Allie Haze: True Sex

Allie Haze: True Sex

144 Mins
THEMES: Fantasies, Cheating, Interracial Sex, Bondage, Kidnapping, Gang Bang, Anal Sex,
STARS: Allie Haze, Jada Stevens, Lexi Belle, Ella Milano, Tasha Reign,


Though this is a “real sex stories” movie, it is clearly the Allie Haze coming out party. B Show has a good cast telling naughty tales and that’s all very good. Allie is in three scenes including her first shot at a small group of guys. More on the Allie bang in a bit. To get there we also watch Tasha Reign and Jada Stevens act out their fantasies. Both women are gorgeous and hot. Jada fucks her neighbor in a scene that features anal sex, interracial action and one of the hottest petite bodies in the business. Jada’s scene is great one and if you’re looking for a reason beyond Allie to love this movie, Jada’s anal scene is it. Tasha also fucks her neighbor, but she’s supposed to be married so there is some added fun to watching her get busy with Mr. Pete. There is a three-way lesbian scene featuring Allie and Lexi Belle. That one featured some nice under water shots, but if you’re going to take a break to make lunch (and haven’t figure out how to use your stop button) that scene could be missed. Allie’s two fucks are very interesting. The opening round with Erik Everhard features a long abduction set up and some hot light bondage play. Great sex in this scene as well. Of course the gang bang is the big draw here. It’s worth the wait too. Allie looks fantastic and gets fucked by multiple cocks. She looks great and plays up the fantasy aspect perfectly. Good action overall with a bit more bite than you would expect from Vivid and plenty of eye candy.

Allie Haze & Erik Everhard

Opening the movie with a story, Allie tells us about going to a movie about a kidnapped girl and forced sex. The action makes her wet so she encourages him to let his fingers do the walking between her parted thighs. That little scene gives him an idea and a few months later she get nabbed off the street, tied up and forced to perform in front of a mystery man. It’s her boyfriend of course and all the danger has her juices totally flowing. Allie takes him right to the bed and inhales his dick. The strategic holes in her clothes make it easy for his cock to slide right in. She looks really good spread out on the bed with his balls slapping against her ass as he pumps her. Her cream covers his cock and Allie happily cleans it off. When she climbs back on, Allie tears a bigger hole in her clothes so we get a better view of the action. She is a very pretty girl who gets tossed around on the bed and fucked by Erik. He really works her over and she responds well to his high-energy pounding. While riding that cock, she takes his load in and on her furry pussy. This one is really fun and shows Allie at her best.

Jada Stevens & Jon Jon

New in town Jada Stevens rents a room next to a happy, loving couple. She is bored and starts watching them, growing more and more attracted to the man. Jada even buys a black dildo just to pretend it’s him fucking her in the bathroom. When the guy’s woman cheats on him, Jada makes him a sexy video. In it, she strips down, shows off her sexy body and lets him know that she is all his for the taking. It works, because Jon Jon shows up and just takes the little vixen right to the bed for some dirty fun. She throws her legs up in the air and wiggles her toes while he eats that pretty little pussy. He gets her wet and then just slides right into that pink slit. As much as he likes that hole, Jon Jon is looking to bust that booty. Jada has a hot ass and it swallows up his cock like it was made for it. Turning around, she sucks his cock, tasting her own ass without missing a beat. Her hot little body looks great in reverse cowgirl and their bodies slap loudly together as she drops her full weight down to get his dick all he way up her tight twat. We have seen a lot of Jada lately and she is really quite a performer. Jon Jon finishes her off with a big load on her face. This is the sort of scene we can hope for from the rest of the cast.

Tasha Reign & Mr. Pete

When Tasha Reign and her husband move into a new place, the neighbor clearly has his eyes on the busty blonde. With her hubby gone on business, she decides to squeeze into her bikini and get some sun. She catches him watching her afterwards and though she is angry, Tasha still decides to put on a show. Throwing her legs up in the air, she lets her fingers get busy on her pussy. Having an audience really gets her juices flowing. At some point she changes her mind and opens the door to let him in. She stretches out across his lap and sucks his dick while he reaches around and fingers her dripping slit. Pete is happy to work the hot married slut over, pounding her extra hard from behind while she screams out for his meat. After a few strokes she wants him back in her mouth so he spanks her pretty backside while she swallows his meat. He goes back into her pussy just long enough to build up a good load that ends up on her face.

Lexi Bell, Allie Haze & Ella Milano

Lexi Belle‘s great sex story involves her two hot friends, Allie Haze and Ella Milano, a super hot day and the fun girls can have with some water. They play, tease, bounce around and look good enough to eat. Speaking of eating, that’s exactly what the girls end up doing as soon as they can. They go down under water in a pool. Lexi runs the show and enjoys the attention of the other two cuties. Using a handheld camera they get some interesting action. The scene is a little ragged around the edges, but the girls are cute and I love the action in the water. I really like the underwater shots as the girls explore one another with talented tongues and nimble fingers.

Allie Haze: Gang Bang

Thinking back to her first year in college, Allie Haze remembers the day she strolled past a construction site on her way home from school. She feels several eyes on her body as she passes. The attention makes her horny and she wants to know what will happen if she goes back. We know what happens of course. She shakes her ass, gets followed and then happily lets them have their way with her young body. Our young star takes a cock in each hand and one in her mouth to prove just how ready she is for hot and nasty fun. Allie’s pretty face get cock slapped as she tries to find a way to keep them all happy at once. One dick is in her pussy and she is slamming her hips up and down to take everything the guy has. Changing up, they bend her over and slap her ass while she gets pounded from behind. The four guys keep the action going and Allie just lets them have at her holes. She is a hot coed getting pumped after school and loving every second of it. You know it really is very nice of the construction workers o give the pretty young coed exactly what her dirty mind wanted. The guys pick her up, fuck her pussy and let her ride at will. They surround her at the end. Evan Stone shoots his load on her pussy and the other three follow with blasts to her pretty face. What a perfect end to a really good flick.

Bonus: Bonus Scene (Lexi Belle with Steve Holmes), BTS, Trailers, Photo Gallery

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