Christoph Meets the Angels

Christoph Meets the Angels

156 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Euro Babes, Anal Sex, Gaping, Foot Sex, Pantyhose, Kissing
STARS: Sandra De Marco, Leony April, Aleska Diamond, Morgan Moon, Terry, Niki Sweet, Christoph Clark


Christoph Clark has been around for a long time. He’s a grizzled porn vet who has transitioned nicely into the handsome older guy mold. He has done it all and now wants to settle in for something a little different. As he explains he wants to make porn where the women feel good. Fear not Clark fans, this movie still has all the stuff you love. He’s got hot Euro-babes getting fucked silly and gaping like the 18th hole. But there is also some kissing and the focus of the interview is on personal connection. In short it’s good hard core with a focus on everyone getting off. The hottest girl and hottest scene comes right at the start. The incredible Aleska Diamond is so fucking hot. If the rest of the movie was horrible, her awesome anal scene would be worth the price of admission. Luckily the rest of movie isn’t horrible though. Niki Sweet is one of Christoph’s favorites and she shows us why during a really hard anal scene. Veteran Sandra De Marco is back and just a dirty as ever. Not all of the girls are as hot as the first few, but the finale is worth sticking around for. Leony April is quite pretty and a serious slut for dick in the butt. Overall this is a really good collection of Euro-babes who like it up the ass. The gape shots are what you would expect from Christoph. I like the kissing and the genuine heat, but it’s still hardcore at its heart.

Aleska Diamond & Christoph Clark

Even an experienced cocksman like Christoph is allowed to get excited over fucking a smoking hot babe like Aleska. While he waits for her to come into the bedroom for the scene, he sniffs her panties and excitedly strokes his cock. When she joins him, Aleska gives him some much better options for his throbbing member. First it’s her mouth. She opens wide and licks his cock with her long tongue, rubbing her lips on his balls before sucking the head. They move to the bed where he fucks her in spoon for a while. Aleska’s face is stunning and that sometimes allows us to overlook the fact that her body is just amazing. Can’t miss how hot it is when she is in reverse cowgirl however. Reverse cowgirl makes it hard to ignore her body though. Wow, she is fucking pretty. Of course she is also quite the naughty girl. Her ass gets fucked in RCA, spoon and then when she’s face down and he can just pump away. It’s a nice ass and quite the tight fit from the looks of things. The only way to properly finish off a scene like this is with a big load fired all over her naughty tongue. Aleska tastes his cream and licks the final few drops from the sheets. Even if the rest of the movie sucks, Aleska Diamond is worth the price of the DVD.

Niki Sweet & Christoph Clark

Christoph tells us that Nikki Sweet has one of the best bodies and faces in all of Prague. They discuss the basics of porn, including the fact that no one kisses. He outs her on his desk and rips a hole in her pantyhose so he can eat and finger her lower orifices. Niki proves that she knows what to do on her knees with some nice ball sucking and skilled cock swallowing. He loves her mouth, but wants more so she has the further rip her hose. While fucking her on his desk, Christoph makes sure to give Niki a little kiss. Romance aside he shoves his cock in her ass, pulls out to lick it and then goes right back in. Moving back to the floor she sucks his cock and then kisses him again. (Would this be residual A2M on his part?) There are some great close up shots of the anal action once they get to the couch. Niki really does have a great boy and a pretty face as Christoph pointed out. That pretty face is where his load ends up. She wears it on her lips and smiles as he squeezes out the final drops.

Sandra De Marco & Christoph Clark

Sexy blonde Sandra De Marco has known Christoph for a long time. He has not tired of fucking her and you can see why when she sits on the couch next to him. They catch up a bit and then he starts sucking her stocking covered feet. Once she gets naked, Sandra starts sucking his dick. Christoph works her tits with his hands, blocking the camera for much of the BJ. No such problem when he starts fucking her. Sandra pulls her knees up to her chest and lets him bang her shaved pussy and then her asshole. There are some really good shots when she grabs her ankles and pulls them back. When Christoph pulls out and holds her ass open it gapes like crazy. He shoots his load all over it.

Terry & Christoph Clark

Nineteen year old Terry doesn’t seem at all shy as she sits on Christoph’s lap. He romances her a bit and that earns him a kiss before they fuck. She leans back and lets him finger her pussy. Compared to the other women in the movie Terry is not quite as pretty. Her ass gapes huge when he fingers it. Christoph goes form some foot play that (combined with a slightly low energy level and less than stellar looks) has me really bored for the first time in this movie. Hey, they can’t all be great. He works her ass over pretty good and she just kind of lies there on her side like she is waiting for it to be over. She shoots all over her face and licks it up, but this scene doesn’t hold up to the others.

Morgan Moon & Christoph

Christoph explains that he met Morgan Moon on Facebook and didn’t even know she was in the business. Well he is about to find out just how ready she is to be a super slut. She takes his dick into her mouth and moans loudly around it. He picks her up and fucks her face to face before lying down and letting her do the work. Morgan is OK in the face, but she really has a tight little body and amazing looking skin. We get to see plenty of that as Christoph pushes her legs back and starts fucking her asshole. They take a break for some foot play, but she is at her best when she is squatting on his dick and taking it deep into her tight butthole. She finishes him off with her hand, getting a load shot all over her delicious looking tits. When they are done she tells us that he made her cum three times and he explains what he wants to do with his porn. Make women happy and not be so macho basically.

Leony April & Christoph Clark

The final girl is pretty brunette Leony April. She is a Czech babe with a thin body and a really sexy smile. She makes a lot of contact with the camera as she slides up and down on his cock. The reverse cowgirl starts before she even gets her panties off. That’s kind of hot, especially since she also has on her skirt. He does eventually take her clothes off, but I really like the intensity of watching them fuck before she can even get naked. They spread out on the couch and she drapes on leg over his shoulder. Christoph fucks her hard and she really seems to enjoy it. I love her energy and by the time he is ready to cum, she looks totally cock crazed. Leony jerks him off right into her mouth, sucks out every drop and looks right into the camera as if to ask who wants to be next.

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