Sorry Daddy, Whitezilla Split My Little Asshole 2

Sorry Daddy, Whitezilla Split My Little Asshole 2
150 Mins
Hush Hush
THEMES: Big Cocks, Anal Sex
STARS: Aleska Diamond, Bibi Noel, Honey Demon, Aliz, Mika & Danny D


It’s time for some babes to come face to face with Whitezilla. Danny D is the owner of a big fat white cock that sends some girls running. Actually two girls do leave after the tease footage. Perhaps they are set ups, but it’s insane because they are two of the hottest chicks in the movie. Of the women who do stick around, there is only one stand out. Obviously the main appeal here is the big cock and the way it stretches the assholes. That’s all fine and good. The problem is that there isn’t much beyond that worth noting. Most of the girls are flat, offer very little in the way of energy and are just holes to be stuffed. The one exception is Aleska Diamond. She is stunningly beautiful, built for sex and gives a great scene. More of this girl is always good. If I were you, I would use a few VOD minute on this scene. Watch Aleska take that big cock in her pretty ass and then punt the rest. Whitezilla has the big cock, but he brings nothing to the table as a performer. He isn’t charismatic, doesn’t have much energy and fails at every turn to bring anything out in his female costars. The movie doesn’t fail entirely because of him of course. Most of the women just look bored and become little more than gaping asses and sleepy fuck partners. This movie is all right if you really like the size reveal shots and sphincter stretching anal. For my money, Aleska is the one and only reason to check this one out.

Bibi Nobel & Danny D

A pretty brunette Noel takes her top off and gets felt up for a while. She has small tits with prominent nipples that beg to be sucked. Fully naked, she gets her pussy played with for a bit and then has to cover her eyes for the reveal. When she sees the big cock, Bibi’s eyes get really big and she is very glad to see what he’s got for her. When anal is mentioned she politely heads for the door. In her place comes eighteen year old blonde Bibi Noel. She has a nice ass that we see through her shorts. When this “Daddy’s Girl” (According to he shirt) sees the huge cock she just silently takes it into her mouth. Here slow and less than enthusiastic BJ is followed by some slow strokes in mish. His fat cock barely fits into her shaved little box. He rolls her onto her side, lubes up her asshole and manages to slowly sick that thing in there. She isn’t setting the world on fire, but she does take his fat cock in her butt and there is some appeal in that. They move to cowgirl where she takes him in her pussy. Another round of anal is tacked onto to a scene that is already way too long. There wasn’t enough energy or eye candy to make this scene work for twenty minutes, and by the time he pulls out and shoots onto her belly we are at over forty minutes. Let’s hope things get better.

Aleska Diamond & Danny D

Gorgeous Aleska Diamond is up next. She starts by showing off her lovely tits. The rest of her body is just as impressive. When she gets a look at Danny’s dick, Aleska admits to liking “big” and asks to give his meat a taste. The eye candy offered up by this woman is off the charts. She gets it wet and then spreads her long legs to let him stick it right into her tight pussy. Somehow she manages to wedge it into her ass as well. This woman is gorgeous doing anything, so watching her works her asshole down over a huge cock is just icing on a great looking cake. The cowgirl shots really show off her pretty butt. Her tight hole gets stuffed and she shows enough energy to keep us interested. After another BJ he jerks off all over her hot body. Aleska is easily the hottest girl in the movie and her scene is worth a look. No need for the hands though. His big load ends up all over her face.

Aliz & Danny D

Aliz is pretty and a little coy when asked if she likes big cocks. She bends over, pulls aside her thong and shows off a pretty little hole. Stripped down to her bra and panties she puts on a blindfold and waits for the reveal. When she gets her eyes on that thing, she grabs it and sucks it with a smile. Her blowjob is a little short, but when she straddles his dick and starts riding, she opens up for some hard, deep anal strokes. I really love the way she slams her ass up and down on his big cock. It’s thick and stretches her butthole out to the point where you almost wonder if is going to snap back. Her ass just gets abused by that big thing. She finishes on her knees with her hands out and her mouth open.

Honey Demoan & Danny D

After another tease from a super hot girl who walked out as soon as anal was mentioned, we get Honey. She’s skinny above the waist, but has a pretty nice butt. Her asshole looks really tight when she shows it off. Honey has a great expression when she sees the cock is great. She opens her eyes wide and her mouth even wider. Most of it won’t fit into her mouth, but she bends over and takes it right into her hot little slit. He goes right for the ass, pushing that fat meat between her cheeks until it just won’t go in any more. Even if she struggles she rolls over and takes it harder in the ass. There is some interesting footage when she puts a foot on the counter and the other on the table. She squat fucks him with her ass while basically in midair. That interesting footage keeps the scene interesting until he shoots his load. Honey licks it up, looking into the camera like she really loves that huge dick.

Mika & Danny D

Mika is a pretty Russian girl with a nice smile and a skinny little body. I don’t know how she is going to handle the super sized cock waiting for her. She talks about how “big” her boyfriend is, but of course Danny dwarves that and has Mika quite intrigued. She just isn’t really doing much other than staring though. He bends her over, oiled up her ass and starts fucking it. It’s a tight fit back there, but Mika just looks like she’s holding on for dear life hoping to get it all over. The strokes get deeper and harder when she gets on top and moves him into her pussy. There just isn’t much here. Her skinny ass takes his big cock, but there is no passion, no joy and not a whole lot of eye candy either. There is a facial, but honestly I lost interest a long time ago.

Bonus: Trailers, Photo Gallery & Bonus Scene (Password required and the URL provided doesn’t work.)

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