Companion, The

Companion, The

191 Mins.
Justin Slayer
DIRECTOR: Josh Stone
THEMES: Male Prostitute, Black Women, Big Tits
STARS: Lucas Stone, Lee Longwood, Jayla Foxxx, Nyomi Banxxx, Lisa Lee, Aryanna Starr, Diamond Jackson, Nat Turnher,


This is the first part of what may be a series of flicks. It features Lucas Stone as a hard working guy who just can’t quite get ahead. One day he just lucks into a job as a male escort. Yes folks, it’s just that easy. Under the guiding hand of Lisa Lee, Lucas quickly becomes one of the more sought-after men in his profession. He gets to fuck hot women and make piles of cash. But will it make him happy and will it end well for our hero? You have to watch and find out. What I can tell you is that the sex is pretty good. At nearly three hours, this movie has enough story and music to warrant the length, but that still leaves a lot of time for the sex. The women are pretty hot and the action is all well paced. There were a few times when some tighter editing might have been nice, but generally speaking a little too much is better than a little too little. Sexually. there are some highlights. Nyomi Banxxx is totally hot as always. She is head to toe hot. Diamond Jackson is very pretty as well and gives us a really hot office sex scene. Lisa Lee is gorgeous and she shows off a great body while getting railed. Overall this is a well shot movie with a story that leads the scenes from one to another. It has some style, some good sex and hot women.

Lee Longwood & Jayla Foxx

Without a word, Lee is dragged into bed by Jayla. That’s the way every guy wants to be greeted I’d say. She is right in the middle of some deep BJ strokes when the music that had been so prevalent, just stops in mid stroke. At first I thought it was a mistake, but it wasn’t. The music just stops. Kind of odd, but it doesn’t hurt the heat at all. Jayla takes care of things quite nicely with her mouth and solid hand strokes. She stops sucking and mounts up to fuck the cock with her tight pussy. They get into doggy and he really pounds her hard. That brings out some very loud moans from the pretty girl as he finds some fun deep inside of her. Rolling her into spoon Lee continues to pound Jayla’s shaved pussy until she is out of breath. He pounds away until pulling out to shoot his load on her face.

Lucas Stone & Nyomi Banxxx

Lucas works hard all day at the car wash and his greedy boss barely throws him a crumb for his efforts. Jobs are hard to find and to top it off, his car breaks down. As luck would have it, he wanders into the right bar and is approached by a pretty woman who tells him he has been chosen. Chosen to what? To take her home and fuck of course. He is hoe and naked with the gorgeous woman in no time. Nyomi gets on all fours, shows off her ass and lets him fuck her right out of the gate. He goes deep and gets her to verbally encourage his every move. Climbing on top she takes control, showing us her ass while she squats and enjoys that big hard dick. The spoon shots are nice for the leg and big tit action. The harder he fucks her, the louder she gets. He gives it to her good and then drops a load right in her face. Nyomi sends him on his way with a story about a returning husband and a cool grand for his efforts.

Nat Turnher & Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee runs the whole operation, but also likes to get some for herself. After stripping and being shown off in some usually edited tease footage, she crawls into bed with Nat and gets felt up from behind. He turns her around on all fours and slips it in from behind. This straight to the pussy fucking is a hallmark of this flick, but it’s working well so far. Lisa looks great in this position and arches her back so that she can feel every inch as it slips in. The sexy babe flips over and pulls her feet back behind her ears. That always looks good and opens her up to all kinds of hot fun. It is finally time for her put her mouth to work and this pretty creature does not disappoint. Nice looking head here, but she spends a lot more time with the dick in her pussy. Her ass looks pretty good in cowgirl, but it’s the way she moves her hips that will capture your attention. He finishes up with a big shot all over her tits.

Ayanna Starr & Lucas Stone

Now fully on board, Lucas starts servicing horny women. Ayanna is first and she barely lets him through the door before she starts tearing his clothes off. He turns it around, shaves her against the wall and buries his face between her big, beautiful buns. As much as she loves that, this girl needs some meet in her mouth. She knees in front of him and uses her hands in an expert way to pump that prick. They move to the bed where the camera can get into position for a really good blowjob. Ayanna still uses her hands well but now really focuses on her lips and tongue as they slide up and down his prick. She gets on top now and starts slamming that ass down. Ayanna is really thick back there and not afraid to ride super hard and let him shake those big dark cheeks. When she spins around we get a great view of her huge knockers and smooth, shaved lips. This is another scene with really good energy and great big booty shots. The facial that caps the action here is really sticky and she seems to be ready for round to right away.

Diamond Jackson & Lucas Stone

Stopping by the office, Lucas hits it off with sexy secretary Diamond Jackson. He takes her into the hallway and starts slowly taking off her clothes. With her big tits exposed, he drops lower and eats his way up her dress. His tongue drives her so crazy that she can barely stand. No such problems he turns her around though. She arches her ass and kicks on leg high in the air to let him fuck her. When that doesn’t quite work he scoops her up and pins her to the wall with some face to face fucking. She gives him a quick BJ in the all before moving to the office. Now she can sit down and focus all of her efforts on sucking hi off. Using both hands for a while she has him going and then puts her hands away for a really hot mouth-only BJ. The eye contact here is nice and this pretty woman is bound to become a favorite fantasy girl for guys who lovely classy, office beauties. They use the desk for some good doggy side saddle spoon that shows off her legs. Ass lovers will want to hold out for the cowgirl because that is where Diamond really shows off her cheeks. Lots of fun all around here right up to a big load on her pretty face. Diamond sucks out the last few drops and is already singing his praises as he walks out the door.

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