Insatiable Miss Saint, The

The Insatiable Miss Saint

158 Mins.
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Bondage, Fetish, Blowbang, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Samantha Saint, Cris Strokes, Voodoo, James Deen, Jules Jordan, Kiara Diane, Brett Rossi


Jules Jordan has been shooting more of these star flicks lately. The last one (Featuring Riley Reid) was great. This one features Samantha Saint. She is a beautiful blonde with incredible legs and a gorgeous face. This movie shows her off beautifully. There isn’t a lot of traditional tease footage, but there is enough good stuff to let us know how sexy she is. The variety of action is fun. There are some BDSM scenes here and a blowbang if that turns you on. She opens the movie in a fetish outfit including a mask. Cris Strokes take her holes and fills them with hard cock until he decorates her pretty face. She follows that up with a very interesting three-way. James Deen and Voodoo are tied up and Samantha teases them mercilessly before getting down to the dirty action. The fucking that follows is the best of the movie. She takes those big dicks and loves every inch. Her blowbang features some interesting lighting and then a whole mess of sticky facials. Samantha and Voodoo do a great doggy scene where she just uses that big cock for her pleasure. Jules gets his shot at the pretty blonde and leaves a big load on her face. The finale features Samantha with two other hot girls. It’s a good lesbian scene, but perhaps was not the strongest way to finish. Of course, if scene order is a primary criticism then everything else must be pretty fucking good. Samantha is great looking and up to the challenge of a star flick from Jules Jordan Video. If you’re a fan o Samantha, clear a spot on your DVD shelf for a very hot title.

Samantha Saint & Cris Strokes

Wearing a beautiful sci-fi fetish outfit, Samantha comes out of the gate with a great combination of style, sex appeal and sluttiness. She leans back and teases herself with a riding crop for a long time before tasting the juices. Cris enters and she teases him through his pants for a moment before freeing his big cock for her enjoyment. The mask is kind of sexy here and the whole fetish feel is nicely played up. She mounts up and Cris grabs her cheeks in his hands fucking hard up into her pussy and pumping that slit full of meat. I love the energy and really like way she wears her cool outfit throughout the scene. It makes it stand out. Samantha gets on her knees for the finish, jerking a big load out of his cock and getting it all over her pretty face while she dutifully licks him clean.

Samantha Saint, Voodoo & James Deen

Sporting a more traditional black dress, Samantha enters a home and finds Voodoo and James Deen tied up back to back and gagged. Taking her time to free them, she lets James reach around and play with her pretty pussy. She rubs her tits in Voodoo’s face, teasing him and strutting around naked like she owns the place. Her tease is great, but when she grabs a cock and stuffs it into her mouth, things get even better. She mounts James and fucks him while Voodoo can only jerk off and feel the occasional relief of a reach around. Eventually she lets them free and gets a big hard cock at each end for her efforts. Great close up shots of her shaved pussy opening up for fun and the longer shots are pure eye candy gold. The action is intense, but much shorter than the long tease would seem to indicate. The guys blast big loads all over her pretty face, capping a very memorable scene.

Samantha Saint & the Mope Squad

Her face is just getting warmed up though because Samantha has a whole bunch of guys waiting for the next scene. She starts out in bed with lights coming in from outside. The guys are holding flashlight creating a very unique look to the scene. When they come inside, the flashlights provide light as her hungry mouth gets to work sucking big cocks. Great blow bang action here and she ends up on her back for the popshots. With her mouth open and her hands working hard to keep everyone happy, Samantha takes a wave of cum from multiple cocks and doesn’t slow down until every ball in the room has been completely drained.

Samantha Saint & Voodoo

Samantha has Voodoo caged with a dog mask over his head. She taunts him through the gage and promises him a treat if he behaves. Dragging him out by the leash, she delivers on that promised treat, sucking his cock and using her gloved hands to get him throbbing and ready for more. As she squats there sucking his balls and jerking him off, Samantha stays in control, enjoying her dog and his large tool. He stands her up and fucks her from behind, letting the camera get a good look at her long legs. They move to the couch where he leaves his mask on and she tugs on his leash to make him fuck her harder. She finishes the scene on her knees with both hands around his cock until he explodes all over her pretty face.

Samantha Saint & Jules Jordan

Jules steps in for a tryst with Samantha. They are both well dressed, but don’t stay covered for long. She finds his cock to be a perfect fit in her mouth and sucks it hard while he gently swats her butt with his belt. He opens her pussy and pushes her long legs back over her head to fuck her long and hard. Samantha is very pretty and her enthusiasm is fantastic. She stops to sit on his face in between positions, taking his dick back into her throat for a while. The long body shots are fantastic, especially when she shows off her long legs. He lubes up her boobs and fucks her tits for a few strokes before dumping a big load on her pretty face. Very hot scene.

Samantha Saint, Kiara Diane & Brett Rossi

The final chapter is a three-way lesbian scene with Samantha taking on Kiara Diane and Brett Rossi. The girls are all cute and start with some gentle kissing and touching. They get into a big bathtub and enjoy the warm water. This is great eye candy, but I’m not sure if the girl on girl fun is as strong a final note as it could be. The kissing and bubble butt footage is really good. Samantha is the center of attention for most of the action and that makes sense. These girls appreciate her long legs and pretty pussy as much as any guy would. The double licking she gets from her two new friends is very good and she really loves having a tongue on her pussy and another on her ass.

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