Sloppy Head 3

Sloppy Head 3

Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
THEMES: Blowjobs, Sloppy Head, Facials, Cum Play, Gagging, POV,
STARS: Tanner Mayes, Jennifer White, Asa Akira, Vicky Chase, Arcadia, Jessica Bangkok, Nika Noir, Adrianna Nicole, Chastity Lynn, Ashli Orion, Amber Rayne


Jonni Darkko likes girls who love it messy. This sloppy oral line is one of the very best of its kind. It features big stars sucking a lot of cock. The BJ’s are messy and usually include multiple popshots from multiple cocks. This is the genius of the series. When the main guy is done, Darkko or his partner just step in for some bonus filth. Since the girl is usually wearing a cumshot you get some added slut factor that is actually really damn sexy. There is something fun about watching a girl crawl from one cock to another with a load on her face. Sure, it’s dirty, but it’s fucking hot. The star power in this movie is very high. It doesn’t get much better than Asa Akira who lends her pretty face and stunning oral skills to a hot BJ in this flick. Jessica Bangkok plays with a cock and with Arcadia proving that two mouths are better than one. Tanner Mayes is hot as always and so are Ashli Orion and Chastity Lynn. If you like sloppy blowjobs, slutty girls, multiple cumshots and tons of deep throat, then this movie is exactly what you’re looking for.

Amber Rayne & Prince Yashua

Talking dirty for a few seconds, Amber makes sure we know that she wants to be nasty. Prince comes in and the talking stops. Instead she gags and drools all over his black cock. The glass table below her chin makes things even messier. He grabs her face and just fucks her mouth. Every few strokes she pulls off and spits onto the table. Her make up doesn’t last long at all. Amber ends up a mess in no time. She has her make up running and spit everywhere as she deep throats repeatedly. Eventually he shoots his load into her mouth. Amber loves it and licks the cum from the floor. More than willing to take seconds, Amber dirty talks her way through a second deep blowjob. She is still all messed up and totally willing to do whatever it takes to get that second load in her slutty mouth.

Adrianna Nicole

Dirty blonde Adrianna Nicole has really fantastic breasts and shows them off for a bit during her pre-scene teasing. She effortlessly deep throats his cock and drools all over his balls. Letting her make up run, Adrianna gets into full sloppy mode and stays there for the duration of the scene. Lots of ball sucking and eye contact as Adrianna licks, chokes and strokes her way to a very sloppy finish. There is some tit fucking along the way, but mostly Adrianna proves that she is a sloppy head queen who loves the taste of cum.

Tannery Mayes

Tanner Mayes is the quintessential “bratty girl” who we love to see fuck. She talks a little about how she likes to suck one cock after another, but starts actually doing it before we can really get into her slutty story. She makes fantastic eye contact while sucking the head of the long cock. Tanner is smiling and very cute for several minutes before rolling over and letting him fuck her throat. Once that starts then she lets her freak flag fly in a big way. Though tame compared to some of the other scenes, this one ends with a huge load all over her face and then a bonus BJ with cum still dripping down her face. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Vicky Chase

“Do you like what you see” asks Vicky Chase as she shows off her body. Silly question that. Of course we do and we like it even more when she starts sucking his cock and balls. Kneeling and looking up into the camera, she sucks the dick while pumping it with her fist. Her confidence is really sexy. You have to love a girl who knows damn well she’s a great cock sucker and doesn’t run from it at all. The camera moves behind her face to catch some drool running down her chin as she increases the intensity of her strokes. When the load finally hits her face, she takes with a smile and then eats the cum from a spoon. Not stopping at one, she doubles her efforts to take the next prick. It’s even messier this time, but Vicki isn’t satisfied until all balls are drained.

Chastity Lynn

Dirty talking blonde Chastity Lynn knows just where she wants guys to put a cock. In her horny little mouth of course. She doesn’t have to wait long. On her knees looking up into the camera, the dirty girl is the picture of nearly jailbait naughtiness. After getting her face fucked for a while, the drool starts to run down and she gets a chance to whisper some more naughty talk at us. Great POV shots as she moves down below and sucks his balls. Chastity is very cute and crawls around like she can’t wait to taste more meat. As she continues, the make up starts to run and she looks like she has been crying. Nope, just a cock hungry slut getting what she loves the most. With com her face, she continues so suck until she has completely cleaned the cock.

Nika Noir

Beautiful as ever, Nika Noir shows off her pretty eyes and perky tits while waiting for a hard cock to come and fill her mouth. She flashes a big smile to the camera as she inhales the hard dick presented to her. In addition to her beauty, Nika has some hard core deep throat skills. There is some serious drool at play as well. Nika is really pretty and even when she’s getting all sloppy is great eye candy. I love the way her eyes lock on the camera when his balls are resting on her chin. She takes a big load on that gorgeous face and then keeps sucking.

Asa Akira

Mega star Asa Akira is up next. I could watch her tease all day. Her perfect body and pretty face always keep me interested. She gets on her knees and submissively puts her hands behind her back to use just her mouth on the lucky cock. When she gets her hands into the act, Asa grabs his meat in both hands and looks up while moaning around the shaft. Quite the accomplished cock sucker, Asa puts on a fantastic how on every way possible. She uses her fingers skillfully while licking the head, driving the guy crazy and pushing him to the edge. Eventually she gets a big load on her face and just looks for the next dick. The next dick is hard and she gags on it immediately. Asa is messy, but knows she still looks great and plays to the camera perfectly. She is so good at this that anyone would want to watch and join in on this kind of fun. Watching her milk another load of into her mouth makes me want to hang out at Darkko’s place the next time Asa in on the schedule. Hey, you never know right?

Jennifer White

From one gorgeous girl to another, we get Jennifer White next. She is strikingly pretty and doesn’t’ waste much time before sucking a long cock. With her pretty tits hanging out and dangling for the camera while his prick vanishes deep into her throat. When she has drooled all over the balls, Jennifer starts licking them clean. Nice eye contact and plenty of footage of her pretty face as she smiles and sucks. Jenifer sucks balls really well and is exceptionally loud as she services him with her tongue. After making him cum, she plays with the load and smiles at us while waiting for the next one.

Ashli Orion
Sexy Ashli Orion gives us something new to enjoy. Using a glass dish to help collect the spit and slobber, she jerks and sucks the next prick. Her dirty talk is pretty amazing and her super cute face steals the show. When she is done, the pretty brunette dumps a mix of spit and cum all over her face and into her mouth. That’s some really fucking sloppy head.

Arcadia & Jessica Bangkok

Jessica Bangkok is a notoriously boisterous performer. She encourages Arcadia to show off her spitting skills so this one should be fun. The girls team up for some hanging head and POV action. Both girls are plenty cock hungry and do the most with their turns at the plate. They both have lovely eyes and lock them onto the camera to make hot footage even hotter. Doubling up on the cock, the girls suck cock and balls at the same time. Jessica is a great teacher who encourages Arcadia to take it deep. For my money, Jessica sucking balls is about the hottest thing in this very good scene. Her eyes lock onto the camera during the bonus suck and the action is just incredible. Arcadia uses her big tits to rub balls and ass. That’s a new twist and it works. She loves the cum as much as Jessica does.

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