Porn’s Top Black Models 2

Porn’s Top Black Models 2
170 Mins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Black Girls, All Black, Natural Tits, Anal Sex
STARS: Bethany Benz, Megan Vaughn, Imani Rose, Jasmine Ryder, Bella Moretti, Evanni Solei, & LT


LT has put a lot of effort into this series. I’m a huge fan for lots of reasons. He always finds the best looking women and then shoots them in a way that is rare. Rare only because the all-black genre too often cuts corners to produce inferior product. Taking the very best talent on the market is just the beginning. The tease is well shot, the make up, lighting and sets are good and the sex is top notch. In short, it’s an Elegant Angel movie. It’s a really good, high quality stroke flick that just happens to feature women of color. That makes it great for fans of the genre and those of us who love hot sex in every shade. The cast starts with Bethany Benz. This reality star turned porn babe is just fucking gorgeous. Her body is amazing and she really does look like a top model. The sex that follows is really good as she proves to be a hot performer. Megan Vaughn opens the movie. She’s great looking and after a slow start really kicks things into high gear. There is a three-way in the middle to change the pace. Bella Moretti is very good, but Evanni Solei steals the show. She’s really fucking hot and opens her ass for some serious play. Be on the lookout for more from her. Jasmine Ryder and Imani Rose finish up the movie. Both scenes are good, but after Bethany and Evanni it’s hard to focus. Good stuff all the way to the end. This is a great movie across the board and easily one of the best all-black titles of 2011. Don’t miss this one.

Meagan Vaughn & LT

Megan starts her scene by saying that she never really considered mainstream modeling because it wasn’t nasty enough. Good answer. She kicks off the tease by showing off her perky nipples and cute ass. When the tease ends, she spreads her legs on the couch and lets LT go get him some sweet love honey. Megan wants a taste too and sucks the head for a while. When she is a little slow, he smacks it on her tongue. Meagan is pretty, but she is going to have to pick up a little. He takes her from behind and fucks her really hard. That wakes her up big time. Meagan takes a good ride, but really looks excellent on her back with her legs pushed back for deep strokes. LT bends her over and gets her ass good and warmed up for some hot RCA that follows. Once she really gets going, this chick is on fire with the great anal action. She rides high, spreads her cheeks and just slams her hips down to take every inch. They finish off with a big shot all over her face. Megan is cute and after a slow start, turns out to be quite an anal treat.

Bethany Benz & LT

How does a woman like Bethany Benz get into porn? According to her, it just “sort of happened.” She has an interesting racial mix and actually did some mainstream modeling before moving over to XXX. That industry just didn’t do it for her so now she gets down and dirty for our viewing pleasure. Whatever her past, Bethany is drop dead gorgeous. The tease features her playing in front of the fire. What man wouldn’t want to come home to this lovely lady every day? As soon as she sits down, LT sucks on her perfect tits, enjoying them even as she is clawing at his pants to get at his dick. Watching this beauty give head is sure to make anyone’s pulse rise. He enjoys the BJ and then returns the favor, licking her sweet slit while she just lies there looking gorgeous. Still on her back, Bethany opens her legs wider as she slams his big cock right up in there. In doggy her sweet ass looks every so inviting. I can’t decide if I like cowgirl or spoon better. Her ass is great, but when she faces the camera we get that beautiful face and perfect tits. LT likes facing her and pulls out from mish just in time to shoot all over her tits and nearly gets her face.

Bella Moretti, Evanni Solei & LT

LT asks the question on everyone’s mind, why does Evanni Solei do porn? She has to pay the rent. Modeling is a side gig for her. Bella Moretti is very relaxed going into the scene. She almost seems bored during the interview. The tease features Bella looking very cool as she struts around. I’m a little more interested in Evanni who has great legs and a chest that you could spend all day nuzzling. When the girls finish showing off and are totally naked, they hook up to warm one another up. Nice eye candy here as they intertwine their legs and rub clits together. The girls make their way over to LT who has a nice hard cock for them to share. Bella has finally woken up and gives very enthusiastic head. Evanni looks great sucking, but her BJ gets cut a little short. They take turns riding cowgirl and we get great ass shots from both of these then brown beauties. Bella is a little more energetic, but Evanni is so fucking pretty that she is quite distracting. She also does a really good job of eating Bella while being fucked from behind. Evanni wins the overall eye candy score with some incredible looking reverse cowgirl. Bella wins points back for getting pounded silly in mish. The scoreboard tilts back into Evanni’s favor though because she takes it in the ass. Not only takes, but really works hard in RCA to show off those long legs and perfect tits. Damn this girl is pretty and one of the best reasons to watch this flick. The girls share the big load, but our girl Evanni has stolen the show.

Jasmine Ryder & LT

Before her scene, Jasmine does an interview where she talks about being a model before porn. Just in her street clothes she looks super pretty and very hot. All made up for her tease, she is even more striking with great legs and eyes that burn right through the screen. The candles give this a great romantic feel, but the sex takes on a much more traditionally gonzo feel. She grabs his cock in her hand and sucks it about halfway down her throat. During the blowjob she shows off her ass. LT likes the way that looks and moves around behind her to fuck her juicy slit. Jasmine puts her hands behind her back for a reverse cowgirl ride that shows over her tight abs and perky nipples. Good sex, but the facial is really the highlight of the whole thing.

Imani Rose & LT

Last up is Imani Rose. LT goes to her new place and gets the grand tour of the empty apartment. She is very comfortable in her street clothes just talking to the camera. When she comes back in her hot dress, Imani looks ready for a night on the town. As good as she looks in clothes, this babe is just as hot stripped down to just her shoes. She gets down on her knees and works his cock right into her mouth, sucking it with not hands but plenty of energy. Climbing up onto the couch, she mounts him and lets him pound into her pussy until her ass shakes and quakes. The butt shots are really good here as she pumps up and down at double speed. She turns around and puts that ass high in the air so he can split her cheeks. Great looking anal sex here as she adds energy to the eye candy for a perfect finale.

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