Rog Blog: May 22


Rog Blog: May 22

It was quite a weekend at the Casa de Pipe. In addition to the usual set of reviews I finally got that Interview with Emily up on the site. I’ve included a picture with this entry, but go ahead and check out the full interview for a few more shots. I think you’ll find her rather charming, completely sexy and many of you will agree that she may very well be the next big thing.

It was also a great weekend for watching movies where most everyone kept their clothes on. We managed to squeeze in four feature flicks over the past few days. First we got around to watching our copy of “King Kong.” I had heard so many great things about it that I think I was expecting something more. Peter Jackson must be a big porn fan because he is so freaking in love with running time. The movie did a great job of recreating a time and place, but the whole Skull Island sequence was about forty-five minutes too long. Jackson just threw everything he had at us and it was too much. Next up on the list was “Capote.” It was certainly an Oscar-worthy performance from Hoffman and a very interesting movie. It’s as slow as advertised, but well worth a look. We’ve been sitting on “Domino” for a few months (After missing it on my birthday when that unexpected arrival cut short our trip. It was really worth watching. Tony Scott knows how to make high-impact flicks and it kept me interested from start to finish. It doesn’t hurt that Keira Knightly is so fucking sex even when they try to dirty her up. Our last movie was “16 Blocks” with Bruce Willis. I wasn’t expecting much and have mixed feelings about it. They clearly didn’t have 90 minutes worth of story and stretched way too often. It has enough twists to make it not a total loss. So if you have the time, pick up “Domino” then “Capote” and give “King Kong” a look if you have three hours to spend on a movie that would have been really good at two hours.

Some of you may have seen some toy reviews recently from Christina Noir of She runs a very hot site and I’ve reviewed a number of her amateur movies. Since she has a thing for big black cock I sent her the Lexcalibur dildo to try out. Not only did she try it out already, but she actually did a whole web cam show starring the huge toy. She was kind enough to wear her Rog Rules clothes and plug the web site as she did her show. It was a great show and I think it’s safe to say that she will be giving the toy a great review. The show will be in her archives only until the next show (Which is tonight) so if you happen to sign up for the site, make sure to download the show. You’ll love watching her fuck herself with that big toy. I know I did. So check her out at

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