Rog Blog: 6 Things You Probably Did Not Know, Sir Charles, George Clooney & New K S E X Time

This came from my MySpace account and it seems like a bloggy thing, so here it is.

Konnie tagged me so here we go

Okay, here are 6 things that not everybody knows about me.

1. I don’t drink coffee or tea.
2. I have had two concussions in my life.
3. In high school I finished second in the voting for Best Dancer, Best Dressed and Most Likely to Return as a Teacher.
4. As a child I had to have between 4 and 6 allergy shots a week.
5. In college I wrote for the newspaper and served on the Student Senate. (I lost a bid for Vice President by 11 votes.)
6. I have a relative currently sitting on death row.

So Barkley and Nique got voted into the Hall of Fame this week. That got me thinking. Who is the “Best Player” to never win a title? Is it Sir Charles? Or Dominique? What about Karl Malone? There are probably some guys if we go further back, but I’m a child of the 80’s so those are three names that come to mind. Stockton too, but I don’t think he is even close to the other three in terms of overall greatness.

As much as I loved watching Wilkins play I would have to rank him third on this list. He could light up the scoreboard like few others and he was really the king of the dunk contest. He was robbed against Jordan in 87 (Or 86, whichever year was in Chicago) and later by Webb. He just wasn’t the complete player that Charles and Karl were.

I think I’d have to give the overall nod to Malone over Barkley though. Chuck was a stud who could run, shoot the 3, rebound like crazy and even pass a little. He could also light it up a little. Still, Malone is number two all-time in scoring and probably would have been number on had he not left Utah to chase a title in LA. He was a monster on the board, scored at will and is probably going to be stuck with the “Best Player who Never Won a Title” label.

That’s my take. What do you think?

Celebrity Dickweed of the Week: (Warning, libertarian ideals and common sense follow.)

I’ve been following George Clooney’s attack on the Gawker site in the news and I can’t believe this assclown. He doesn’t like the idea of a site that lists celebrity sightings and actually suggested a plan to shut the site down. (By flooding it with bogus sightings.) Excuse me? Didn’t this windbag just get mountains of praise for making a movie about the importance of freedom? Is he saying that this lesson only applies when thinks it should? Sorry George, but the Constitution is not just for multi-millionaires and over-hyped sacred cows. It applies to all of us and that includes scumbag paparazzi and the kind of people who give half a shit about where Julia Roberts gets her toes done or what store Winonna Ryder is stealing from this week.

Even better than listening to George condone cyber-terrorism is his excuse for denying people their right to exercise their freedom of speech. The good Dr. Ross is worried that stalkers might use the site and commit crimes against the celbs. Sorry George, most of us are smart enough to realize that we shouldn’t ban something just because bad people might do bad things with it. I guess that argument fits with his uber-lefty ideology though. It is the same argument they use to criminalize guns because bad people use them to commit crimes. Don’t like the gun analogy? How about this porn fans. Some people who watch porn also commit rape. That’s one the wacky feminists are fond of using. Should we shut down porn? Some child molesters jerk off to the underwear section of the Sears catalog. Shall we burn all copies? How about this? Some people see violent movies and then commit violent crimes. Does Mr. Clooney think that some big bad Government agency needs to shut down violent films, video games and web content? Hey George here is a little lesson in common sense. Just because BAD PEOPLE do BAD THINGS is no reason to take away the rights of everyone else. Isn’t that one of the major arguments Hollywood lefties like you throw at the Bush Administration all the time. I don’t know George…it’s looks like fascism, smells like elitism and tastes like hypocrisy. Maybe it’s a bit of all three. Good Bye and Good Riddance.

Eye Candy: Felix Vicious

The little bit of eye candy you see to the right comes courtesy of Felix Vicious and our friends at Paradise Visuals. I just sent her a list of questions for an email interview to catch us up on what she’s been up to lately. As you can see, she’s sure looking good. I’ve got some more shots of our favorite web girls coming up as well.

KSEX Tonight:

Tonight is my first time on the Wankus Show. Tune into KSEX during the 7:00 hour to hear my weekly review. Wanna guess what movie it will be? (No Luke, NOT an Eon McKai flick. How many ways do I have to say that Neu Wave Hookers sucks ass?)

I did some web stat checking and found out that you guys are reading these blog posts more than any other new pieces. I guess the early results are in. You’re going to have to participate though. Give me something to talk about or it’s going to be my daily baseball rumblings and love fests for reality TV and Oreo cookie milkshakes.

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