Tale of the Dancing Bear 7


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Tale of the Dancing Bear 7

95 Mins
Morally Corrupt/Jules Jordan Video
THEMES: Strippers, Public Sex


This is one of my favorite DVD lines. I review them even though their affiliate program continues to be non-responsive to the point of being somewhat of a scam. Bad form that, but the DVDs are still really good so I still recommend them. This one is a little shorter than some previous efforts. There are two party scenes to look at. Both of them feature the kind of wild stripper party fun that we have come to expect. The guys come out and get serviced by a number of women. There is a decent variety to choose from, especially in the second half. Here and there we see some girls we recognize. It looks like the girls are looking a little less “real girl” as time goes on. We still get to see plenty of great shots of chicks going dick crazy. If you love the idea of women stroking and sucking strange cock then you will love this series and want to add this DVD to your collection.

A Dancing Bear for the Books

This first part starts right out with the Bear. He gets the crowd warmed up for a minute before turning things over to a cop who strips down quickly. The cop flops his cock around for several girls before finding a cute brunette who pops it into her mouth. They cut away and come back when he is hard and thrusting at her face. In a few strokes he shoots a really big load all over her face. The next dancer comes out and gets blown by a woman who looks very much like Nikki Delano. Several women get to enjoy this cock as he makes his way around the room. There is a very cute girl who ends up getting his load on her face.

Lounging with the Dancing Bear

There are some very ordinary looking girls in the audience and they get in on the act too. I like the variey here. It adds to the fun and really makes it feel more real. At the back of the room, the Bear is getting his long dick strokes and sucked by a bunch of different girls. We have black girls, white girls, fat girls, old girls all kinds of babes get a taste of the Bear’s smooth dong. There is a very pretty sista in the back who spends some time showing us just how good she is with her mouth. The cutest girl on the first couch gets a big load on her face and licks her fingers clean to show how much she loves it. The next guy has a really big cock and there are quite a few girls lined up to give that one a sample. He ends up nutting all over a pretty brunette who holds open her top so he can bust his nut on her face and tits. Things seem to move along rather steadly with more guys coming out and the camera actually moving through the crowd a bit more now. The girls cheer very loudly ou there on the floor, epecially when a young strawberry blonde girl puts her mouth to the test. There is one last facial fired onto a pretty mug as the girl smiles and licks her lips.


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