Facial Overload

Facial Overload



199 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Johnni Darkko
THEMES: Facials, Blowjobs, POV
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Skin Diamond, Bethany Benz, Adrianna Luna, Jynx Maze, Tia Cyrus, Trinity St. Clair, Evilyn Fierce, Allanah Li, Ericka Fontes, Ariana Fox, Winston Burbank

If you like awesome facial shots, strap in for a great ride. If you like hot POV blowjobs, be prepared to enjoy every scene in this movie. The oral action and messy facial finishes are top notch. The girls are hot and this no-frills flick is perfect for people who love pretty girls drenched in cum. There are plenty of hot women here. Skin Diamond is up first and she’s totally fucking sexy. I could watch her all day. Jynx Maze is totally intoxicating. Trinity St. Clair is super cute and turns out to be quite a horny cum slut. Adrianna Luna is perhaps the hottest girl in the movie. Her body is awesome and her pretty face is the perfect sperm target. Speaking of perfect, Bethany Benz just blows me away whenever I see her. She is so completely gorgeous that any scene is good. Seeing her get plastered with cum at the end is just spectacular. If you like great POV blowjobs and big (REALLY big) facial cumshots, then grab this Darkko videos and enjoy it over and over.

Skin Diamond

Up first is sexy little Skin Diamond. We already know what this sexy babe can do with her mouth, but she wants us to hear how sweet her dirty talk can be. She slides right up under the camera and slips the cock to the back of her throat until she gags on it. The POV shots of her sucking cock really good. Skin offers up fantastic eye contact and has very talented hands to go along with her hungry young mouth. There are some very nice close up shots as she breathlessly tries to get all of that cock into her throat. Winston lets her take a break for a while and uses a big wand on her pussy. Skin appreciates the effort and creams all over his finger before returning to the wickedly hot oral action. This time she takes him all the way home and gets a big load of cream streaked all across her face. There is enough to also ill her mouth as she plays with the sticky good. Hot BJ and an even better facial shot make this a fantastic opening effort.

Ericka Fontes

Thin blonde Ericka Fontes gets rid of her top quickly so she can show off her cute little boobies. She loses her panties and shows off her little shaved pussy before sucking dutifully on the cock before her. Without a word she starts sucking. This girl is really pretty so the eye candy is really good. Fans of hands-free head will really like her technique. Ericka uses just her mouth most of the time, choosing to tease his balls with her fingertips on occasion. She doesn’t get a chance to really show much personality, but her eye candy and another super big facial shot make this more than worth watching.

Ariana Fox

Adorable little Arian Fox lets us in and teases as she walks into her house. This sexy little thing wastes no time before getting naked and on her knees. The cock looks huge in her hands, but that doesn’t stop her for a second. She stares up into his eyes and looks really sexy with meat in her mouth. Working just the head for a while she licks and strokes and sucks until he is in there as far as she can take it. I love the eye contact here and the ball sucking is pretty hot as well. Using her little hands to wrap around his meat, she pumps hard and seems to really want the massive load he has waiting for her. When she doubles up her effort, darting that tongue out bathe his head, the cute teen finally gets what she was craving. The shot on her face pastes her eyes shut and she has to lick her fingers clean to get it all.

Jynx Maze

Few new girls have awakened the lusty loins of porn fans in recent years so much as little Ms. Maze. The spicy hottie with the ass to die for knows she has something special. She knows just how to shake it and just how to tease us. When she isn’t shaking her ass, Jynx uses her mouth to perfection. She is loud, messy and very skilled with her tongue and throat. The cock makes her gag, but she loves it and lets the spit drip down her chin while watching him jerk off to her pretty little face. I love the way she kisses her way up his cock, talking all the way like she is in love with every pulsing inch. Jynx is at her best when her sweet brown eyes are turned to the camera (that goes for her brown eye as well) and wearing a massive load on her lovely, smiling face. Watch this one at least twice folks.

Allanah Li

One look at Allanah Li’s big tits stretching her tank top should have you shaking your head and thinking “damn.” Of course she has more going for her and isn’t afraid to show it off. That body is really nice, but today it is her mouth that is going to get all of the attention. She licks the head of his dick while looking up and jerking the base with her fist. Her tits are hanging out as she sucks and that certainly adds to the fun of the action. There are bigger stars in this movie, but as hot BJ’s go, Alannah’s holds up well. The facial is great and she talks to the camera at the end, adding some fun footage right at the end.

Evilyn Fierce

Evilyn Fierce is going to win a lot of fans among guys who like really petite chicks. She is tiny, pretty cute and best of all, totally down to suck some dick. She gets comfortable on her tummy and starts sucking. The eye contact is good and her arms look thinner than the cock she is sucking. That’s going to probably make more than a few guys lose their loads. It takes her hands and mouth to get Winston off though. (I’m sure looking down at her pretty face doesn’t hurt much.) Really good POV here and of course the facial finish is the main attraction.

Tia Cyrus

I would image people expect a chick with a name like this to look different. Tia is pretty cute, but is more Sarah Silverman than Molly Cyrus. (Not that she is trying to look like either.) She is rather focuses on the cock, popping it with her lips as she sucks it. There is some gentle face fucking, but mostly Tia does the work. The hands-free POV shots are sure to be a highlight. This one is good, but there are much better blowjobs. So you might want to skip ahead to the facial because that of course, is big, messy and leaves this lovely young girl totally sloppy.

Bethany Benz

This leggy babe is one of the reasons I wanted to watch this movie. Bethany Benz is just fucking gorgeous. Just watching her lie there while she talks about giving head is enough to make me perk up and take notice. Taking the big cock in her hands, she plays to the camera and is perfect eye candy. She is also just enough of a diva to make this extra special. Her skills are pretty good, especially when he gently fucks her cover girl face. Even the way she takes the load on her face and seems to flinch a bit before rubbing it all over her pretty lips is hot. There is something about this that I just love.

Adrianna Luna

If Bethany can be a little cool, Adrianna is pure heat from start to finish. She gets topless, talks in dirty little girl mode and is just so completely fuckable that it’s a wonder this scene didn’t end in seconds. When the blowjob starts, the heat continues. Great eye contact from Adrianna who smiles up into the camera like she knows how fucking hot she is. Adding a bit of tit fucking to the mix, she squeezes her boobs around his cock and purrs like she couldn’t be happier. The best shots come when she is on her knees looking right up into the camera as he pushes his cock to the back of her throat and just fills her mouth his meat. The big facial shot leaves her totally streaked with cum. As much as I love Bethany, it is tough to be Adrianna for wall to wall stroke factor.

Trinity St. Clair

Last but not least is sexy little Trinity St. Clair. I could stare at her all day long but one look at a cock and she just has to suck it. Who doesn’t love a girl like that? With her hand at the base, she sucks on the head and moans around his balls for good measure. This isn’t quite as high impact as the last blowjob, but the adorable cock sucker factor is through the roof. Taking a break, she grabs the Hitachi and presses it against her shaved pussy until she confuses and cums around it. Now that she got hers, Trinity is ready to open that mouth again and gets her face covered in goo. Her cute little post-pop naughty talk is the perfect cherry on the top of this hot movie.

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