Pornstars Like it Big 14

Pornstars Like It Big 14
175 Mins
THEMES: Big Cocks, Big Tits, Bikinis
STARS: Samantha Saint, Chanel Preston, Franceska Jaimes, Jessica Lynn, Alanah Rae, Monique Alexander, Tanya James, Johnny Sins, Kieran Lee, Scott Nails,


In the Brazzers world, everyone loves big cocks. And big tits. And big asses come to think of it. It’s all about the size with these guys and girls. This series of vignettes features porn stars who do in fact like them big. The female talent isn’t always playing porn stars however. Sometimes they are bank robbers or terrorists. No matter what role they are playing, these chicks like big hard dicks and know what to do with them when they find one. Samantha Saint and Chanel Preston are 50’s sluts who hate squeaky clean pop stars until they find out that Johnny Sins is packing serious size. Chanel steals the show here with her great body and sexual energy. Franceska Jaimes is the perfect girlfriend, built in the Brazzers lab as the ultimate sexual companion. She carries it off pretty well if you ask me. Jessica Lynn and Alanah Rae combine for the best scene of the movie. They are a couple of horny porn babes who wash cars as a cover to find to big cocks. Their big tits are on display and Alanah really proves that she is a superstar. Monique Alexander celebrates a big robbery by taking a big dick in her mouth and pussy. Tanya James and Scott Nails do a little 24 style parody that leads to a hot scene. Throw in another good bonus fuck and you’re really going to be pleased with the action. If you like watching hot girls who love it big, then grab this one, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Samantha Saint, Chanel Preston & Johnny Sins

Again rock star Johnny Sins reminisces about his biggest hit that never was. Back in the day he was a squeaky clean star who would never dream of recording anything dirty. Chanel Preston and Samantha Saint are a couple of bad girls who think that the poodle skirt wearing scene is too square. Backstage, the bad girls make out and scare the others away. Johnny lets these two He grabs his guitar and sings a lusty tune that has Sam and Chanel ready to worship his big cock. Chanel really steals the show with her big tits straining against her tank top and she inhales his long rod. The girls also keep each other happy as Chanel gets to ride Samantha’s face for a while. They stay in this position as he fucks first Sam and then Chanel. The latter babe shows off her legs and ass nicely as she gets properly drilled. Both girls are easy on the eyes and have god energy. Johnny seems to stay in Chanel more which leaves the pretty blonde plenty of time to play with her pussy. When it’s time to finish, the girls kneel side by side and take turns gagging on his big hard cock. It is Samantha who gets the load though. She sucks it out of his cock and then passes it to her horny friend. Now that’s rock and roll baby.

Franceskca Jaimes & Kieran Lee

What would happen if Brazzers made the “perfect girlfriend”? Well, first she would look like Franceska Jaimes. She would take care of her body (Hot tease footage in tight shorts on the Stairmaster), she would be tan (Hot tease footage in a bikini) She would love quality porn (Hot solo footage as she watches Brazzers flicks and plays with her firm nipples) And of course she will have to love cock. That’s the set up and it works really well. Kieran has a big cock, but this babe takes it to the root like a champ. Amazing deep throat action here. That makes a girl just about as perfect as can me. We get to see her body nicely as he rolls her over and finger fucks that tight little pussy. Franceska certainly knows how to put on a great show. He flips her legs up high and finds his way deep into her wet pussy. Great close up shots of the fun here. Her clit gets as big and swollen as her nipples when the action really gets intense. The perfect girlfriend has to also have a great ass so she spins around to show us that angle during cowgirl. Kieran gives her a full work out, fucking her in doggy and lifting up those legs to make sure she is a fully functional girlfriend. He shoots a big load all over her face to cap off the scene and prove that if Brazzers were to build the perfect woman, they would do it right.

Alanah Rae, Jessica Lynn & Kieran Lee

Busty babes Alanah Rae and Jessica Lynn have been washing cars all day and are just waiting for the right guy to come along. They offer a discount for anyone with a big cock. After several disappointments they finally decide to give up. As luck would have it, Kieran is in the car when the girls decide that making out with each other is a better idea than trolling for big cock. They kiss, push their boobs against his windows and generally tease the fuck out of him. When they see what he is packing they instantly take him inside and starts sucking his dick. I’ve been a fan of Alanah’s for a while and love the way she makes herself choke on his dick while trying to get it all down. Helping Jessica, she sucks the balls and strokes the shaft while the blonde does her best to hang in there. Alanah and Kieran double up on Jessica’s little pussy. Even when he shoves his cock in there, our spunky big tit queen is ready After waiting her turn, Alanah bends over and finally gets to feel that big prick inside of her tight folds. The curvy blonde gets her turn and Alanah moves her mouth under for some ball sucking. I love the energy here and the ass licking by the girls on each other is rather interesting. Alanah gets nicely fucked and then shares a big load with her sexy friend. Big tits all over the place as these car washing porn stars take every drop he’s got to offer.

Monique Alexander & Kieran Lee

After pulling off a robbery, Monique Alexander needs to blow off steam. She throws the cash on the bed and rolls around in it. I love the way she looks in her cut off shorts. She loves the way his cock looks throbbing in her face. Her hands and mouth stay busy as she tries her best to take it all. Monique is still one of the prettiest girls in porn so it is a lot of fun to watch her be this crazed for cock. He pushes her onto her back and slams that dick right into her hot hole. Nice leg shots her when he pulls them up over his shoulders. Monique grabs her knees for a while to really let the camera get a great angle of her well-stuffed naughty bits. Kieran scoops her up and fucks her standing up in reverse. This is great for the camera and is probably a good workout for him as well. When Monique is on top, her ass gets fingered and teases, but she is only giving up two of he party holes today. She drops to the ground and sucks the load from his dick, letting each drop hit her lips before she sucks him dry.

Tanya James & Scott Nails

In a funny 24 parody, Scott Nails plays Jack Boner. After saving the day he is about to get laid by two hotties. Instead he is kidnapped and helped captive by terrorists. Tanya James takes over the interrogation and goes after his legendary cock. The busty blonde loves the taste and wraps her huge hooters around his prick to keep it happy. Glad to see that his tool lives up to its reputation Tanya disrobes and sits on his face. He laps up her juices and makes that shaved pussy shine with his spit. She mounts up and faces the camera so we can watch her huge tits bouncing up and down as she gets plowed. She frees him up and lets him pound away on her until as she can do is lie back and moan. Now she knows why Jack Boner always saves the day. He just fucks a bitch until she has to let him go. Scott shoots hi load in her mouth, grabs her gun and makes his escape.

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