168 Mins
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Parody, Outdoor Sex, Drama
STARS: Alektra Blue, jessica drake, Kaylani Lei, Dana DeArmond, India Summer, Lezley Zen, Misty Stone, Brad Armstrong, Bill Bailey, Derrick Pierce, Jack Lawrence, Michael Vegas, Rocco Reed, Seth Gamble, Xander Corvus


We are used to blockbuster movies from Wicked, but this one goes beyond even our lofty expectations. Brad Armstrong’s end of the world epic is an incredibly ambitious piece of work. It isn’t officially a parody, though it would be impossible to miss the “Deep Impact” comparisons. There is a huge meteor heading towards the earth and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. Though it sometimes seems like an action movie, the strength of Countdown is a script packed with great relationships and human interest storylines. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the naked fun, we need to take a moment to admire this script. It is a really impressive piece of work and is a virtual lock for awards at the end of the year. The acting is often excellent as well. Randy Spears, jessica drake, India Summer and Armstrong himself have some serious dialog scenes that are thought-provoking and as emotionally deep as anything you are likely to see in XXX this year. Sexually, the movie is ambitious and serves as a nice piece of couples-friendly eye candy. The cast is great looking and provide sexual energy that is in character and generally outstanding. As usual, the scenes are short, too short for my taste. When feature sex scenes get too short, they steal so much heat. I’m not alone is enjoying how great jessica drake looks while fucking and sucking. So why not let it last as long as possible? OK, rant on feature sex over. Suffice it to say that I would enjoy the sex scenes more if they were longer. We get some good ones here though. India Summer shines in her late scene. Kaylani Lei is gorgeous as always and takes a big facial. We get two scenes from jessica drake including one very memorable go round with Rocco Reed. Dana DeArmond pops up for a hot, if all too brief anal scene. I like the sex in this movie enough to make it a must-see, but even without some of the heat, Countdown is such a great adult film with such a moving script that it should not be missed. Excellent work by Brad Armstrong, Wicked and the entire cast.

jessica drake & Billy Bailey

With the credits still rolling, Bill is camped out between jessica’s sweet thighs while eating her pretty pussy. She spins around to return the favor while still grinding on his mouth. After he puts on his condom, she slides up and down on his dick, taking it deep while showing off her long, thing torso. He flips her over and cums on her belly rather quickly. A very troubling phone call follows and has jessica rushing out of bed to get down to the lab.

Dana DeArmond & Jack Lawrence

While the military and scientists are trying to figure out how to stop the meteor and keep the info from the public, the media is hard at work. Well, hard at work fucking. Jack Lawrence is using his dressing room to gets a sample of the lovely Dana DeArmond and her considerable charms. Her legs looks really good spread on the make up table. Dropping to the floor, she makes short work of his cock, drooling as she takes it to the root with ease. The blowjob is way too short considering how hot it is, but they are in a rush to start fucking. He has her bent over and slides his cock right into her hot, tight ass or a while. They get a few strokes into some hot mish when he gets called to the set. Jack pulls out and shoots a big load on her stomach before rushing off.

Alektra Blue & Derrick Pierce

With the end of the world near, a small group of drifters decides to find a motel and ride it out. Alektra Blue is a party girl who would prefer to throw an end of the world bash, but her friends have her outnumbered. She settles for a quick tumble with her man instead. Derrick feeds her dick during another really short blowjob. The condom in the scene becomes rather funny at this point because A. These two aren’t exactly the cautious, responsible type and B. The fucking world is going to end in five days. Once you get past that little bit of silly, she is giving a pretty good performance in cowgirl. She pumps up and down while reaching around to finger her ass. This gets it ready for the real thing as he pushes her knees to her chest and fucks that tight backdoor hard. He shoots his load all over her butt. If the world is going to end, he is going to go down shooting.

Misty Stone & Michael Vegas

The President (Tyler Knight) is out of options and has to be moved to a secure location. His assistant (Misty Stone) makes a failed pass at him and is left embarrassed and under the care of a Secret Service Agent (Michael Vegas) who has the same feelings for Misty. Hold on a minute. So even in a world where a black man can be President, he can’t get laid? That’s some fucked up porn racism right there. (And already I can feel the split in the audience among those who get the joke and those who are typing furiously.) It is a perfect time to take a chance so she gives in and lets him take her on the desk. They kiss and undress slowly, but one taste of her sweet pussy and Michael is ready to go at full speed. She sucks his dick with the same frantic energy staring it down, spitting on it and then bobbing her head up and down like she wants it to explode in record time. For the first time in the movie, the BJ doesn’t feel too short and that makes this my favorite scene so far. They get onto the desk and Misty talks dirty, pushes her hips to meet his and Great eye candy as the camera alternates from great close up shots to stunning full length angles of her natural body and long legs. He pulls out and shoots is wad on her shaved pussy and flat tummy before planting a big kiss on her. True love blossoms at the end of the world.

jessica drake & Rocco Reed

After a pretty great dialog scene where jessica laments the idea that here greatest accomplishment should come at a time when no one can ever appreciate it, she shares a drink and a boff with her fellow astronomer Rocco Reed. He slides up between her legs and eats her with her skirt still on. There is something really hot about the full dressed start to this scene. Her clothes and glasses are still on as she starts to suck as well. Very hot looking stuff here. Jessica is gorgeous and with glasses on, sucking what might be her last cock ever, she’s just stunning. Mounting up in the chair, she rides him for a few seconds. Rocco flips her over and fucks her hard enough to really get the beautiful blonde wound up. Very hot action here and they finish off with jessica spinning around to take a load on the face. She even does some post-pop clean up that is really too hot to miss.

Kaylani Lei & Xander Corvus

The romance continues to blossom as the other two drifters, Kaylani Lei & Xander Corvus, get together. They get on the hood of his car under the stars and kind a way to pass the time. She looks gorgeous even in the low light and the pace of this scene seems to work. I love the way she looks in shorts and boots as she rolls onto her stomach and suck his big cock. Kaylani is one of my favorite performers and pretty much anything she does look great. I like it when she gets enthusiastic and vocal and that happens here when he bends her over the hood of the car and fucks her hard from behind. I wish the scene were longer, but she looks beautiful with her mouth open taking his big load.

Lezley Zen & Seth Gamble

The wise, mature coffee shop waitress has been promising to get the young bus boy laid before the end of the world. With time running out she does the logical thing and takes care of it herself. She gives him a blowjob and hen gets up on all fours on the counter. Hopefully this won’t be the final scene, because it really falls flat. The relationship build up is ice, but there are others with more impact and in a movie filled with eye candy this one feels very throw away. He fucks her hard and cums on her belly. If you like the older woman with a virgin angle there might be some appeal here, but this felt like space filler to me.

India Summer & Brad Armstrong

The final scene is set up by a few dialog scenes between Brad Armstrong and his bartender/father figure. Brad is a recovering alcoholic on the verge of drinking his last few hours away when India Summer strolls into the bar. Their dialog is very good and it is cut to some of the other characters living out their final hours. It is really well crafted and the payoff is a hot scene from India. She is one of the most beautiful women in porn and watching her suck his cock while still half dressed on the floor of the bar is really quite great fantasy fodder and wickedly hot eye candy. She takes his throbbing cock into her pussy and kisses him like it really might be her last night on earth. The standing doggy is good and then she takes a big load all over her pretty face.

Bonus: BTS, Girls of Countdown, 3 Bonus Sex Scenes (One each with Alektra Blue, jessica drake and Kaylani Lei), Photo Galleries, Digital Copy

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