Rog Blog: X R C O Part 2


Rog Blog: XRCO Continued

More notes from the show….

April Storm looked beautiful as ever in her red dress. She made it tough to maintain eye contact during our conversation.

Story Daniels did a really nice job as the hostess of the show. She looked spectacular and picked up a win as the Mainstream Adult Media Favorite. It was a big night for one of her movies, Camp Cuddly Pines as well.

The next time I review a LeWood movie, someone please remind me to send a copy to Francesca. She just loves to bust my balls about not reviewing their stuff…which I DO!

Last year Monstar made a crack about my clothes so I dressed up this time. The result? Everyone gave me crap about the suit. Hey, it’s a damn fine suit and aren’t you all glad I finally showed in something other than a sports jersey and jeans?

The Orgasmic Analist winner was Katja Kassin, though it was originally announced that Katsumi had won the award. Not a bad pick, though I still think Audrey Hollander is really tough to beat.

I was introduced to Eva Angelina and McKenzie Lee. They both looked great and neither of them had a clue who I was, nor did they care. Maybe next year I should wear a nametag that says “Hey, I’m a voting member of this organization.”

Proving that some critics don’t mind fake gagging, trained seal sounds and the torturous murder of water fowl, Hillary Scott was named as the top cock sucker in the business. Her Orgasmic Oralist award was just her first trophy of the night though.

Tricia Devereaux is sporting darker hair these days and still looks amazing.

Ariana Jollee was named Superslut and thanked her “number one fan” Bono during her acceptance speech. I saw him quite a while later and he was still smiling from ear to ear.

It always makes me smile when I see all the “new media” members of XRCO. It took a lot of years, several thousand reviews and an uphill struggle before someone like Den from became part of the organization. I think it’s about time someone considered him for the Hall of Fame. At the very least, we all owe him a huge thank you.

I’ve got a lot more, but I’ve also got tickets to the LA Avengers game so that’s all the time we have for today. (My first Arena Football game, should be interesting.)

And for those looking for some eye candy today….

You might want to take a look at the new Sylvia Saint site

Send me any feedback you have about this blog…suggestions, questions, eye candy whatever. Let’s make this a little more interactive.

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