Rebel Girl


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Rebel Girl

214 Mins.
Burning Angel
DIRECTOR: Mitch Fontaine
THEMES: Alt Girls, Punk Girls, Tattoos, Anal Sex
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Joanna Angel, Jenna Haze, Draven, Indigo, Maven, Mick Blue, James Deen


Joanna Angel is the star of this movie and if you are a fan, pick up a copy right now. Three and a half hours of one of the sexiest women in our business is enough for anyone. In between hot fucks, Joanna gives a variety of solo scenes that touch on different fetishes. The other women in the movie fit the Burning Angel model nicely. All of them other than Jenna Haze are tattooed, punk rock princesses who really know how to fuck. Indigo is a lot of fun and her body art will give you plenty to look at even if you don’t like her wildly enthusiastic fucking. Draven is a sexy new girl who gets to help Joanna prove that girls can shoot POV scenes too. Doubling up with Maven, Joanna treats James Deen to a sexy two-girl fuck. She also leads the movie off with a very good scene. Mick Blue and Joanna hook up for an anal scene that would easily be the highlight in countless other DVDs. This one has another trick up its sleeve though. Joanna brings Jenna Haze in to fuck James Deen with her. Both women are at the top of their game and turn in a fantastic three-way. If you like Joanna Angel, get this movie. If you don’t, get it anyway, you will like her by the time you’re done.

Joanna Angel & Mick Blue

Detective Mick Blue shows up with a file on Joanna outlining all of her illegal music downloads. We know that they will eventually work something out, but first they do several minutes of dialog about a forbidden song and whatever. When Joanna finally plays the song, Mick can’t help himself. He just has to dance and take his clothes off. Eventually he can no longer fight it and just has to accept her mouth on his cock. Joanna is always an enthusiastic cock sucker and works Mick’s rod with a lot of hand action. Her spare hand works her pussy to get the juices flowing. Mick bends her over and we get some great low angle close up shots of his dick stretching those tight pussy lips. Joanna pops it in her mouth again and then turns around for reverse cowgirl. We know that he is going to get to her ass eventually so Joanna warms herself up by spreading her legs and letting him pop the head into her tight pooper. It’s a tight fit, especially when he adds fingers to her pussy. Mick bends her over and goes full speed into her butt. Joanna is at her best in scenes like this and the shots from behind are really fucking hot. She turns around just in time to get a really big load right in her horny mouth. I’m already sold on this movie based on just one ass fuck from Joanna.

Joanna Angel (Solo)

Joanna is back for a hot solo scene. She wears a leather corset and fishnets as she rubs her pussy. Adding some dirty talk to the mix she tries her hand at jerk off encouragement and a little bit of humiliation as she tells us that we have “no chance” with her. Instead she fills her horny pussy with a toy and screams as she gets herself off. Hot pussy rubbing here as she rewards us all for being good boys by allowing us to watch her cum all over her fingers.

Maven & Joanna Angel

First-timer Maven looks very pretty as she sits through her interview. She is a Hot Topic sales girl who has never fucked at work. Joanna likes what she sees so much that she starts finger banging Maven without ever putting down the camera. Going for the new angle on POV, Joanna gets her pussy licked while standing up. (Hey, why not?) After getting well licked, Joanna puts Maven on all fours for some more finger play and light spanking. The new girl is quite enthusiastic and even lets Joanna sit on her face for round two. This is a different scene. We don’t usually see girl/girl POV action, but the camerawork is good and Maven is a lot of fun to watch.

Joanna Angel

Because she never uses her tub for baths, Joanna decides to try it out and let us watch. The focus here is clearly on her feet. Joanna washes them extensively while talking to the camera. Though I’ve never been a big foot guy, I will watch her do anything and love the big smile on her face as she turns the spray to her clit.

Indigo & Keni Styles

Joanna is supposed to be going upstairs to get Indigo for Keni Styles, but she stops long enough to finger the young redhead’s pussy and watch some sinfully sexy solo fun. After a great warm up, she finally comes downstairs and gives Keni a taste of her sweet, pierced nipples. In turn he gives her a taste of his throbbing cock. She gives pretty good looking head and then sits on his lap to fuck. Indigo is super pale and her body is covered with tattoos. She has a nice looking body as well and is a rigorous performer who seems to really enjoy taking cock from behind. She really looks good riding cock and then takes a big load all over her face. Joanna helps to rub the load in a bit as she sucks down the final few drops.


Time for another round of solo fun. This time Joanna finds a quiet spot on a graffiti covered rooftop. She lifts her short dress and has full access to her naughty bits. Apparently she isn’t too worried about anyone catching her and just throws her head back to enjoy the finger fun. She wanders around behind a van in the parking lot and finishes herself off. I love solo scenes and I really like this one.

Draven & Joanna Angel and James Deen

Joanna and Draven are making out on the couch. They confess to enjoying one another in part because they remind themselves of themselves. Narcissist pathology aside, Joanna decides that it would be fun to play a trick on her boyfriend by pulling a switch-a-roo. James enters and gets to play with Joanna, rubbing her pussy until it is nice and juicy. They get into some intense cock sucking, but when it’s time to fuck she tells him to get lube. While he’s gone, the girls switch places and James doesn’t even notice. He just starts fucking Draven in her tight little shaved hole. They switch back and still he doesn’t notice. As long as he has a wet hole to stick his cock into, James is a very happy camper. It’s worth a few laughs to see what excuses the girls come up with to get James to leave the room for a few seconds while they switch. Eventually they are there together and James doesn’t mind at all. Joanna sucks his cock fresh from Draven’s pussy and then takes her turn on top. The girls keep each other happy while still fucking the cock during this nicely paced three-way bang. They put their faces together and share a big load of cum proving that they don’t need to pull a fast one, just share the cock.

Joanna Angel

This solo scene has a stocking fetish angle to it. She shows them off while running her hands up and down her legs. They need quite a bit of adjusting so she gets to play around with the smooth fabric quite a bit. Joanna gives us plenty of foot play as well and then pulls the stockings with her teeth. I am totally missing the fetish heat here, but I like watching Joanna do just about anything. When she is done playing with the stockings, she starts rubbing her pussy and sliding fingers in and out of her lips. She brings the stockings back in to the solo play making this a perfectly shot stocking fetish scene.

Joanna Angel, Jenna Haze & James Deen

It’s time for a little content exchange fun between two of the hottest girls in the biz. Joanna invites Jenna Haze over and they are ready to roll almost immediately. We watch them change into some cute outfits for the shoot. This serves as a nice voyeuristic warm up for the action to come. Joanna and Jenna find just the right clothes and then start making out. After warming each other, the girls call in James Deen and the full party can finally begin. Joanna runs in to finish her make up and Jenna puts all of her best moves on James. She drops to her knees for some wickedly hot POV. As usual Jenna uses both hands as well as her perfect mouth to deliver a stunningly strokeable BJ. He bends her over the desk and fucks her tight little pussy while pulling her hair. Jenna responds by loving every inch that he puts into her. Turning over, Jenna talks dirty to the camera, putting on the kind of show we have come to love and expect from this stunning superstar. Joanna comes in and she wants some too. Dropping down for her POV oral, she proves to be a good match for Jenna’s BJ heat. James lifts her onto the desk and fucks her pussy while Joanna lets us all know just how much she loves it. Both girls eventually get into the act and James gets to POV bang the pair. Jenna bends over and wiggles her hips until her perfect little ass shakes as she backs up on him. Joanna gets her chance and she rides the cock with her ass, bouncing up and down on it like she wants to make sure we remember this is her movie. They get down and talk dirty while he finishes off all over both faces. Hot three way, hot facial and two of the hottest babes in the business make this a perfect finish to a great flick.

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