Anal Boot Camp

Jules Jordan’s Anal Boot Camp

150 Mins.
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M, Three-Some, Gaping, Cum Swapping
STARS: Tory Lane, Kristina Rose, Eva Angelina, Lisa Ann, Amy Brooke, Lily Carter, Chastity Lynn, Jayden Lee, Nacho Vidal, Steve Holmes, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, Jordan Ash,


Strap on your boots folks because Jules Jordan is about to take us to anal boot camp. It is an intensive program the turns willing young sluts into full-fledged anal whores. The set up is basically the same for every scene. Two drill instructors, one male and one female, put the young recruit through her paces. They have uniforms and generally play the parts well. That’s just window dressing through. What really makes it work is the great sex. You have some of the best anal queens in the business teaching some very hot newish babes to be just like them. Tory Lane helps teach two of the girls and she is perfect in this role. She helps Nacho fuck the living hell out of Amy Brooke in the opening scene. That one is good, but later in the movie she teams up with Steve Holmes to work over super cute Jayden Lee. Don’t miss this girl. She’s really hot and keeps up the energy in a way that is very impressive. Kristina Rose helps Chastity Lynn learn how to take it in the ass. OK, she already knows but the scene works really well. The one scene that changes things up is perhaps the best of the great lot. Lisa Ann takes on three guys. She doesn’t need help and isn’t interested in breaking in any new chicks. She wants the cock, loves the cock and gets filled in every hole. That scene is playing again right now and I’m going to end this review so I can watch this hot babe get royally fucked. Get this movie if you love hot anal action and a sexy boot camp theme.

Amy Brooke, Tory Lane & Nacho Vidal

First up is Private Amy Brooke. She needs to be trained by the best to be the best. Tory Lane and Nacho are in full Army fetish gear and ready to make her little holes expand and ache from overwork. They bend her over so Nacho can invade her asshole right out of the gate. Ass to mouth is her next lesson, but that isn’t even a problem for her. She takes it and then gets tossed around for the second round of ass fucking. Her little ass sticks up high in the air while Nacho just destroys her from behind. Tory gags the blonde with clothes, slaps her face and pushes her back for maximum anal brutality. Tory also gets some cock, sitting on the blonde private while Nacho reams her good and hard. After stopping to squirt, Amy has her feet pulled back over her head and gets rammed for a while. She handles this well and then gets on the bottom of a 69 with Tory so she can do A2M when Nacho’s cock pops out of Tory’s big ass. In the end though it is Amy who needs the anal lesson. She rides hard for some DP as Tory grabs a fat strap on tries to fuck the little blonde in two. Tory ends up holding her head while Nacho pops in her mouth. Amy may need some time to recover, but she has been well trained.

Lisa Ann, Steve Holmes, Jordan Ash & Mark Wood

Sergeant Lisa Ann struts her bubble butt and massive tits outside to check out three sad looking dudes. She verbally abuses them for a while then orders them inside where they must lick her ass properly. Taking their cocks into her mouth. Lisa starts working her way down the line. She knows exactly what she needs and if the guys know what’s good for them they will shut up and give her meat. From her knees, Lisa Ann handles the cocks with her lips and hands, easily keeping all three guys happy at once. Ending over, she presents them with her marvelous ass and lines two of them up for head. They take turns fucking her pussy and mouth. Lisa seems right at home leaning back and expertly sucking a prick while her pussy gets rammed. They end up double teaming her lower holes with her face down and then looking straight up at the ceiling. Great looking footage as they push her legs back and slam away. Lisa Ann takes every inch of course and then cleans the dicks with her mouth before the next round. The guys surround her and cover her face and tits in three loads of cum. This one is different from the other scenes, but totally fucking hot.

Jayden Lee, Tory Lane & Steve Holmes

Private Jayden Lee is super cute, but that isn’t going to help her when Tory Lane gets her dirty hands on her hot little body. They head inside and Tory makes her lie flat on the floor. She chokes the pretty schoolgirl and is very rough with her poor little mouth. Tory can only take this so far so she brings in Steve Holmes to put Jayden to the test. His cock is huge in her tiny hands and easily makes her gag when he starts fucking her pretty face. Tory licks pussy while Jayden does her best to take Steve’s massive tool to the back of her throat. Dragging her up by the hair, Tory positions her little slut and drops her down on the dick. Once she has it all juiced up, they make her suck it clean. Not to be left out, Tory bends over and gets a taste of that pretty Asian slit while Steve rams his dick home. Even out of another girl, Jayden is eager to swallow the pole. They stands her up, spread those little cheeks and let Jayden graduate to sphincter-stretching anal greatness. I really like Jayden’s energy. She’s cute as fuck, but takes that big dick like she was born for it. The girls end up sharing and swapping a big load of cum. Jayden really fucking turns me on and this scene should be watched more than once.

Lily Carter, Eva Angelina & Mr. Pete

When Lily Carter can’t even properly clean the toilet, Eva Angelina and Mr. Pete blindfold her with pink tape and put her through her paces. Eva is kind enough to show the pretty young thing how to properly suck a cock. She rams it to the back of her throat and gets it good and wet. Hot looking oral, but Lily wants to be bent over for some deep dick action. Every few strokes they stop fucking and shove her pretty little head down onto the long pole. As things pick up, Evan gets in there, pushing her tight ass down around his dick to make sure Lily knows how it’s done. She is so good at it that Lily has to work extra hard to keep up. Pete hits the jackpot and Eva licks pussy while he takes Lily in spoon. Rolling onto her back, Eva throws her feet up over her head and takes cock up her ass, singing the praises of hard anal action as she teaches young Lily the ropes. Putting her mouth into the mix, Lily does repeated A2M while Pete bangs Eva’s butthole. The girls switch places and as it turns out, Lily can take a pretty solid poke in the pooper herself. Lily has learned her lessons well and takes it up the like a champ. The big finish comes with the girls in 69 and a load dripped from Lily down into Eva’s mouth. Lily has to lick her friend clean and swap in a big sticky kiss.

Chastity Lynn, Kristina Rose & Jules Jordan

Sexy little blonde Chastity Lynn is going to be severely challenged by Kristina Rose. Her training begins when Kristina pulls her little cheeks apart and inspects Chastity’s asshole and pussy. When she passes inspection, Chastity is presented to Jules Jordan who lets the dirty little blonde suck his cock. While she chokes on dick, Chastity gets a reach around from Kristina who isn’t going to the let the petite private get off easily. When she isn’t being face fucked, Chastity has to lick pussy. Kristina takes the cock in her holes and makes her lick ass while Jules fucks the pussy. Trading places with Kristina, Chastity bends over and gets her ass stretched by hard, deep strokes. When Kristina is being fucked she really steals the spotlight because she is such a high-energy performer. This scene is really all about ass licking. Whoever isn’t getting fucked spends her time licking someone’s ass. For some artistic shots, Jules has the girls sit on barstools next to each other with their asses facing one another. This allows Jules to go back and forth between asses. This is really great anal action and leads us right into a big, sticky shared facial cum-swapping kiss.

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