Chicks and Guns


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Chicks & Guns
140 Mins
3rd Degree
DIRECTOR: Miles Long
THEMES: Guns, Big Tits, Cougars
STARS: Alexis Monroe, Eva Angelina, Kendall Karson, Eva Karerra, Nicki Hunter, Erik Everhard,


This is a movie with a title that should draw plenty of people in. Hot chicks and guns go well together. Director Miles Long as some good looking women and the sex is pretty good. The gun stuff is confined to the tease footage and really doesn’t seem to be played up nearly enough to warrant inclusion in the title. I’m not all that into guns myself, but if you are looking for the combination of chicks and guns then this one gets passing grades, but just barely, for title integrity. As for the sex, it’s not bad. Nicki Hunter and Eva Angelina give the best scenes. Nicki looks great and fucks with intense energy. Eva appears to be back and on the sexual warpath. Look out for more great scenes from her. The rest of the cast is all right. Alexis Malone is very cute and has a great smile. Kendall Karson has hot legs and knows how to show them off. There are some good moments here, but overall the movie lacks stand out moments. The gun play is moderately interesting if you’re into that and then the sex is OK. Not bad, not great.

Kendall Karson & Erik Everhard

Getting right to the point, brunette babe Kendall Karson grabs a machine gun and runs her fingers all over it. After a few minutes of this, she gets topless and starts sucking Erik’s dick. She does a pretty good job and then rolls over to let him eat her pussy. The guns are gone, but she does a really good job in cowgirl, bucking her hips enthusiastically and really showing good energy. Nice looking doggy here as she rubs her clit at top speed and moans out loudly. Her long legs are her most impressive features and they are shown off rather nicely during the reverse cowgirl. She eventually jerks his load onto her face. The gun stuff ended at the tease and the overall scene is pretty average, but it isn’t half bad.

Nicki Hunter & Bill Bailey

Sexy Nicki Hunter knows how to talk to the camera. She talks about the power of a gun and how dangerous she is because she knows how to use it. After all that build up, Bill better bring his big gun and use it well. They kiss for a bit before Nicki gets a chance to put her mouth to good use. Over the years, she has perfected her craft and always knows how to put on a perfect scene. She opens her body for the camera and bends over to show off her big round ass. They are fucking with targets all around them so at least there is some gun appeal in the background. Otherwise it is another basic fuck scene with better energy this time and some hot butt shots. Nicki adds some hot talk as Bill uses his gun to fuck her shaved and pierced pussy. She slides her ass down around his dick and really ramps up the heat. Bill blasts that ass until he cums all over her tits.

Alexis Monroe & Mark Wood

Cute little blonde Alexis Monroe is very impressed by the gun that Mark shows her. There isn’t a lot of tease here because what she really wants is the pistol he’s got in his pocket. Alexis is very cute and has a sexy look on her face when she’s sucking cock. I really kike the way she bounces on his dick as well. As she rides harder, she becomes more boisterous as well. Mark bends her over and fucks from behind until she starts rocking back to meet his strokes. They finish up with a nice shot in her mouth. This is a good scene. Nothing stands out, but it’s just solid smut.

Eva Karera & Bill Bailey

Cougar Eva Karera has a big set of guns herself. Bill brings out an actual gun and she plays with while he kisses her. Bill must be the resident MILF fucker. He has barely had time to recover fro the awesome bang with Nicki and now he’s got to get his rocket ready to fire for Eva. She sucks him hard and rids the dick. This is another vanilla sex scene that just doesn’t have the appeal that some of the others do. The boob shots are pretty good and she makes good eye contact with her partner, but overall this one is misfire. He pops all over her tits and it’s thankfully over.

Eva Angelina & Mark Wood

Eva Angelina has played with all kinds of things during her porn career. She rubs up and down on the gun like she is in love with it. When she gets tired of playing with the gun she sucks Mark’s cock instead. Eva with a cock in her mouth is always good porn and this scene brings out the fun in her as she playfully sucks it without using her hands. She gets on top and works her hips double time. Eva’s energy makes this scene a cut above the other and the sight of her squat fucking on Mark’s cock is enough to send anyone over the edge. He shoots his load all over her face and she takes it with a sexy sneer as if waiting for more.

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