Bobbi’s World

Bobbi’s World

271 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Bobbi Starr
THEMES: Anal Sex Bondage, B&D, Foot Sex, Pantyhose, Lesbian Sex, Toys
STARS: Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Dia Zerva, Marie Luv, Ashley Fireo, Tori Lux, Amy Brooke, Danny Wylde, Mark Wood, Michael Vegas, Manuel Ferrara


Bobbi Starr has been one of porn’s most popular performers for years. Now she gets to take her turn behind the camera for her own movies. She has invited some of her sexy friends to join her. It’s sort of a fantasy wrap around style with Bobbi talking to Kimberly Kane about all of the crazy dreams she has. This leads us easily in and out of sex scenes. There is a strong fetish slant to the movie and a whole lot of anal sex. Neither should come as any surprise given Bobbi’s career as a performer. The opening scene features slave Dia Zerva being used by Bobbi to tease and then please bound Danny Wylde. Dia looks great and hangs right in there with Bobbi. Marie Luv and Ashley Fiero hang tight with Bobbi in some foot-heavy anal lesbian action. Bobbi and Kimberly Kane square off in a really good chick fuck. The bondage theme comes back with Tori Lux and Mark Wood. That scene is good, but the one on one heat from Bobbi was actually better than the three-way. The final features Bobbi with Manuel Ferrara. The anal action there is really excellent. Bobbi holds the camera during the movie and offer some of the tightest close up shots I have ever seen. She gets right in there while fucking. Sometimes these shots work well and sometimes they are a bit jarring. I like the mix of normal shots with these personal views. As a Bobbi Starr fan there were times when I wanted to see more of her. She gives some especially hot POV head in this movie particularly with Manuel and Mark. . It’s great to see her put her stamp on a solid stroke flick and I think that more Bobbi would have made this movie even better.

Bobbi Starr, Dia Zerva & Danny Wylde

Bobbi describes a dream she had about a ball gagged woman (Dia Zerva) and a bound guy (Danny Wylde). Dia is in pantyhose and gets teased through the sheer fabric by Bobbi. Bobbi tears the hose and starts shoving fingers into Dia’s hot holes. She sits next to Danny stroking his cock and shooting with her camera as Dia spreads her cheeks and teases. Things look so good that Bobbi dives right in and eats Dia’s hot asshole. Danny finally gets into the act and Dia is so fucking cock hungry by this time that she makes short work of it. Bobbi stands behind the pretty blonde and helps make sure that every inch ends up down Dia’s throat. This is one of the sloppiest blowjobs I have seen all year. Danny moves around behind Dia and slides that spit-slicked cock right into her asshole. That leaves Dia in perfect position to eat Bobbi out. She does so with plenty of enthusiasm. Bobbi may be in charge, but this scene works because Dia is so hot. She takes his cock down her throat and up her ass with equal joy. In the end, she gets a big load of cream on her face.

Marie Luv, Ashley Fiero & Bobbi Starr

Bobbi’s kinky dreams include hot lesbian action with brightly colored stockings. She has Marie Luv and Ashley Fiero getting it on in a little interracial action that includes foot fucking. They both seem to enjoy the toe play. It’s visually interesting with the skin color contrast and the vibrant clothes. Bobbi gets one look at Ashley’s butthole and licks it. With spit on her back door, Ashley is ready to take a glass dildo from Marie. Bobbi moves in behind Marie for some anal plug play of her own. Holding the camera, Bobbi has both girls licking her pussy at the same time. They roll her into piledriver and go totally crazy on her ass. Watching them eat that butthole is quite a sight, especially if like Marie gets the attention next, pulling her knees up to her chest so that the toy can go deep between her dark cheeks.

Bobbi Starr & Kimberly Kane

Taking a break from all the stories, Bobbi and Kimberly get busy together. The camera gets in close as Bobbi fingers and sucks on Kimberly’s lips. Great anal toy play as she gets busy with a dildo that stretches Kim’s back door. Kimberly returns the favor, spreading Bobbi’s ass with her feet and really taking her time to get to know every inch of that tight hole. There is a lot of toe sucking going on in addition to the anal sex. The angles with Bobbi holding the camera are pretty interesting. Kimberly ends up cleaning the toy at the end of the scene.

Bobbi Starr & Mark Wood and Tori Lux

Doing a little reality porn set up, Bobbi will do anything to get out of her tax trouble. They go up to her place and she takes his big cock into her mouth. In no time at all she has him all the way to the root. There are some great POV angles that really show off Bobbi’s pretty face even as she shows off her skills. This is the best footage of the movie so far. It is exactly the sort of thing fans are looking for from Bobbi. Bobbi strips him out of his jeans and keeps on sucking like she’s starving for meat. It’s a pretty messy BJ that looks great from every angle. Right in the middle of the fun, Bobbi has to run check on a “pet.” In another room, Bobbi has Tori all tied up with a plug inside of her. It is the pet’s job to please all house guests, so it looks like Tori is about to get dicked. Bobbi gets side tracked enjoying Tori’s mouth so they are hard at work on each other when Mark wanders in. Taking full advantage of the pet, Mark starts fucking her mouth. Bobbi helps out, keeping Tori’s lips stretched and making sure that this too is a very messy blowjob. Mark bends Tori over and fucks her from behind. As they have been throughout this movie, the close up shots are really pretty incredible. Pretty good anal sex, but Bobbi has taken a secondary role and that’s not a great use of her talents. The does assist with the anal sex and helps Tori get some serious gapeage going on. Bobbi ends up in piledriver though, showing Tori exactly how it’s done. Mark seems to really enjoying fucking this hole, driving his dick deep and making Bobbi gape. He ends up shooting all over both faces. Hot scene, but more Bobbi would have made it even stronger.

Amy Brooke, Michael Vegas & Bobbi Starr

Michael Vegas and Amy Brooke stop by Bobbi’s after she found them on the Craigslist. The story is simple. They are a couple that wants to try anal sex, but Michael just isn’t getting it done for her. Bobbi is bound and determined to help the young lovers take a first class ride on the A Train. The first thing Bobbi wants to do is check out Amy’s ass. She spanks it and has the shy young girl shake her cheeks to show it off a bit. With the help of some finger play she loosens it up enough to get a finger in there. Amy seems to really enjoy a toy in her ass. While Amy takes the toy in her ass, she greedily sucks off her man. The way she works that pole with her mouth makes you wonder why any guy wouldn’t just count himself lucky with the great blowjobs and move on. With all that help, Amy is ready to let her man take her ass. She sticks her butt up in the air and he just rails away on her. The close up camera angles of the anal and then of Amy licking Bobbi are interesting if somewhat jarring. Once he has filled his girl’s ass, Michael gets to fuck Bobbi. He finds her asshole ready to take whatever he’s got and gives it to her hard and fast. Bobbi turns her attention back to Amy, helping her squirt wit the help of a big butt plug and a lot of patience. The action settles in to a really nice three-way rhythm with Bobbi taking full advantage of her new friends. Amy gets into position to take the facial and then praises Bobbi for teaching her man how to properly fuck that ass.

Bobbi Starr & Manuel Ferrara

With her good deed for the day out of the way, Bobbi kicks back and enjoys some action from Manuel Ferrara. He sucks her toes, works up to her pussy and gets Bobbi’s hairy twat all jacked up and ready to roll. Of course she has to taste his cock before anything can continue. Awesome POV shoots looking right into Bobbi’s face as she wraps her fingers and lips around Manuel’s massive member. I could watch her suck cock all day, but she has other things in mind. First it’s spoon with one leg high in the air so he can slide up in there. She get on her back, pulls her knees up to her chest and lets him fuck her ass too. It gapes rather quickly as she just enjoys the feel of every inch sliding in and out. She shots of her backing onto his lap are pretty damn sexy. Gape shots and A2M steal much of the show, but there is some super hot footage featuring Bobbi on her back with her long legs pulled back as far as they will go. Fantastic longer angel of this awesome babe. The big finish is a POV facial with Bobbi jerking him off using both hands and eating his cum like a good girl.

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