Rog Blog: Cinco De Mayo


Rog Blog: Cinco de Mayo

Belated Happy Cinco de Mayo wishes to all of you. For those of you didn’t grow up in the border states, that does not mean “Hold the Mayo.” Please don’t use it in a diner or you might get more than some dirty looks.

I got a call from Thomas Zupko the other day. As usual he had some big news. He’s back at Extreme now, ending three years of directing for other companies. Most recently Zupko was shooting for Hustler. Though he always had great things to say about Larry Flynt, I never thought that the corporate regulation at Hustler would fit will with Zupko. (Or some of the other guys they have lost recently.) Zupko is a very talented film maker with some great ideas. His best work came when he was at Extreme and I think that this could be a very good move for the company and the director. His first effort will be “Lisa Ann Defiled.” Maybe he can do for her what he did for Taylor St. Clair and take a “pretty girl” and turn her into a full fledged porn slut.

Speaking of contraversay….and we weren’t really, but this item has been in the “write about” pile for a while….I did a review of Faith’s Fantasies a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nice little veggie movie with some very hot girl on girl fantasies. Normally I wouldn’t be writing about a movie like this, but there was some talk about the final scene. Nicole Sheridan and Tyler star in three-way that features Nicole as a naughty nun. Tyler throws some dialog out there including “Who wants to fuck Jesus.” Apparently some people were offended by the line and some of the other dirty talk. I actually never heard anyone say that they were disturbed by it, but some other industry bloggers hopped right into the story. I heard the usual closed-minded BS that wants to shut down anyone who sees anything they don’t like in porn. Frankly I don’t like the combination of religion and porn. It isn’t a fantasy for me to see nuns defiled and the last thing I want to think about when I’m supposed to stroking is my spirituality. I’m not offended, but the idea that someone has no right to be offended just because they are watching porn is pretty simple-minded. Anyone has the ‘right’ to be offended by anything at all. They also have the right to speak out. I’m not personally offended by scenes like this, though I am bored by them. Anything that takes away from the strokeability of a scene is not good in my eyes. So let people be offended and let them speak out. Consumers have a right to point out things they don’t like without threatening the industry as a whole. That’s what the concept of free speech is about, right?

Some of you have written to me asking how I feel about Kobe and Lakers taking down the Suns. Well, you spoke too soon didn’t you? At the time I am writing this game seven is about an hour away. I don’t know who is going to win the game, but my feelings are mixed. Obviously my feelings about the Little Rapist…errrrr Little Princess, AKA Evil Ocho, AKA Kobe Bryant are strong. I can’t stand the guy and want the Lakers gone so that people can see the best team and the most valuable player in the city (Clippers, Elton Brand) in the spotlight alone. On the other hand, if Princess Kobe is going to knock of anyone in the NBA I would want it to be that dirty little hippy Steve Nash. It’s a win-win as I see it. (Breathe people…step back from the keyboards for a bit. It’s just a little sport smack.)

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