Midnight Prowl 21

Midnight Prowl 21

150 Mins.
JM Productions/Pariah
DIRECTOR: Frank Wank
THEMES: Slutty Girls, Three-Somes, Big Tits, Shaved Pussy, Anonymous Sex
STARS: Jynx Maze, Bethany Benz, Bibi Jones (As Britney Beth), Michelle Rica, Porno Dan, Ralph Long


This is a pretty crazy series. It’s shot like that stuff from Boogie Nights that was patterned after some of Jamie Gillis’ early pro-am stuff. It features chicks cruising around with Frank Wank in a limo. They are interviewed and play while searching for two dudes to fuck them. The whole idea is wonderfully slutty. That a hot chick might just go trolling for strange cock, hot, totally hot. Some of that fantasy appeal goes away when the guys they pick up are porn dudes. Still, it’s there. The four women are pretty hot in this one too. Jynx Maze is one of the hottest gonzo sluts in recent memory and has a big ass that is just as juicy as can be. She is cute as can be and fucks with great energy. Michelle Rica is a girl I haven’t seen before. She has the right energy for this movie and sells the slutty fantasy nicely. The final two girls of the movie are real treat. Bethany Benz is a reality-TV star and one of the most stunning babes in recent memory. She is a little chilly and that only makes it hotter when the guys get to fuck her. She’s out there boning guys who couldn’t be with her a million years and something about that is just filthy hot and perfect smut. Her perfect tits and pretty shaved pussy get used and enjoyed by the dudes and we get some hot fantasy fodder. Last up is Britney Beth who is better know these days as Bibi Jones. In her pre-contract girl days, the tall blonde was happy to pick up strangers. She shows a little bit of the skill set that helped turn her into a big star. If you like watching pretty girls ride around looking to pick up and sometimes fuck average dudes then check this one out. This volume offers an especially good looking cast to go along with the usual filth factor.

Jynx Maze

Frank Wank is out on the town with Jynx Maze. The idea is that they will cruise around until she finds some dudes to bang. In the meantime she strips down and rubs her pussy while Frank and the cameraman exchange witty banter. When they find a guy, Frank rolls down the window and Jynx tries to convince dudes to get in the car with them. To help entice the young men, Frank fingers Jynx. They pick up one dude who seems pretty happy to be handing out next to a hot chick. She spreads her legs and playfully enjoys her smooth lips while chatting the guy up. Eventually they find a second dude (Seth Dickens and Jynx can finally get naked. They start to play, but we cut to everyone inside where they can finish the scene. The first dude has now decided that he can only get a handjob form the pretty brunette. That doesn’t seem to bother Jynx at all. She lubes him up and jerks him off with Seth is busy licking her big ass from behind. Eventually the dude just gives up and goes home, leaving Seth to take Jynx one on one. He mounts her mish and works that pussy out. Things get better visually when Jynx is on top with her lovely backside filling our screens with delightfully jiggling butt cheeks. She flips over to show off a very juicy looking twat and a great natural set of tits. There is pretty good energy here and certainly Jynx is worth the effort on eye candy alone. Seth nails her hard from behind until he pulls out and shoots all over her slutty face.

Michelle Rica

The next girl to hit the streets for a late night ride is Michelle Rica. She is a pretty nice looking Latina who is a little thick around the middle with a tight, shaved pussy and a huge smile. The discussion starts off with shaving patterns and moves on from there as Frank fingers her slit. Getting a little turned on, she gives him head in the moving car and actually sits on his dick for a while. The fact that she is sticking her head out the window to score dudes while Frank is fucking her is 100% white hot fantasy fodder. The fact that the guys they pick up are Ralph Long and Porno Dan kills that somewhat, but at least know their dicks will work. They get her back to the set (Warehouse with a mattress) and start enjoying her big tits and juicy hole. The guys enjoy her on all fours as she sucks one cock while being fucked by the other. I like the way she keeps laughing and having fun as the guys play with her. They put her on top and fuck her hard enough to make her cheeks roll. Michelle has a big Latina ass and an even bigger sexual appetite. She rides long enough for Ralph to pull out and shoot onto her cheek. He kindly heads out to get her a clean up rag while she continues to work Dan. The short recovery time is all it takes for Ralph to be back up and fucking again. If you like vocal, energetic girls with some cushion in the back then you are going to love this horny babe. Nice action here and Dan gives her a load on her tits that seems to really make the night worth it for Michelle.

Bethany Benz

Bethany Benz is one of the most striking women in all of porn. She looks right at home in the back of the limo, but totally out of place getting naked for Frank. Her big, natural tits are around and her long legs are spread wide as she talks about her sex life. She’s had more than one man, but less than two hundred. She also claims to have fucked on of the Miami Heat’s big three but won’t say which one. (It’s just not Bosh or LeBron.) They find a guy on his way to the convenience store and he is happy to get in the back with the gorgeous Ms. Benz. When the second guy joins, everyone starts playing in the car. They get back to the mattress and Bethany starts giving these guys the treat of their lives. She is a little slow on the draw as she sucks cock. I think maybe Bethany would rather be sucking on some celebrity cock, but she eventually finds a rhythm that almost matches the intense eye candy she is providing. She is head to toe hot with amazing tits, long legs and a face that really is among the prettiest in all of porn. She is also a bit of a pillow queen at times which is kind of hot in this movie. She takes cock at both ends and then the first load on her wide open mouth. When the second guy shoots she backs up and he goes for a power spray that seems to really take her by surprise.

Bibi Jones

Contract star Bibi Jones may be famous for fucking famous NFL players, but she also gets down and dirty with strangers on the street. At least that’s what she does here. She sits in the back with her tits out talking about how she picks up guys while stripping for some fun after hours. The fist guy reaches into the car and feels her up before agreeing to get in and fuck her. When two guys are finally secured, she takes them back and shows them what some extra cash gets after a shift at the club. She sucks both of them off at once and then bends over to take one at each end. These guys aren’t big time porn pros so they are quiet and rather low energy as they fill her. For her part, Bibi does a good job of licking balls and getting fucked in mish. Her body looks fantastic and even in a rather low energy romp she is quite stroketastic. You can certainly see why Digital Playground like her and put her under contract. Her body is fantastic and there are some shots of her working her hips in reverse cowgirl that are sure to make you take notice. She takes a pounding in doggy and then spins around to take a facial. It doesn’t really seem to thrill her and they cut right in the middle. Bibi asks to taste the second guy’s cock and gets to suck and stroke him for a long time before he finally rewards her with a shot of cream right on her mostly closed lips.

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