My Girlfriend’s Mother 2

My Girlfriend’s Mother 2
112 Mins
Sweet Sinner
DIRECTOR: Nica Noelle
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Couples Porn
STARS: Magdalene St Michaels, Lily Labeau, Ryan Driller, Evan Stone, Aurora Snow


This is absolutely a couples-oriented adult movie. It is story driven and the sex is quite soft. It’s still XXX, but really done for the female audience. Even the story is a female-driven fantasy that plays like a romance novel brought to life. Magdalene St. Michaels stars as a mother caught between her long time lesbian lover (Aurora Snow) and her daughter’s handsome new man (Ryan Driller). Adding to the confusion is a long buried heartache she carries from the death of her first love. There is an element of the supernatural at play as Ryan has been having mysterious dreams of his own. It all comes together amidst a backdrop of jealousy, forgiveness, cheating and true romance to create a very pretty, if somewhat sappy love story. Sexually the movie is very soft. The scenes are shot without a lot of close ups or anal sex to scare away the ladies. The eye candy is pretty good for both genders. Women aren’t going to be too upset looking at Driller who spends most of the movie with his shirt off. Aurora and Lily provide plenty for the guys to look at as well. Both of them have two sex scenes. Aurora and Magdalene open the movie with a lesbian scene that primarily kissing and soft touching. It sets the tone for the whole movie. Aurora comes back later for a BJ scene that is pretty hot. Lily has two scenes as well. The first is all right, but her second scene with Evan is much hotter. The finale is sleepy and sexual anticlimactic. It fits the story, but is the least hot of the bunch. This is exactly what people would expect, a nicely acted romance movie with a bit of eye candy. It is great for couples, period.

Aurora Snow & Magdalene St. Michaels

Lily is coming home to spend the weekend with her mother, Magdalene St. Michaels and her lesbian partner, Aurora Snow. Before the house is full of guests, the couple uses their time wisely. Aurora looks like she should be playing the daughter in this movie, but certainly has the experience and skill to warm the older woman’s heart. They kiss for a long time and then Magdalene spends a good deal of time working up and down Aurora’s back with her lips. This is a very soft core scene, but watching Aurora naked and kissed is always worth watching.

Lily Labeau & Ryan Diller

Lily isn’t worried about getting busy with her two moms in the next room. After some revealing dialog about the heart of mom’s add behavior, she and Ryan share a very passionate moment just a few feet away from the parental units. Lily gets her man out of his undies to show him that at least one woman under this roof appreciates the feel of a cock on her tongue. He returns the favor in another soft looking scene that is nice as eye candy thanks to Lily. Her hand covers her pussy for most of the sex, but that is the sort of angle trickery that should make a lot of the women watching very happy. He rolls her over and shoots his load all over her tummy.

Lily Labeau & Evan Stone

Lily’s ex wants her back and he won’t take no for an answer. It’s just for a talk, but that doesn’t last for, well they never talk. Instead he just tosses her on the bed and has her swallowing his tongue in no time. Lily gets on all fours for the blowjob and lets him pump into her little mouth. She is a little more energetic this time around fucking more for sport and passion than love. Even flips her over and that big cock finds its way into her body. I don’t know if it’s the older guy thing or big cock, but she definitely has much more chemistry and heat with her ex. In mish she throws one leg up over his shoulder to really take it deep. Nice eye candy as she rides hard and takes every inch of hard meat that he has to offer. He leaves his cum on her belly and sends her home really confused.

Aurora Snow & Ryan Driller

The intense attraction between Magdalene and her daughter’s boyfriend is fueled also by something almost supernatural. It is more than just a creepy lesbian mom hitting on the dude her baby girl is supposed to marry. It’s fate or something equally melodramatic. (Seriously, I keep wondering if Ryan is the werewolf or the vampire.) They kiss and when Aurora gets a glimpse at that, she springs into action. Cornering Ryan in the bathroom she lays down the law and swallows the cock. He is right in the middle of getting a very hot blowjob when Lily knocks on the door. Aurora doesn’t stop and ends up with a big load all over her pretty face.

Magdalene St. Michael & Ryan Driller

Eventually they run out of dialog and just have to hook up. It’s OK now because mom knows that Lily went back to Evan. Besides, it’s fate and she just has to fuck the hunky young man who is the reincarnation of the boy she loved long ago. She mounts him, kissing him deeply while rubbing her body against his. The kissing and romance is great, but sexually this is a big let down after so much Lily and Aurora. She sucks his cock in between position and they spoon for a long time. This scene is more for romantic story conclusion than sexual heat so we will forgive the sleepy nature somewhat. Magdalene throws her legs up and lets him in, kissing him while he brings back all of the memories she feared were gone forever. He leaves her stomach covered in goo. Not exactly a romantic way to end twenty years of frustration but I suppose it works.

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