Spandex Loads

Spandex Loads

155 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Kevin Moore
THEMES: Latex, Panty Hose, Tight Pants, POV,
STARS: India Summer, Kaylynn Fucks her Husband
, Ashli Orion, Tiffany Tyler, Ally Kay, Charley Chase, Lexi Love, Kevin Moore


Kevin Moore has already brought us his panty pops movies. Now he turns his attention and his DNA to other snug garments. The basic pattern is the same. Some hot girls, lots of POV action and clothing heavy fetish play. Obviously this is a movie with great appeal to people who like spandex pants and the way they hug curves. It has reach beyond that niche however. It’s a well shot POV movie with a great cast and some really hot oral action. Speaking to the primary appeal however, the spandex play is very well done. The girls try on several outfits during the tease as well as in and around the sex. That can be a lot of fun, especially if you like watching sexy legs and asses. I like the spandex stuff though it gets to be a little much for me at times. When it does however, the POV action and great female cast carries the action. Kaylynn Fucks her Husband
stands out as usual. This woman is really easy on the eyes and just has a personality that shines through when she’s staring into the camera with a dick in her mouth. India Summer is great as she always is. Her body is so tight and she looks like she has a lot of fun. Ally Kay is really sexy in her scene and so is Charley Chase. If you like your girls two at a time, Tiffany Tyler and Ashli Orion fit the bill. If you dig chicks in spandex then Kevin Moore has made a movie just for you. If you don’t’ care what they wear, then the POV action and Kaylynn Fucks her Husband
‘s pure hotness should carry the day.

Ally Kay

Sexy little Ally Kay can barely squeeze her sexy ass into her black spandex pants. She sits on the bed trying on different leggings, smiling for the camera and showing off her lovely young body. With some yellow leggings on, she throws her feet up behind her head and lets him fuck her tight pussy. Turning to suck his cock, Ally looks up with her pretty eyes and bobs her head, tasting her own juices on his meat. The POV footage continues as he turns her back around and fucks her some more. Ally puts on a pair of grey spandex pants, tears a hole in the crotch and lets him go back to fucking her through the hole. After another change of clothe, she ends up with her ass getting creamed and her purple leggings around her thighs.

Ashli Orion & Tiffany Tyler

If one spandex covered ass is good, then two is even better. The two girls are friends talking about how cute a guy is. (“Your brother’s friend is so cute, let’s fuck him” that sort of thing.) As luck would have it, the guy they are talking about is outside jerking off while the girls are trying on clothes. They make him watch as the change into different spandex pants. His job is to tell them which ones will get the girls more cock. The girls play together and tease nicely and tease for a long time. Eventually they stop teasing though and get down to a really nice double BJ. The pants come down just enough to allow some penetration. He also rubs his cock on some spandex covered asses. Things get a little fetish heavy here, but the overall eye candy is still pretty good. The girls both have black leggings on as he finally jerks his load all over those lovely cheeks.

Lexi Love

Lexi Love gets right down to it. She has her black spandex pants on and is bent over rubbing her ass against Kevin’s cock. Eventually she turns around and gives his cock some oral loving as well. Great eye contact here. Lexi really does have a pretty face and with meat in her mouth she has that come and get me glow thing going for her. She gets changed into some demin looking spandex pants that are ripped away so she can let him fuck her. For the pop she breaks out some leopard skin latex pants that get thoroughly decorated.

Kaylynn Fucks her Husband

The always stunning Kaylynn Fucks her Husband
is back and ready to rule a new fetish. Who cares what she’s wearing when she is looking right into the camera with those amazing eyes. Kaylynn Fucks her Husband
takes the cock deep and sucks it like she is making a “how to make a guy nut in record time” instructional video. She changes pants, teases and just talks to the camera with such confidence and ease that you have to fall in lust with her. Rolling over, she starts sucking his cock, giving what can only be describes as perfect POV head. I know that the spandex is important in this movie and Kaylynn Fucks her Husband
does change into some hot looking pants, but come on, this is all about the way she sucks cock on camera. If it feels half as good as it looks then it has to be some of the best head ever. Still, she turns her ass up to the camera and takes a big load right on her black spandex covered ass.

Charley Chase

Sexy Charley Chase is trying on some leggings. She likes the way they feel and wonders if they look sexy. When she finds that his cock is hard, she assumes that they are and gives him some head. She tries on some more, settling on a nice tight pink pair. Charley turns around and lets him rub into her ass crack. There is a hole just big enough for him to fuck her from behind. Tearing a hole in some yellow pants, she takes a ride on his dick, pumping up and down and letting the tight fabric hug the contours of her big beautiful ass perfectly. He finishes up with a shot on the garment.

India Summer

Beautiful as ever, India Summer goes through the change of clothes tease footage. She starts with some purple tights that really hug her curves. She turns around, looks into the camera and starts sucking. I really don’t care what India does or doesn’t wear. She’s beautiful and so fucking sex. She tears a hole in the tights to make it easy to fuck her pussy. Changing into yellow tights she repeats the whole thing, letting him shred them with his fingers while she pumps up and down in reverse cowgirl. The next pair is black with some texture and India wears those while she bends over and gets fucked from behind. He leaves his load on her torn hose.

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