GF Revenge 4

GF Revenge 4

180 Mins

THEMES: Amateurs, Car Sex, Tan Lines, Lesbian Sex, Shower Sex


This is one of those movies that is supposed to be private tapes leaked by angry ex’s. I have to admit that the idea behind that is hotter than it should be. Somehow the idea of spurned ex’s sharing their secret tapes is just deliciously deviant. Now that I’ve pissed off eighty percent of the women reading let me say that none of these are actually leaked tapes. Silly things like model releases kind of ruin that. Still, it’s a hot fantasy. (Sue me, all right?) The action varies greatly and so does the quality. Some of them look like they could be homemade while others are clearly produced with some nice production values. There is boy/girl fun, lesbian action and a few solo segments. Some of the girls look familiar, but I can’t put a name to any of the faces. That actually makes it even more realistic and plays right into the fantasy. If you are looking for traditionally hot porno sex, there is even some of that. For that you can check out the second scene featuring a tan little teen with creative tan lines who talks dirty. No pop shot for her though. The car sex scene late in the DVD is really hot and of course the sexy chick in the football jersey is smoking. This is a decent collection of girlfriend videos that works fine with the fantasy to create a worthwhile DVD.


This pretty brunette is taking self-shots in the mirror while her boyfriend talks to her. (In Russian perhaps?) Her dud has the video camera and focuses on her big tits as they straining against her thin white tank top. She spreads her pussy and shows off her pink for him. The fun kicks off with her sucking his cock. The highlight of the fun comes when she wraps those big tits around his cock and works up and down. Using a stationary camera off to the side, the couple fucks on film and gives us some nice shots of her big swaying tits as he nails her from behind. Even without being able to understand a word she’s saying and with the rough camerawork, I am finding all kinds of reasons to like this babe. Taking him in her hand, the busty chick wanks him until he busts a load all over her impressive rack. This one really does look like hot, raw amateur fun.

Super Tan

When douchey-dude starts the camera, he warns his hot girlfriend that if she ever fucks him over, she is going to show the world this tape. He goes outside and watches her show of some frighteningly stark tan lines. He takes her inside and she strips down, drops to her knees, explains what her parents would do if they came home and proceeds to suck his cock. This overly tanned sex brat reminds me of Courtney Simpson and proves to be a rather energetic fuck. She climbs on top of him and gets close to the camera as she rides his rod. Nice hand held action when they roll into mish. The close up shots shows the tan line patterns around her pussy quite well. What really makes this hot is the way she keep talking about being naughty while her parents are away. There is no popshot to this scene so that is a bit of a let down.

Tackle Me

A super hot brunette is getting ready for a football game. She’s got on a jersey (USC baby) and some little yellow undies. Her girlfriend wants to play before they head over to the game. The camera is in close as the pretty girl starts to rub her pussy and relax a bit. Her friend loves the sight so much that she joins in for some mutual masturbation. Watching the pretty brunette finger fuck herself is really all the eye candy we need.

Pretty Girls

Two very pretty girls are going through their closet while the camera rolls. Apparently the camera makes them horny for one another and the fun begins. The kissing is really intense and very easy on the eyes.

Kiss & Tell

The next girl just wants to read her book, but her boyfriend wants to play. He squeezes her boobs and eventually she just has to give in and let him have what he wants. She is very cute and he does a nice job of holding the camera while he plays with her hot young pussy. Given a chance to suck cock, the pretty girlfriend doesn’t waste any time. Great eye contact as she looks right into the camera and even talks to it while stroking his stiff meat. He bends her over and hold the camera fairly steady while fucking her from behind. When he rolls her over we get some really nice boob shots. This is pretty good stuff if you like amateur style porn. She ends up taking his load on her pretty face.

Bank Job

This one starts out with a guy asking his girl to flash in line at the bank. Eventually they get kicked out, but continue the fun in the car. He keeps the camera rolling while she bends over into his lap and sucks his cock. Great looking road head as she jokes about how much trouble his cock always gets her in. When they finally get to their favorite spot, she climbs into his lap, shimmies out of her tight shorts and slides onto his dick. It is tough to shoot in such cramped quarters, but they do a pretty good job. There are really good close up shots of her pussy as it grips his cock so tightly. They find the space to fuck in mish and he shoots all over her belly. This is hot for anyone who digs car sex.

Dripping Wet

From car sex to shower sex, we get a hot chick cleaning off after a hard day’s work. Her man comes in and films while she soaps up her pussy and talks about not wanting her face on camera. Very interesting tease stuff here with a nice looking woman naked and showering.

Newbie Booty

This next girl is cute with perky boobs, pigtails and an accent. She slips her fingers into her bikini and gets started on some naughty fun. Her man pops in and she gets started sucking his cock right away. The stationary camera picks up the BJ and the doggy that follows. This little cutie bounces on his dick pretty well. Once again the single camera set up works for the amateur feel even if leaves us with only one view of the fun. He shoots all over her belly.

In the Mood

The final girl is busy moving when she spies her boyfriend with a camera. She takes a break and rubs her pussy through her panties. She invites him to undo his pants so that she can suck that cock while he films. Nice eye contact during this POV blowjob footage. The camera moves to the side for a nice second angle. When she gets on top we get a nice view of her perky little boobs. Her pussy is tight and shaved and wet enough to seriously wax his dick with every stroke. I like her energy and she makes for a pretty POV girl as he nails her from behind and cums all over her ass.

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