a seriously face fucked hottie.

Krissy Lynn

Adding a little fun play to the mix, Krissy Lynn is busy working out with her trainer. She looks great in her work out clothes and can’t wait to work her lips around some sweaty balls. Finding a set, she starts sucking and licking like she’s in love. Her hands work on the shaft while she devours the balls and puts on one of the best shows of the movie. In a movie dedicated to ball sucking action, Krissy really raises the bar. Even when she lies upside down, his balls fill her mouth and she is perfectly thrilled by the feel of them rolling on her tongue. Since she is there, he fucks her face and bounces his balls off of her face. (OK that’s hot.) He drops his load in her mouth and she shows it off before swallowing. Keeping with tradition, she moves to the bedroom to suck another set. This time she spends a little more time working the head in between lovingly sucking the sack. Her eye contact is fantastic and I love every second of this scene. Krissy’s deep throat skills, pretty eyes and bouncing tits highlight the action as she works another load from this lucky dick. When she gets this load, Krissy lets it drip back on his balls and then licks that mess up as well.

Jacky Joy

Busty blonde Jacky Joy is popping right out of her tiny bikini top. IF that doesn’t put some starch in your shorts then you’re lost my friend. She gets under her guy and grabs his balls so she can lick them one at a time. There is a bit of face sitting and minor smothering going on as she gets fed those nuggets. Jacky flips the action and licks up and down the shaft while stroking that throbbing meat. Watching her beat herself with his balls is both original and totally hot. It takes her a while, but eventually she whips out her big tits and rubs them against his dick as well. Jacky knows how to use everything she has to keep a guy happy and she puts on an outstanding show here. Beyond the ball sucking, Jacky’s tits-out head is so fucking good that you can’t take your eyes off of the screen. Dropping to her knees she jerks him off until he explodes all over her pretty face. Round one down, she sets to work tongue-bathing a set of happy balls. Jacky rubs her face on them and smacks herself with a wicked grin on her lips. The camera moves in really close to catch her deep throat skills and then watch as she licks the sack with the tip of her tongue. This time her face gets painted and she smiles as she holds her mouth open to taste it.

Aarielle Alexis

Last up is short-haired cutie Aarielle Alexis. She has her pink bra and panties half on as she rolls around on the bed waiting for some balls to suck. When she finds one the drool starts flowing immediately and she shows off some fine tongue skills. When she really focuses, she pushes her face in there to really get a feel for them. There are some incredible close up shots as she laps the balls and then deep throats the dick. I like the way she uses her fingers in a ring around the cock while she eats his balls. We have seen five hours of this action so you know the drill. She gives great eye contact and sucks the load out of his dick, dripping it back onto him for good measure.

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