Rog Blog: April 15


Rog Blog: April
Tax weekend everyone. I hope you all got your paperwork done and won’t have to wait in long lines to send off you check. This is never a happy time of year so let’s see if we can find something good to talk about.
I’m going to have to push back the first few things on my mind because they aren’t all that positive. Too much crap going on both in and out of the business.
So let’s start out with the best news of the week. Cute little web babe Brooke Sky from has sent over some great Rog Rules eye candy. I’ve added a couple to this entry, but for the rest of them check out Brooke Skye’s Rog Rules Gallery. I think you will all enjoy the great shots she has sent. Stop by her site as a thank you for the great pictures and just for fun let’s vote on the best shot. So email me your choice for favorite Brooke Sky shot. I’ll post the results in a week or so. I’ve also got a gallery going up in a few days of shots from her sexy friend. More pictures of hot girls. That’s what we love.
A couple of interesting virtual sex DVDs hit the shelves this week. I reviewed both of them on the same day so I had the chance to compare and contrast Virtual Sex with Sophia Santi and Virtual Daisy. It is tough to beat Digital Playground’s Virtual Sex With line for this genre. They have their system down and pull off another great DVD. Sophia doesn’t do girls yet so it’s a strap-on VS. To be honest, I didn’t notice that much. The guys in these things really are just props so it was nice just to see Sophia get fucked. On Virtual Daisy, we actually get two virtual scenes. The Naughty/Nice stuff is completely divided on this disc. Usually it’s just a button you press to change the dialog. I think I like this feature. Both discs have good action so it comes down to how much you like the women featured. I happen to like both of them so I had a really good time watching these discs back to back. (Topic for discussion. Best “virtual” line and why. Send your thoughts.)

OK that’s the good stuff. Now let me get something off of my chest. Apparently Congress is now looking into perjury charges against Barry Bonds. Are you FUCKING kidding me? He’s a BASEBALL PLAYER! He’s a fucking ass hole who plays baseball. That’s all he is. An amazing player who might well be the best of all time, but why in the world is anyone on Capitol Hill spending five seconds on Barry Bonds? As I said before I am no fan of Bonds. Congress…and let me be very clear about this…I am speaking of BOTH Republicans AND Democrats were wrong to hold steroid hearings. They were wrong to waste days of time on something that doesn’t concern them. Now that someone has written a book accusing Bonds of doing what he told you he didn’t do, you’re going to look into it AGAIN? Hey AssClowns…you couldn’t come up with an agreement on Illegal Immigration last week. With all of your posturing about border security you still left the table with nothing but a bunch of partisan finger pointing and a big “fuck you” to the American people. Now you have time to look into whether or not a baseball player lied to you about taking steroids. Why? Because it helps America? Because it makes our borders more secure? Because it brings the troops home from Iraq sooner? Because it addresses the mounting debt? Of course not. You’re doing it because it’s easy and it gets your grand-standing facing in front of the cameras. The whole thing makes me sick. Don’t you dipshits realize that we have bigger problems than figuring out if Barry Bonds was juiced? Leave him alone and get back to work!

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