Cheer Squad Sleepovers 1

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 1

184 Mins.
Girlfriends Films
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Cheerleaders
STARS: Hayden Hawkens, Syren De Mer, Bree Daniels, Samantha Ryan, Hayden Winters, Vanilla DeVille


Without a doubt, Girlfriends Films is the top lesbian porn studio on the planet. They cover all aspects of girl on girl love, romance and sex with an unmistakable style. Now they are out to prove something I have said for years. Cheerleaders are just universally fucking hot, no matter who you are. Of course we know its true, but it will be fun watching the folks at GF prove it. For its great title, this movie actually features very little uniform appeal. Even the scene between two of the cheerleaders features cute PJ”s instead of short skirts. As usual, this movie explores some older/younger lesbian action. Syren De Mer and Vanilla DeVille prove that the mothers on this cheer squad are every bit as horny as their daughters. Syren even shows of some of that lust with her daughter in the opening scene. Samantha Ryan enjoys Bree Daniels in the best cheer uniform action of the flick. Blonde cheerleader Bree is taught the ways of lesbian love and adapts well to penis-free sex. Hayden Hawkens and Hayden Winters prove that two cheerleaders are even better than one. They are cute, young and fresh. Together they team up for the most strokeable action of the movie. Overall this is the kind of movie you expect from Girlfriends Films. It is well shot with long set ups, lots of kissing and great sex.

Hayden Hawkens & Syren De Mer

Pretty young Hayden Hawkens is a normal chick. She worries about friends and how she is going to get a car. She also has lesbian relations with her mom. (Step mom perhaps?) Syren strokes and kisses the pretty young blonde and eventually lets her fingers slide into Hayden’s pink bra. The kissing is intense and Syren enjoys running her hands over her young partner’s sweet (and tattooed) flesh. Eventually Syren mounts Hayden and kisses her way down her body until she finds the young blonde’s pussy waiting, just begging to be licked. Hayden may be young, but she knows what to do when given the chance. She licks pussy and then works her way up to some mutual fingering while making out with Syren. They end up doing some heavy duty tribbing. Not sure where the cheerleader appeal comes in, but this does seem like a decent workout.

Bree Daniels & Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan shares a glass of wine with shy blonde cheerleader Bree Daniels. The talk eventually turns to boys and naturally to sex. Bree has been with a few boys, but is afraid that she’s just “too small down there” to really get the most out of it. Samantha isn’t worried about that and puts the movies on the cute young cheerleader. Bree plays shy really well and things move quite slowly. Samantha has to kiss and gently strip the pretty young thing as she reassures her every step of the way. By the time she gets the blonde’s panties off, Samantha is certain that she has Bree right where she wants her. (Quite literally in the palm of her hand.) Checking to see just how small she is “down there” Samantha finger bangs the pretty little cheerleader until she is quivering helplessly in her arms. Eventually stripping her naked. Samantha lets her mouth follow her fingers as she shows Bree the joys of lesbian love. They both look great naked and the action picks up to match the eye candy. When the women trade roles, Bree uses her fingers to drive Samantha crazy while the two make out. She has learned her lessons well and licks pussy like a seasoned pro. She also has a really cute ass that we get to see a lot of as she munches older muff.

Hayden Winters & Hayden Hawkens

After a hard day at the cheer competition, Hayden Winters and Hayden Hawkens are ordered by their moms to stay in the hotel room and get some rest. They change out of their uniforms (Oh no, bad move) and snuggle up under the covers while their mothers are out getting a beer. They talk about boys and eventually flirt and finally decide to experiment. The pretty blonde girl seems to take the lead a bit, sucking at her friend’s pretty nipples and working her into a frenzy with hot finger action. The pretty young girls look great together, but the uniforms would really have added a ton to this scene. After al, it’s in the title. Instead of two cheerleaders, we have two very sexy teens kissing, playing and rubbing their pussies together. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, especially from an eye candy perspective. Even without the uniforms, this is my favorite scene of the movie. Pick a Hayden, you are bound to fall in lust.

Vanilla Deville & Syren De Mer

Since the daughters got it on, it is only a matter of time before their moms will have enough wine to also hop on the lesbian sex train. They talk for a while, but get into bed together and then the sensible nighties come off. They kiss for a long while even before getting naked to really warm each other up. This is the sort of thing you expect from Girlfriends Films and it clearly works here. Syren seems to take the lead with Vanilla gently caressing her breasts as she takes gentle direction. The breast play is really well shot here as both women seem to enjoy touching and sucking nipples. Vanilla catches on quick and both women seem to be having a great time as they lick and finger one another. I haven’t seen a lot of Vanilla, but she is very good here. Syren looks great and handles the action well. If you liked the last scene with two young girls go at it, then you might find this one to be a good companion piece. The more mature hotties have their turn and they shine.

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