How to Train a Delinquent Teen

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette
168 Mins.
West Coast Productions
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Schoolgirls,
STARS: Lola Foxxx, Callie Cobra, Sara Monroe, Brianna Love, Amy Quinn, Chris Cock, Prince Yashua, Mr. Marcus, LT, CJ, Jon Q


What happens when a bunch of white teens get unruly? Well in the world of West Coast Productions, they get broken and trained by big black cocks and will never be the same. There are lots of schoolgirl outfits and classroom settings. There is also an older scene mixed in with the new ones. That’s an odd choice, but the good news is that the girl in question is Brianna Love and scene fucking rocks. More on that later. The young cuties who get disciplined are worth a look. Lola Foxxx is a horny little thing who just can’t wait to get her career as a stripper started. Callie Cobra and Sarah Monroe are cute enough and have decent energy. Luckily they work with the strongest male talent so the resulting action turns out pretty good. The last scene is mostly forgettable unless you really like the look of a pale white girl getting fucked by a black dick. Generally speaking the role play and the set ups are pretty laughable. Not great acting, but the sex is worth a look. As an exception, Brianna Love is really good as a bitchy girl who runs into the wrong two cops. Brianna is super hot and the action that follows is the hottest of the movie. She takes cock in both holes, deep, hard and simultaneously. That scene alone makes this worth at least a rental. If you like young white girls fucking black guys then the rest is good too.

Lola Foxxx & Chris Cock

Little Lola Foxx is trouble all around. She is already scheduled for detention with the principal and then shows up late and dressed like a schoolgirl hooker. She has no interest in school anyway because she is going to be a stripper. Mr. Cock tries to give her some direction, but the foul mouthed white girl isn’t having any of it. Lola heads to the bathroom where she pulls out a glass dildo and fucks her filthy teen twat for a while. When he catches her, the principal threatens to expel Lola and that finally gets her attention. Now she crawls to him begging for another chance and before he can stop her, she has his cock out of his pants and in her mouth. Great looking head here. He pulls her onto the desk and fingers her pussy around her panties, making her taste her juices as she begs for his dick. After sucking it again, she finally gets what she wants. Lola has a tight, shaved pussy that swallows up his cock. They both stay in character pretty well, so the “bad girl” thing continues to shine through. The action intensifies as she bends her over and fucks her from behind. Using her pigtails as reigns he works the delinquent teen hard. Nice energy and some really good close up shots as she rides the cock and lets her tight lips grip the shaft on each pump. He leaves her a big load in her pussy. I’m not sure if this is a real or fake cream pie, but it’s plenty messy.

Callie Cobra & Prince Yashua

Bad blonde Callie Cobra doesn’t like being in school. She passes the time writing things about classmates on the bathroom wall. (Actually a dry erase board in the stall. That’s progressive.) Her trouble in school is bad though and she needs a tutor. He has very unusual techniques that include dressing her like a schoolgirl stripper complete with Franken-hooker shoes. The action progresses quickly when he pulls his cock out and lets her suck on it. Callie does an OK job, but he still pulls down her panties and spanks her cute little white ass. Pigtailed and cute, Callie shows moderate energy when she climbs on top and lets him fuck her. Prince picks up on this, flips her over and just pounds away on her little white twat. She is getting pretty good at taking it and lets him fuck her face for a while before turning her ass to the air for some doggy fun. The slow start is all but forgotten as she screams and gets her pussy filled with hot black cum. Her grades may not improve, but she has certainly learned a thing or two.

Sarah Monroe & Mr. Marcus

Blonde Sarah Monroe looks like she’s wearing a fetish Alice in Wonderland schoolgirl dress ass he uses the bathroom and drink Jack from an empty bottle. She scribbles on the dry erase wall, giving janitor Mr. Marcus more work to do. He is tired of cleaning up after white brats and has decided to tame one. Sarah is the lucky girl he chooses. The blonde talks tough and is ready to show him just what she can do. After trying out the lollipop and a mop handle, she easily adjusts to his black dick. Very cute eye contact as she looks up at him and fills her mouth with throbbing meat. He helps her take more in than she seems able so the little blonde and concentrate on drooling and holding up her skirt. By the time he turns her around her pussy is ripping and ready to be slammed raw. This dirty talking white girl loves rubbing her clit while getting stuffed. When it isn’t in her pussy she loves slobbering al over it to show how much she loves and respects the black cock. The reverse cowgirl footage is really hot and leads to a load in and on her newly stretched pussy.

Brianna Love, CJ and LT

This scene is a little older, but brings us one of the truly great ass queens of all time. Brianna Love decides to keep her fine white ass home from school one day and Officers LT and CJ come around to investigate. The spoiled rich bitch doesn’t take kindly to their rough treatment. They find some drugs and starts begging them to let her do anything to stay out of trouble. Brianna rubs her pussy with a nightstick. They really like her ass and decide to feed her some hard meat. Her pretty mouth gets pumps while her pussy is filled from behind. The cops take charge, leading her form one room to the next by the hair and ordering her to strip down to just her heels as she takes a ride on LT’s throbbing pole. They spin her around and stuff her ass, leaving her pussy lonely and in need of a hard dick to fill it. Brianna is the best looking girl in the movie and it is very easy to see why she remains so popular. She is a lot more than a great ass, but damn, that ass is fucking fine! In the end she drops to her knees and lets the two dirty cops stroke their loads all over her pretty rich bitch face. This white teen is tamed forever.

Amy Quinn & Jon Q

Last but not least is little Amy Quinn. She changes in the locker room, showing off her body in the striper schoolgirl outfit and barely able to stand on her ridiculous shoes. Though the looks is silly and rather pointless, Amy isn’t half un-cute and seems to have the requisite fire burning in her bad girl pussy. She stands at her locker fingering herself with all of her might. Her principal shows up and sees what’s going on. When he threatens to kick her out of school she drops to her knees, rubs her pussy and begs to let her show hi why she should be allowed to stay. His lips say no, but his cock is hard and saying yes as she slips it into her mouth. He stands her up and fucks her. The skinny little thing has a tattoo showing under her plaid skirt and seems to be overwhelmed more by standing up in her ridiculous footwear than by his dick. There are some nice shots of her ass as she rides the dick. This scene just seems to lack the conviction of some of the others. The guy is a little low key and Amy just isn’t quite enough to carry it all by herself. The sex is decent and there are some really nice doggy shots of her pale lips gripping tightly around his dark shaft. They finish up with a shot in and around her pussy. The close up shot of the results will leave nothing to the imagination.

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