Buttman’s Stretch Class 4

Buttman’s Stretch Class 4


178 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
THEMES: Ass Worship, Solo, S&M, Big Toys, Anal Stretching
STARS: Alexis Texas, Anita Blue, Allie Haze, Katie Sumemrs, Bella Dellamorte


This is series with very specific appeal. Buttman works the girls through serious tease footage, minor S&M stuff and big toys. He lets the girls work themselves at their own pace and the result is pretty great. What I find interesting about this movie is how the scenes can run a full hour long and I don’t find myself watching the clock. The women are presented in a way that keeps things fresh and hot. The toy play is outstanding, often extreme and really hot. Obviously the headliner is Alexis Texas. She is beautiful, sexy as hell and has the sort of all that will turn anyone into a butt worshipping cheek freak. She teases beautifully and does some of the best solo action I have ever seen her do. Allie Haze closes the movie and is stunning. This is a little more intense than we are used to seeing Allie and it suits her. Great body worship shots from this super hot babe. Katie Sumemrs is the other good reason to watch this movie. She’s cute, curvy and really worth a look. The other two girls aren’t bad either and certainly work well with the large toys given to them. There are times when this series becomes clearly laser-focused on the fetish appeal but overall it looks great and when someone like Alexis is at the center of attention, it is damn near perfect.

Alexis Texas

The always stunning Alexis Texas leads things off. She has on some incredibly tight jeans and lets John shove his face between her cheeks. When she pulls them down just enough to show off her ass, John gets in close to check out the “top ass” and examine her choice in public maintenance. Stripping down she attaches clothespins to her nipples. Several of them fit and she shakes hard to make sure they won’t fall off. She then does the same with her ass, letting the pins attach themselves to her sexy curves. She breaks out her first toy at just over thirty minutes worth of action. A nice glass toy gets her ass all warmed up for a bejeweled plug that she pushes out after showing off her remarkable backside. Ramping up the stretch action, Alexis breaks out the black gnome and works the tip into her tight slit. The big highlight comes when she squats over that thing and takes it up her ass. The deep penetration is great, but her ass looks just fucking amazing. Alexis is just amazing and this scene is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Anita Blue

Anita Blue examines the toy room and finds a few things that she really likes. She sticks her ass out for examination and definitely has a memorable derriere. Her tits get tied up and really stand out when they are bound. The extended tease footage is best when it focuses on her ass. Anita has a super fine backside. She bends over, spreads her cheeks and shows off her asshole. Breaking out some pussy jewelry, she clips them into her meaty lips and legs them dangle. This is followed by clothespin fun in the same region. The toy play starts with a metal plug that slides right into her asshole. There is some great ass footage as she fucks herself with a variety of toys. Big ones don’t bother this woman at all. She seems to really like them in fact. Though she isn’t Alexis Texas, Anita shows off a nice ass and great ability to stretch in order to take huge toys in every hole.

Bella Dellamorte

Brunette Bella Dellamorte looks a little bit like she might fit in on Jersey Shore or with the Kardashians. She struts around in a fishnet dress with lots of body art visible through the fabric. It is plenty of fun following those cheeks around the house. Her nipples are pierced and as the clothes come off we are given a tour of her extensive tattoo work. Good bend over shots that focus on her legs and ass. Bella puts the metal plug into her mouth to get it ready for the tight backdoor insertion. She reaches behind her body and fucks her ass with the toy. Some of the close up shots are a mess of pussy rings, finger tats and all sorts of metal. After warming up with a toy, she tries the gnome. She squats over it and fucks her pussy with the tall hat. There is some good DP toy play later in the scene. This scene didn’t do much for me, but the big toy fun is still pretty impressive.

Katie Sumemrs

I love the opening shot with Katie Sumemrs poking through the curtain tits-first. She’s a cute girl with some nice curves and cheeks that are barely contained by her short skirt. John has her pull her panties up into the crack of her ass and then give her self a pussy wedgie. As her clothes come off she starts crawling around and shows off her firm thighs and sexy ass. She flips into pildriver and rams a pretty good sized toy into her hot pussy. I love the look of determination in her eyes and he pushes that thing in as far as it will go. Nice close up shots of her shaved pussy and her still waiting butthole. There isn’t a whole lot of anal for Katie, but she does what little there is quite nicely. I just love how this girl looks and found the whole thing to be hot.

Allie Haze

Pretty Vivid Girl Allie Haze shows up in white pants, totally ready to show off her “little big butt.” Allie is very pretty and seems quite relaxed and at home during the tease footage with John. The gnome gives her a little cause for concern but she’s the kind of girl who will try anything once. Moving to the bed she stretches her legs, putting her feet behind her ears and letting us peek at her through her pants. John gets to try out her nipples as she exposes her tiny tits. Allie wraps her pants around her neck for a little choking action as she plays with herself. (Don’t try this at home folks.) She gets some clips on her lips while stuffing her ass with a plug. Even after the warm up, Allie’s butthole looks to be water tight. Allie puts her ass up in the air and gets herself off with a big vibrator. She finally tries the gnome, sitting on it with the point right into her pussy. Her ass looks great as she squats over it. This isn’t a filthy anal stretching, but it’s easy on the eyes and shows Allie as you aren’t used to seeing her. After that she even tries the clothespins, clipping them into her nipples and then onto her lovely cheeks.

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