Anal Acrobats 6

Anal Acrobats 6

249 Mins.
Evil Angel
THEMES: Dancers, Anal Sex
STARS: Roxy Raye, Asa Akira, Annie Cruz, Sea J Raw, Proxy Paige, Anita Hengher, Alysa, Isabella Clark, Chastity Lynn, Julie Night, Ava Devine,


Jay Sin doesn’t do anything half way. His movies all take a theme or a niche and run with it until it reaches fetish proportions. This movie is all about anal games. Games in the traditional sense in that some of the girls play golf, run faces and do other fun stuff with their buttholes. As usual, the girls are incredibly hot, the colors are right and the action is extreme. I’m going to be really honest here. The extreme anal play here really doesn’t do much for me. It’s very well shot and creative, but it feels freak show to me. That said, there is a lot to like here even if you’re in my camp. If you aren’t and you think that the bigger, nastier gapes are what porn is all about, then you will absolutely love every minute of this. There are all kinds of toys used here. Some traditional and plenty that aren’t. Veggies, eggs, balls, you name it. Asses get stuffed with all of them and more. Gaping asses get filled, fingered, licked and abused. This goes way beyond anal sex and is exactly what the title promises, acrobatic play with female assholes. Much of the action is girl on girl with the toys, A2M and gape action giving lesbian sex fans a lot to cheer for. The opening and closing scenes also feature boy/girl fun. Proxy Paige and Sea J Raw open things with some crazy gape action. They also share Mick Blue’s cock nicely. The final scene features Asa Akira and Annie Cruz in a crazy hot anal scene. After the usual fetish stuff, they tear into a big black cock together. If you don’t happen to love the fetish, this scene is hot enough to have all by itself. This is easily the best shot, craziest gape and anal stretching movie I have seen all year. If that’s a good thing for where you sit, buy it now. If you just want to see Asa Akira doing the splits with a big cock in her ass, put that scene on your VOD list. Either way, this is a crazy good time for all the anal acrobats involved.

Proxy Paige & Sea J. Raw and Mick Blue

Racing girls Proxy Paige and Sea J. Raw lead off the anal fun. Blonde Proxy spreads her cheeks and gets some gentle finger play at first. I hope she doesn’t get too used to that because I saw what comes next during the credits. It’s going to be a very long day for assholes. Proxy licks Sea J’s butt crack and start shoving things into her ass. The first thing is a medium sized ball. When that pops out easily, they pass the ball back and forth. This serves as foreplay of course for the real fun. You see there are ramps set up for each girl to use. They squat at the top of them and let balls pop out of their butts, down the ramp and into racing cups. Fun with assholes is what this could be called. It’s got some serious creep out factor and plays like a truly wacky fetish reel. If you’re into this sort of play, the action lasts for a full half hour before the sex begins. Mick Blue’s cock won’t taste like ass just yet. They get a chance to suck it for a while first. Nice BJ footage, but after thirty minutes of ass fun, it’s painfully short. Sea J puts her feet behind her head and lets Mick fuck her slit for a while. Proxy steps up to lick her asshole before helping guide Mick’s cock in. Really well shot anal sex here with a very flexible girl, a big gape and lots of ass from to mouth from another girl’s butthole. The girls switch it up and Proxy takes a hard cowgirl ride. The gape shots from Proxy and the A2M with Sea J. are sure to get hard core anal filth lovers going. Mick shoots his load into Proxy’s mouth and the girls do some serious cum swapping before it’s all finished.

Anita Hengher, Alysa & Isabella Clark

It’s time for some fun on the putt-putt course with Anita, Alysa & Isabella. Folks, this is not for the weak at heart. Two of the girls get small cups place into their already gaping asses. They are in piledriver right up against a make shift putting green so you can imagine what comes next. That’s right, it’s in the hole! Complete with that distinct sound of a golf ball rattling home. The cups eventually get pushed out, leaving the asses gaping to the point that it just doesn’t look healthy at all. Not to worry, a huge dildo is just what they need to plug those holes. Two of the girls stay in piledriver while the third shoves massive toys into their asses. The double stuffing leaves us with twin gapes that are big enough to drop a pool ball into. One of the girls actually takes more than one and stands up to let them drop out. In addition to this, there is a lot of huge gape licking. The girls tongue the inside of those wide open buttholes.

Chastity Lynn & Roxy Raye

Cute blonde Chastity Lynn is a sweet little piggy, complete with swirly-tail butt plug and an apple in her mouth. Roxy Raye examines her from head to toe, spending a lot of time checking out Chastity’s hot ass. The bright colors and cute girls are very pleasing to the eyes, but we get right back to the serious ass stretching in a matter of moments. Roxy uses a massive cucumber to make little Chastity gape. In addition to a lot of toy fun, Roxy spends a good deal of time licking and exploring Chastity’s asshole as it gapes and prolapses slightly. Returning the favor, Chastity using two big vegetable toys on her brunette friend. By now you know what to expect. Roxy takes stuff in, pushes it out and Chastity licks it clean. The girls are cute in this scene, but the “fun with sphincters” sensibility is starting to make me feel like this is more of a fetish movie than a gonzo title.

Ava Devine & Julie Night

Two of porn’s most notoriously filthy babes wrap up the first dick. Julie, in a red and yellow wig, orange shag carpet lettings and gloves on her feet, wiggles her already gaping ass and clucks like a chicken. This sets her up lay some eggs as she drops out huge stones. As se sits licking her egg, Ava, dressed a farmer, comes to collect more. She shoves four fingers inside of Julie and helps push some eggs in and out. Creative use of costumes, props and colors aside, this is just like the rest of the scenes. If you enjoy A2M Ad nauseam then you have a good time watching Ava fucks Julie’s ass with a corn cob. Eventually she uses a massive dong on that well stretched ass. Turning the tables, the little chicken fucks the big-assed farmer right in the pooper as well. Now we have two asses dropping out huge stones. I have a feeling that people who love brown videos probably go nuts for this. At this point I think it may have turned me off eating eggs for the rest of my life. Once Ava’s colon falls out (Several inches of it) with the toy, I was as done as her days of having any semblance of bowel control.

Asa Akira, Annie Cruz & Ice Cold

Asa Akira and Annie Cruz are sporting silk kimonos and their hair done up in traditional geisha style. They slowly undress one another and then stand side by side while fingering their asses. After Asa drops a toy out of her butt, she gets busy sucking Annie’s pretty little pussy. Plenty of ass licking at play as these two cuties go at one another. I really enjoy both women, but the repeated sphincter peek a boo stuff gets boring even when it’s Asa’s ass we’re looking at. There is some good toy play here, but it’s time for boy/girl sex don’t you think? Instead we get some squirt action to take us to thirty minutes of girl on girl, ass fetish, wet shot fun. At long last they get a big cock to suck on and then the fun really kicks in. Asa and Annie share the massive black pole passing it back and forth they show off skills. Annie is a deep throat artist, but even she is overmatched here. Asa locks her eyes on the camera while bobbing her head up and down on that long dark pole. Pulling her up on top, Annie watches as her gorgeous friend rides hard and takes it deep. As the girls switch, Asa jerks his dick while it’s inside of Annie. In reverse cowgirl it is very easy for her switch up and go for anal. Not to be outdone, Asa gets back on top in cowgirl and pushes her ass down over his big dick. Her hot little butt just swallows up that stiff rod and she bounces like she wants even more. Raising the bar, she does the splits and just tilts her hips to get more in her tight hole. Both girls sit on his lap, taking turns doing anal and A2M to make sure that his dick is never out of an orifice for more than a second. The anal action from Asa is among the best she has given us this year. (Which says a lot.) They bring the squirt stuff back with Annie spraying all over Asa who is being slam fucked. In the end, the girls share a big load of cock cream and kiss to swap it back and forth.

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