Rog Blog: June 9


Rog Blog: June 9

Forget 6/6/6 today is quite a day for porn. 6/9/6 that looks like a pretty fucking good number to me.

Lots of stuff going on right now so I’ll keep this one short. What I want to do is introduce you all to a new writer who will be giving us her two-cents worth on sex toys and possibly other things as well. Read below for more on that. Right now….duck because I’m pretty pissed off.

Why the fuck is John McCain on ESPN talking about this Grimlsey deal? John, the fucking borders are WIDE OPEN. We have a budget problem and oh yeah, a WAR going on. Why did you take time out of your busy day to give a rat’s fucking ass if Barry Bonds or any other baseball player was taking roids? Yes, it’s a stupid question. You’re doing it for the same reason the smiling lot of you in Washington are creaming in your pants trying to get in front of the TV cameras. To make us forget the things that are really important. Look guys and I’m talking to the idiots on BOTH sides of the aisle. Forget about banning gay marriage (Amend the Constitution George? We can’t get 75% of the people in this country to agree that the sky is UP for fuck’s sake.) stop blocking the repeal of estate tax, figure out a budget that is at least somewhat reasonable and above all….LEAVE BASEBALL ALONE YOU FUCKING DICKHEADS!!!!!!

And now on a happier note:

Hey everyone,

I come to you today with some very good news. As those of you who have been with the site for a long time already know, I try very hard to bring in new writers from time to time. While I still handle the movie reviews, there are some things that I feel are better left the expects. Things like….well, sex toys designed for the ladies for example.

It is with great pride and high expectations that introduce you to the newest writer on the RogReviews team. Her name is Savana Switzer and while I am going to let her give you her own bio and story in time I do want to take a few moments to properly welcome her to the fold. Let me just say that I’ve known this amazing young woman for a few years now and she is as intelligent and talented as she is funny. I am certain that you will enjoy her reviews and whatever else she chooses to grace us with. It may also interest some of you to know that while we share an interest in politics, a love of good-spirited debate and the same burning desire to be locked into a wicked 69 with Aurora Snow. (What can I say, the girl has great taste.)

Savana’s first review is now up and you can read it here. (Waterproof Gyro G Spot Vibrator Review) (Please forgive the image error, I’ve got a little upload issue right now.)

I trust everyone will take a few moments to read Savana’s opening effort. She would certainly appreciate some feedback from anyone reading and assures me that this is the first of many reviews to come from her skilled fingers. If you like what you read, let her know. (For now just send email to me and I’ll make sure she gets it.) The banner on the bottom of her review leads to her own affiliate account, so anyone wanting to show their support can follow the link and make a porn purchase.

Thank you for listening and let me now proudly introduce you to a talented writer, a great friend and one very smart cookie…..Savana Switzer.

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