Rog Blog: April 3

Rog Blog: April 3, 2006
And the winner of the first industry person to respond and take over for a Monday morning is…..

No one!!!! Nice going guys. Not one of you stepped up. Doh!

So I’ll extend it two more days. First one to write in gets the mike to lead off on Wednesday.

I brought up baseball the other day and was reminded of something. Someone who reads this site is looking for anyone in porn, especially performers, who are big baseball fans. Don’t worry, this won’t involve shoving a bat into any orifice. It’s a good thing trust me.

So no responded to my questions from the last blog so I’ll leave them up there. Come on, sound off.

It’s opening day for most teams so I’m planning to watch a whole lot of baseball today. I’ve also got two reviews ready to go up so look for those later today.

I’ve got some nice eye candy to put up later this week as well. Felix Vicious sent in a nice picture and some more web girl stuff to really wow you.

Don’t forget, the call in time for the weekly KSEX movie review has changed. Starting this week I will be on at around 7:10 Cali time, reviewing a movie on Wankus’ show. I’ll give ya three guesses as to which movie I’ll be starting with.

So that’s it for today. I’m still feeling this thing out and trying to figure out exactly what I’m going to write about. Hopefully some of will find it entertaining. And hopefully you will write in so I can direct the discussion in ways that we can all find enlightening and fun.

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