Wasteland.com and Sssh.com Make Great Donation to Terrible Cause


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Wasteland.com and Sssh.com Make Great Donation to Terrible Cause

BOSTON – In response to the planned mass book burning of “Fifty Shades of Grey” in England, BDSM legacy site Wasteland.com and Erotica For Women site, sssh.com will contribute anonymous funds to the British book burners to help pay for the logs and burning permits in order to enhance interest and sales in adult content.

Wasteland.com founder and CEO, Colin Rowntree responds to the announcement: “Being American and all, we totally believe in the notion of not agreeing with what you say, but defending your right to say it. That’s probably a familiar notion in England, and we see Claire Phillipson’s book burning effort as a wonderful way to even more propel and popularize BDSM and “Fifty Shades of Grey” into the mainstream press frenzy surrounding this book. Every time this happens, our sales skyrocket from nice ladies in rural communities that want to learn more about BDSM. From Kansas to Wales, women just seem to want to get Kinky! Thanks for increasing awareness and profits, Claire!”

With this in mind, Wasteland.com and Sssh.com have contributed an anonymous donation to Claire Phillipson’s organization to assist her in bringing BDSM via “Fifty Shades of Grey” into the minds and bedrooms of women that had no idea how fun this all is before the books came out. Prior to Fifty Shades of Grey, who would have ever thought that women were sexual beings?

Sssh.com Publisher Angie Rowntree, producer of the most successful site for women to explore their sexuality since 1999, is equally delighted. “Since the advent of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ the popularity and membership base of sssh.com has skyrocketed. ABC Nightline did a feature on us, as did Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, Time Magazine and others, that have been fantastic for our readership numbers. We anticipate that mainstream press on a book burning of “Fifty Shades of Grey” will result in yet another flood of new members interested in exploring the lighter and darker sides of their sexuality. We are very pleased to have made this anonymous donation to Claire’s cause as she will certainly increase awareness and curiosity about the issues in the book, and yield great profits for not only E.L James’ wonderful trilogy, but for erotic film and fiction producers like us that provide content for kinky women around the world. THANK YOU Ms. Phillipson!”

Read the entire story here about the brave work Claire Phillipson is doing:

Go see some great bdsm and kinky sex for women at wasteland.com and sssh.com.

“Burn, Baby, Burn! The mainstream buzz you create for our benefit can be seen from space!”


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