Swedish Erotica 96: Nikki Charm

Swedish Erotica 96: Nikki Charm


MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
89 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Compilation
THEMES: Classic Porn. Young Girls, Cheerleaders, Full Bush, Facials, Voyeurism, Petite Girls, Spinners
2010 (Originally 1985)
STARS: Nikki Charm, Tracy Adams, Tajia Rae, Kevin James, Jesse Eastern, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron, Shone Taylor, Steve Drake, Buck Adams


I grabbed this DVD out of my personal collection. It is a compilation of Nikki Charm‘s Swedish Erotica scenes from the mid 80’s. For those of you not familiar with Ms. Charm, consider this a nice introduction. The scenes are typical of the time period. This makes them, in my opinion, too short, not as well shot as modern porn and sometimes technically spotty. On the other hand, Nikki is a tremendous star, a perfect fantasy girl and perhaps the hottest spinner in the history of XXX. These scenes show off many of her incredible attributes. Her tiny, tight body is nicely shot in just about every scene. The angelic face is hard to miss and most of these scenes play up her innocence. In one scene, she’s a sweet coed seduced by her Dean. In another she is hot farmer’s daughter giving her hunky boyfriend a good bye hump. Of course my favorite scene features Nikki as a Cheerleader. She shares the spotlight with Tracy Adams in a typically 80’s intercut bit of action. I always liked Tracy, but Nikki blows her away and provides the lasting fantasy image of a pretty blonde cheerleader that I carry with me to this day. Overall this is a great collector’s DVD for anyone who likes Nikki Charm half as much as I do.

Nikki Charm & Kevin James

Poor country boy Kevin is worried about what will happen when his super sexy girlfriend heads off to college. She loves him, but she wants to learn about the world. To help put his mind at ease she strips down and plants a big kiss on his mouth. The outdoor lighting actually looks pretty good considering how old this footage is. Nikki of course is beautiful. She is one of the hottest petite porn stars ever with a compact little body, super cute face and a pussy that looks good enough to eat. She gets her mouth around his cock and is just too adorable for words. This is pre-gonzo so she isn’t making eye contact with the camera, but every once in a while you can see her look up at her partner as she adoringly strokes and sucks his big dick. I can’t tell you how many times I watched her scenes and dreamed about seeing that look on her pretty face. They move along rather quickly as was traditional with Nikki mounting up and reaching around the play with her pussy and ass while she rides. She spins around for some hot squat fucking that really shows off one of the best things about her, that ultimate spinner look. They go for spoon before she grabs that cock and jerks it into her mouth to finish. Nikki lets it hit his stomach while jerking hard and then licks the head just for fun.

Nikki Charm & Jesse Eastern

In a scene from the same movie (Campus Cuties) Nikki now sits before the Dean. He has a special way of making sure certain girls at his school do well. She stares at him while showing of her breasts and tweaks her nipples. Great tease here as she clearly has him right where she wants him. There are guys watching and filming the whole thing so they make for annoying cut-aways as Nikki is slowly removing her stockings to show off more of her perfect flesh. The Dean finds his way to Nikki’s nipples sucking them and enjoying how they stand up as he makes her moan. He spins her around so that her head is on the edge of his desk and lets her mouth do the work. Not much of a blowjob here, but she mounts him on the desk and shows off that hot body until he cums all over her asshole. The set up here is a lot longer than the sex, but it’s still pretty good.

Nikki Charm & Paul Thomas

Apparently Nikki and Paul Thomas had a boating accident. You really have to watch the start of the scene because it’s hilarious. PT carries Nikki into a bedroom and tells her they are on an island of some sort. (Huh?) She is groggy as he strips her down. He convinces her that they may be in danger and that makes it just fine to stop and fuck. Hey, whatever works. There are some nice shots of Nikki’s little ass as Paul fingers her and plays with her cheeks. Pretty Nikki licks his cock for a few seconds before mounting up and squatting over his meat. Facing PT she squat fucks him for about a minute. That’s all it takes before she has to jerk his load onto her pretty face. Short and sweet this one.

Nikki Charm, Tracy Adams, Shone Taylor and Tom Byron

Oh man I love this scene. Nikki Charm as a pigtailed cheerleader? Come on. Shone and Tom keep through a hole in the locker room wall as Nikki and Tracy Adams get changed. The girls talk about boys and Nikki wonders aloud if her slightly inverted nipples are normal. Naturally the two young cheerleaders get it on together. Tracy takes care of her pretty blonde friend, eating that full bush while Nikki closes her eyes. That makes it easy for Shone to come in and take Tracy’s place. Nikki is shy at first to see the boy she likes between her legs, but doesn’t do anything to stop him. Tracy moves over to a nearby bench and plays with herself watching the couple get naughty. Tom decides to stick his cock through the hole and Tracy makes her way over to eat it. Hot glory hole fun, but Tom needs to come into the room to really enjoy Tracy’s body. I was never a big fan of these intercut scenes even when both women are hot. It just plays hell with the rhythm. We get some sexy BJ footage with Nikki bobbing her pretty blonde head to keep her new friend really happy. After watching Tracy fucked we switch over to Nikki who is riding his cock like she is intentionally trying to make him nut in record time. Great energy and awesome eye candy here. Tracy jerks Tommy off allover his stomach. Nikki is now on her back, curling her toes while Shone pounds that tight little pussy. She finishes the scene by stroking his cock and letting it explode all over her face. It’s actually a huge pop that she keeps licking and rubbing onto her face. It isn’t captured from the right angle, but any time that pretty face gets creamed, I’m a happy viewer.

Nikki Charm, Steve Drake, Tajia Rae & Buck Adams

Nikki and Steve are having a picnic. He gives her some wine and lays her down on the blanket to make love to her. Not far off, Tajia Rae and Buck Adams stop for a break on their hike. Buck passes out and his girl happens upon the horny young couple. Nikki has his cock in her mouth already and is hard at work sucking it to full mast. (Ah the joys of pre-Viagra porn.) Once it gets hard, she sucks the balls a bit. She looks amazing working that thick cock in and out of her mouth. (And I love the way she looks on her belly in her heels and panties.) Buck finally wakes up and finds Tajia with her hand down her tight red Dolphin shorts (Look them up youngsters, WAY hot) They watch together for a few moments and then decide to get busy themselves. Steve has Nikki all wet and drops the hammer on her tight hole. Tajia has her man licking her fuzzy beach until she is wet enough for them to catch up. The split scene is again troublesome, but there are plenty of highlights including Nikki in doggy pushing her cute little butt back to meet Steve’s thrusts. Tajia is a little bit of a blanket queen here, just lying back while Buck roots away. Nikki on the other hand is quite active as she gets Steve off. He pulls out and shoots onto her tiny tits only to have her suck the final few drops out. Buck shoots all over his girl as well, but their sex was kind of a distraction from the main event.


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