Killer Bodies

Killer Bodies

MOVIE TYPE: Interactive Feature
Adam & Eve
THEMES: Kidnapping, Action, Violence, Sluts, Anal Sex
DIRECTOR: David Lord
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Tori Black, Alexis Ford, Teagan Presley, Bree Olson, Jessica Jaymes, Raylene, Randy Spears, Barrett Blade, Seth Gamble, Eric Masterson


This is a rather remarkable project. With a running time of nearly five hours in running time with over thirty variations, Killer Bodies is an interactive adult feature unlike anything we have seen before. You can watch the movie in three modes. Director’s Version (Which is what I used for this review) which tells the story without any choices. Choose Your Adventure where you get to select different story options. You can also watch it with random changes. I really like the director’s story, but if you choose that option make sure and go back to watch Bree Olson, Teagan Presley and a special anal scene from Tori Black that aren’t part of the story I watched. Killer Bodies is not your typical adult feature and it isn’t for everyone. It is dark, violent and often disturbing. It probably won’t give you nightmares, but it’s not soft and fluffy to be sure. Tori Black is outstanding in the lead role and will likely earn herself several award nominations for her acting. Barrett Blade, Randy Spears and Alexis Ford also handle their roles nicely. The story is intense and kind of dominates my feelings about this movie. Tori Black is always fun to watch fuck. She gives us three hot scenes, five if you include all versions. She carries the load and is the best reason to watch this movie. Alexis Ford has a memorable scene and a few very good dialog moments. Bree Olson and Teagan Presley are pure heat in their scenes. The sex isn’t as soft as we generally expect from Adam & Eve. They are good for eye candy and have solid energy to enjoy. Overall Killer Bodies is a well acted, action-packed adult feature that is also one of the best interactive movies XXX has ever produced.

Tori Black & Randy Spears

Thinking back on her life before the incident Tori Black enjoys some time with her man, Randy Spears. He is about to head out on business and she really wants some alone time. They pop in a porn flick, get turned on and send him off with a bang. He starts out wit his fingers and tongue dancing in and around her pretty little pussy. Once she is all warmed up Tori returns the favor. She takes his cock into her hand and jerks him right into her mouth. Tori is one of the most stunning women in the history of porn so watching that pretty face work a cock is always a treat. She gets on top of his dick and rides, showing off her ass for a while. There are some great shots when she gets her hips moving. That body is just amazing and anyone who can’t appreciate the eye candy is in the wrong section. In addition to looking great Tori also is a very good performer. Even though this is still clearly “pretty porn” (a direct quote from Mrs. Rog who just walked in to check out this scene), it is still rather energetic and plenty hot. She is happy to let him know how much she loves his dick and then takes his load all over her tight pussy.

Brooke Lee Adams & Derrick Pierce

Part of the kidnappers’ plan is to program Tori with some Clockwork Orange style forced viewing therapy. She has to watch porn or face electric shock. To add some spice, the choice you get to make in the interactive mode is to watch her sister (Brooke Lee Adams) or mother (Raylene) fuck. The first scene they make her watch features a masked Derrick Price manhandling cute little Brook Lee Adams. She has her fingers in her pussy while he force feeds her his dick. He pulls her on top of him and grabs her ass while fucking her. This ends up being a fairly uneventful and vanilla scene with some nice close up shots of her pussy in mish. Derrick straddles her chest and dribbles his load on her collarbone, completely missing her face from less than two inches away.

Alexis Ford & Barrett Blade

After making the mistake of showing some compassion to their prison and questioning the plan, Alexis has to scramble to avoid getting a bullet in the head. She cozies up to Barrett and makes things all better. He carries her into a bedroom and she sucks his cock. (After lowering her jeans just enough to show off her awesome ass of course.) She kneels and easily takes his prick to the base with barely a hint of a gag. Alexis is really quite lovely and does some good looking ball sucking in between strokes. When she mounts up and starts riding we get good body shots. I really like the way she looks on her back with her legs up in the air. Since her ass is often considered her best feature, the cowgirl angles will please a lot of people. They finish with a nice shot on her face. Alexis is always great for eye candy.

Disc one end with a long chunk of story that is more than a little disturbing. Upping that ante, the kidnappers execute Tori’s husband as she watches on the monitor. She just collapses, closing her eyes and letting the electric shocks knock her out. When she wakes up she is so completely defeated that she wanders around the empty house, takes a shower and then returns to her cage. For what it’s worth, this is a really well shot and incredibly powerful sequence of the film. There is a lot more to come, but it’s pretty tough to get through this part without being moved. We also discover who is in charge of the plot (A bit early for the reveal) and watch as Tori fights off Jessica Jaymes to save her life.

Tori Black & Eric Masterson

Disc two begins with Tori wandering into a pawn shop looking for guns. In order to get around the seven day waiting period and work out a deal on the price, Tori whips off her clothes and pulls his face down to her pussy. Talking dirty and encouraging him as she goes, Tori seems more than ready to fuck. She takes his cock and sucks it like she has been dying for dick for a long time. He lifts her onto the counter and stuffs her pussy full of dick while she tells him exactly what she wants. Her heather pants (where did they come from?) are around her knees as she straddles his dick and lets him enjoy her tight hole. He bends her over for some pretty shots with a lot of shadows. Eric pulls out and shoots all over her ass in this position.

Tori Black & Barrett Blade

With the story at an end, Tori and Barrett go from trying to kill each other to frantically fucking on the hood of his car. Dropping to her knees Tori starts sucking. If you thought she looked good in the opening scene, wait until you get a look at his gorgeous woman sucking dick in her new, totally reprogrammed slut mode. He bends her over his car and fucks her hard and fast. He turns her over and really works that pussy. (The bottom of her feet are incredibly dirty for those who are looking for that.) The floor is a good place to spoon and a great place for eye candy. She ends up taking a huge load all over her face and open mouth.

In the interactive version there are additional sex scenes that you can choose. You can watch Bree Olson fuck in a garage, watch Raylene get fucked by a masked man or watch Tori fuck Teagan at the pawn show instead of Eric. There is also a final scene with Randy Spears and Tori that includes anal. You can wind your way through the adventures and get plenty of good sex. When I went back and watched the extra sex scenes I think that I liked them better than the originals.

Bonus: Blooper, Monitor Loops, Internet Promo, Casting Call, Box Cover Shoot, BTS, Photo Galleries, Interviews, Director Interview & Bonus Scene (Bree Olson)

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