Jessica Darlin Back At Extreme- Word From Jess

I’ve been hearing that Jessica Darlin was back with Extreme Associates. Since I tend to wait to see how true things are before I run them, I asked her myself. Jessica responded. Thanks Jess. Now get the rest of Extreme to call me will ya?

Jessica Writes:

Hey Rog,
This will be my first statement regarding the Extreme contract rumor. I
will start by saying that getting back in the business without Extreme was
hard. I had been under contract for almost 5 years. I was new to the game all
over again. There were new people, companies, and talent to deal with. I
admit that I saw some familiar faces every so often and those people made it
an easier adjustment. I’d like to thank the people who treated me with
respect and made this comeback enjoyable. Jim South, Steve Austin, Rog, and
others alike were in my corner and helped a lot. Money, amount of work, and quality gigs have been flowing since i returned. That stuff wasn’t as important to me as a foundation. A future for my husband and i. This is our business, these are our true friends and this is our life!

Now to the people who disrespected me, Extreme, and everyone in between. I’m pretty sure the talk wasn’t so slanderous while Extreme was at it’s peak. Ex-employees who made it their business to expose Extreme’s business won’t go unnoticed. You decided to kick them on the way down. Every one of you who had so much to say you know who you are and now Extreme does too. To the people who called me soft.

The people who talked down to me with their softcore status. Finally to the
new wave of girls who are looking for a paycheck and 15 minutes of fame. I
now know the value of a girl in present day porn. It’s going to be really
fucking hard to get to the 5 year mark for girls. With all of the brutal anal
and everybody one upping each other the body count will be higher than the
success rate. That’s why I’m honored to be at Extreme. I don’t have great
dialogue skills but Extreme worked respectfully with me and gave me whatever
status I may have obtained in this business. I’ve been side by side with a
great group of contract girls at Extreme and Elegant. To have the opportunity
to work with Extreme as they work their way back up is everything I could ask
for at this point of my life. Tom Byron, Rob Black, and Kevin made walking
back into the Extreme offices a great feeling.

Fuck anybody who thinks that pride is a sin. I have my pride back. I have my drive back and with Extreme you have to expect a lot of roadkill as we move right over the competition. Now I know I have fans and I have people who will second guess this move and try to fuck with our standing at Extreme. The thing is that you don’t know what it took to get this relationship back on track. My husband and I were at Extreme in the beginning and if Extreme is dying like everyone claims than we’ll die together. All of the personal issues, creative issues, and issues in general have been squashed. The choice wasn’t very hard. Extreme Associates for LIFE! (or until I get friggin arthritis in my

Jessica Darlin

P.S-Laugh now:) He who laughs last laughs the loudest!

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