Ben Dover’s Employment Opportunities

Ben Dover’s Employment Opportunities

134 Mins
Bluebird Films
THEMES: Office Sex, Stockings, Interracial Sex, Facials
STARS: Cindy Behr, Dani Amour, Kaia Kane, Sasha Rose, Stacey Saran, Farra Fox, Romana Ryder, Syren Sexton, Olga Cabeva, Jasmine Webb


Someone put Ben Dover in charge of hiring hot chicks for various jobs. Some of them top secret apparently. The set ups are similar and we end up with office sex for nearly three hours. Lots of fucking on desks and couches. Most of the scenes feature two girls at once. That can be a lot of fun, but it also limits things somewhat. If you don’t like split action you may find things to be a little tedious. I like the action in most of the scenes. Sometimes sharing the action takes away from one hot girl. The best example of that comes when Jasmine Webb shares the screen Romana Ryder. Nothing wrong with Romana at all mind you. She is sexy, especially in her glasses and work attire. But Jasmine is smoking hot and I wanted to see her get a scene all to herself. Overall the girls are pretty good, the action is fun and well shot. Bonus points if you like office sex or really love facials. One of Ben’s assistants is a human fire hose who leaves the women just covered. If Ben keeps making movies like this, we should all hope that the job market doesn’t clear up any time soon.

Olga Cabeva

When pretty Russian Olga Cabeva comes in for a job interview, Ben has her stretch to look at the list on the wall. That lets us see right up her skirt. They can tell right away that she would be perfect for a job at a gentleman’s club. Olga seems ready for that and throws her legs back to let them check her out. Fingers go into her pussy and a cock lands in her mouth. That makes the busty Russian babe quite happy at both ends. As they start fucking her at both ends, Olga loses some of her clothes. She is still partially dressed though and really gives a sloppy BJ. Her tits really aren’t on display for a while, but that sex ass takes center stage when she bends over the couch and gets pumped hard. They have her bent over for some finger fucking in the ass. It would appear that Olga is ready to for anything and that has to help in this poor job market. A third guy shows up and they stuff all of her holes. When the first guy shoots his load, she plays with it and actually snorts the cum into her nose. I’m not sure if that’s huge turn on or not. The other guys just spray her face. She is ready for any job they have for her.

Jasmine Webb & Romana Ryder

Ben calls Jasmine Webb and Romana Ryder in for a disciplinary hearing. Their employer is not happy that they dress so slutty and they need to be disciplined with a good old fashioned spanking. Jasmine is totally down for being spanked. She’s a very hot black girl with a totally smackabale ass. Romana resists and trashes the office. They get her under control on the couch next to her friend and the four way fucking fun begins. Romana is sexy in her glasses, but I really like Jasmine. Cutting back and forth is a bit of a drag, but there is still plenty to like. Ben really enjoys Jasmine’s mouth while his partner fucks Romana’s shaved pussy. Despite the distracting cuts back and forth, ,this one is very hot. Jasmine is a total wet dream and her sexy friend is a perfect office tart. The girls do some hot sucking right out of one another. The ass shots of Jasmine should keep you going. When the cum starts flowing the girls share it and rub their tits together. Shot number two is all for Romana and it’s a massive one. This guy literally sprays her face to the point that she’s running away. Wow, that’s a colossal blast.

Stacey Saran & Syren Sexton

The guys need a new girl for a band. They call in Syren Sexton who brings her big glasses, hot body and diva attitude into the interview. Their secretary, Stacey Saran helps heat things up and we get another four way on the couches. Stacey is older with big fake tits. Syren is younger, tight and cute, just perfect for pop tar-dom. Watching her suck both cocks makes you think that she will have several hit records. Both dicks go in her mouth at once. Stacey rides a third cock nearby, shaking her tits right out of her bra as she rubs her clit. The guys are still doubling up on Syren and she is taking it good and hard. She puts her sunglasses back on to take a load in her mouth. This chick is fun to watch. Stacey has to handle the other two, but gets to share the final shot with her cute young friend.

Farra Fox & Kaia Kane

Blonde Farra Fox comes in looking very professional looking for work as a chef or DJ. Informed that they have a position, but a backlog of applicants, Farra undoes her blouse and does what she can to improve her chances. They whip out their cocks quickly and she goes to town. Nice eye contact as she looks into the camera and bobs her head back and forth between the dicks. Right in the middle of the fun, Kaia shows up. She has been sent by headquarters to investigate their “disgraceful” behavior. Rather than punishing them, she drops to her knees to show the blonde how it’s done. Ben grabs Farra and eats her out while Kaia teaches the other dude how to properly lick box. The girls get fucked from behind in side by side doggy. Kaia has a really nice ass and great legs. Farra is pretty cute though. The side by side action is good, though in the end I think just watching Kaia gets double teamed might have been hotter. The cum shots are big and shared by the girls on their faces and boobs. Another successful round of career counseling.

Sasha Rose & Cindy Behr

Ben brings in Cindy Behr and Sasha Rose for a top secret meeting. Cindy is dressed in a stripper/military outfit. Sasha looks like Little Miss Muffett. Their recruitment for a secret mission includes another four way fuck on the office couch. They drop and start sucking. Both women are really cute, but I totally dig Cindy. She’s got a great smile and makes nice eye contact while sucking. A third guy shows up again to help keep the girls busy. Cindy has no trouble at all riding one while sucking another. Sasha picks up steam as she gets fucked with her feet up over her head. Cindy keeps her hat on and gets fucked at both ends. She is really hot and would have been good in a scene by herself. Great cumshot at the end as the guy pulls out of Sasha’s pussy and shoots all over Cindy’s face. She eats a second load and swaps it and then watches Sasha take the final pop.

Dani Amour & Stacey Saran

Dani and her blonde friend Stacey Saran come in for another top secret job. Stacey is very sexy, but Dani has cleavage that steals the show. She’s a thick girl with big natural tits that pop out of her bra as she bends over and sucks dick. Her friend is very good at blowing dick and is ready to steal the show. The girls go side by side and we get a close up of Dani’s big ass as she drops down on his dick. Good action again. If there is a problem here it is that we have seen this so many times already that it just blends into the rest of the movie. Stacey chick stands out a bit with some hot reverse cowgirl. I really do like Dani though. She’s just a little thick and chubby with a cute face and those tits are big and soft for all kinds of fun. She also loves taking sperm on her face and that’s always a big plus.

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