Masseuse, The (Sweet Sinner)

Masseuse, The (Sweet Sinner)

171 Mins
Sweet Sinner
DIRECTOR: Nica Noelle
THEMES: Massage Table Sex, Asian Girls, Eye Candy, Couples-Porn
STARS: Asa Akira, Zoe Voss, Bobbi Starr, Kate Kastle, Evan Stone, Manuel Ferrara, Tim Cannon, Charles Dera


Nica Noelle’s latest couples-friendly effort follows the adventures of some hot masseuses. Asa Akira is the new girl learning the ropes, but she seems well versed. Bobbi Starr is the woman in charge and though she insists on no funny business, she isn’t above hanky panky herself. All of the scenes take place on the massage table. That leads to a lot of on lone set ups and tease footage that includes serious rub down footage. There some great couples-porn potential in that. Anyone who likes sensual touching as eye candy will really enjoy it. The setting is also nice fantasy fodder. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy who dreams of getting yanked off on the table or a woman who dreams of putting her hands on a hunky customer, both ends get played here. Asa get busy three times. Bobbi has one scene, a veggie tryst with Kate Kastle. She is beautiful of course, but a bit underutilized. Zoe Voss has a hot round with Evan Stone. She is cute and quite energetic. Asa is the star though. She opens the movie with a very hot scene opposite Manuel Ferrara. His big cock fits her needs just perfectly. Asa and Manuel work really well together. This scene is softer than we have seen from them, but still very good. It’s great couples-eye candy too. After doing a sexy blowjob on Tim Cannon, Asa wraps up the movie with Charles Dera. All three scenes are good, but the one with Manuel is Asa’s best. This is a well shot couples flick with decent dialog and good eye candy. Throw in some masseuse fantasy play and you have the makings of a pretty good flick. Add in three Asa Akira scenes and you have one very good adult flick.

Asa Akira & Manuel Ferrara

Asa’s very first customer is Manuel Ferrara. Though she has just been warned that this spa doesn’t do anything naughty, the lust in her eyes and she rubs down her handsome client is impossible to miss. After nearly ten minutes of a sensual rub down, she finally goes under the sheet and comes up with his huge cock in her hand. Manuel looks a little shocked, but doesn’t stop her when she puts her talented mouth to work on his prick. It is too big to completely swallow, but she takes what she can, stroking the rest with her talented fingers. Her clothes come off slowly during the blowing until at last she is naked and ready to slide up on top of him and start fucking. Love the full body shots here as they find a good hard rhythm and fuck until her juices are really flowing. He rolls her over and pushes as far into her as he can go. That really curls Asa’s toes and has her ready to roll into some spoon. In between positions, Asa sucks her cum from his dick and even gets down for a little ass licking. Asa reaches down and jerks him off all over her flat tummy. Very sexy opening scene that will be tough to beat.

Bobbi Starr & Kate Kastle

Not all of the clients are horny men with big cocks. Kate Kastle comes in to get rubbed down by Bobbi Starr. The foreplay is pretty much the same with Bobbi rubbing her down and being careful to keep the sheet in place as works all of Kate’s kinks out. The massage continues with some finger fucking and kissing. This is a really slowly paced scene that gets sleepy despite the always intoxicating presence of Ms. Starr. Kate works Bobbi over through her panties for a long time. Guys, watch her technique here. It should work wonders at home. The girls get into 69 and continue to work mostly with fingers.

Zoe Voss & Evan Stone

Zoe Voss is another first-day masseuse who isn’t quite sure if the speech about no funny business should be taken seriously or not. (Thanks to a dirty trick from Asa) As she rubs down Evan, he talks to her about the sorts of experiences people will pay extra for. She catches on loses her top shyly. She climbs onto his back and rubs her tiny tits against his skin. That gets the results she was looking for and makes some interesting footage at the same time. Evan rolls over, they kiss and she works her way down to his cock. His cock slips between her thighs and they dry hump for a while. Eventually he finds a way to get it inside of her pussy and Zoe reacts like she is the one being serviced. The deep strokes work her just fine. They both work up a sweat during a long round of mish that ends with him popping on her stomach.

Asa Akira & Tim Cannon

When a new client comes in singing Zoe’s praises, Asa takes it as a personal challenge and decides to rock his work. She makes sure to include a lot of body contact even when she’s just rubbing his shoulders. When his cock is ready, she slides it into her mouth and gently sucks. With the camera moving from her pretty face back to her sexy ass, this scene offers tremendous eye candy opportunity. Asa swings her ass down around to his face and lets him eat her twat while playing with her butthole. She licks and sucks up the full length of that cock for a long time before finally making him cum right into her mouth.

Asa Akira & Charles Dera

Wanting to relive some work stress, Asa enjoys being rubbed down by Charles. His hands are magical and she lets him know that she wants more. The eye candy as his fingers work her perfect flesh is really impressive. Charles slides his fingers into Asa’s pussy and she is grinding on his dick like she can’t wait to feel more. Hungry for cock, she puts her gorgeous lips on his dick and pushes them nearly to the root with absolute ease. He slides between her legs and gives it to her mish. The doggy is even easier on the eyes with Asa pushing back and taking every inch of dick he’s got to dish out. Any time we get to see Asa’s body on display, it makes for good porn. This is a good looking scene with some kissing to help the couples market and some good hard strokes for everyone else. It looks like Asa might suck him off, but she cleans him instead, letting him finishing off with some more strokes and a pop on her tummy.

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