Horizon (Blu-Ray Combo Pack)



112 Mins



THEMES: Sci-Fi, Military Themes, Lesbian Sex, Sex with Aliens



STARS: jessica drake, Kaylani Lei, Kimberly Kane, Misty Stone, Alektra Blue, Aiden Starr, Bobbi Starr, Rocco Reed, Bill Bailey, Tony DeSergio, Xander Courvus, Danny Mountain



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This is Wicked’s really big project for 2011. It’s pure award bait and one hell of a good movie. Sam Hain is behind the camera for this one. He is best known for his brilliant work on the X Files parodies. Wicked has most of their contract stars on hand for this end of the world sci-fi adventure. The script and special effects are both impressive. These days, so many adult features are parodies that something this big and original is rare. It’s also a bit of an odd bag. A movie about the violent end of the world as we know it isn’t exactly sexy fodder. Following the doomed crew of a ship on a suicide mission isn’t exactly couple’s fodder. On the other hand, if you like well crafted adult movies you won’t find a better one than this. The cast is fantastic, starting with jessica drake. She plays the captain of the ill-fated Horizon and does so with her usual beauty, grace and impressive acting ability. jessica is matched by some outstanding co-starring roles. Kaylani Lei, Kimberly Kane and Bobbi Starr are all sound outs here. Yes, it’s a female heavy cast. It’s a female heavy story actually and that’s not a bad thing. It does create a whole lot of girl on girl sex. Also not bad, but it takes away a bit at times. Kaylani Lei and Bobbi Starr have a great scene together. Kimberly Kane and Aiden Starr enjoy inter-species lesbian sex later in the movie. It isn’t all lesbian fun though. Misty Stone opens the movie with a sexy shower scene with Bill Bailey. She is gorgeous and I wish he could have seen more of her throughout the movie. Kimberly has a hot boy/girl scene as well. Of course, jessica drake also gets busy. She is stunning and stays in character during her sex. That makes it a little dark, but still pretty hot. Overall the sex scenes are moody eye candy that fit with the story. That sometimes takes away from the sexual heat, but there is still enough here to enjoy. (Including three bonus sex scenes that are great for pure jerk off value.) There are some strong contenders for Feature of the Year, but thanks to an original, tight script, great special effects solid acting and a star-studded cast, Horizon is a major contender for numerous awards.

Misty Stone & Bill Bailey

After narrowly escaping Earth, fellow Marines Misty Stone and Bill Bailey celebrate by sharing a shower. The pace is slow and sexy at first. Clearly we are looking at a scene designed for a couples’ audience. We also get the lovely sight of Misty Stone with her long legs spread while she is eaten. This woman is so fucking hot it’s unbelievable. She returns the favor, picking up he pace a bit as she enthusiastically sucks his cock. Misty adds eye candy to the energy, spitting and stroking to make sure his dick is nice and wet. Bill condoms up and fucks her from behind, allowing for some nice leg and ass shots. Misty seems to like straddling him and rubbing her clit while she works up and down. It really doesn’t seem to matter what position they take, our view of Misty’s body provides one great looking body part after another. They go back to standing doggy and Misty gives her own ass a few solid smacks. She spins around and keeps talking while he unloads all over her beautiful chest. I really hope this isn’t the last time we see Misty because she is stunning.

Alektra Blue, Xander Courvus & Danny Mountain

As the world is literally destroyed, politicians Xander and Danny prove that they will keep screwing people no matter what. In the safety of their bunker, they share dirty little girl Alektra Blue who seems to care only about cock at the moments. She bends over to let her ass get licked while she is busy sucking meat. Nice double BJ here before the guys put her on the desk to give her pussy a spin. Alektra takes what the guys have to offer and rides condom covered cocks like the world isn’t coming to an end. They do some finger play on her ass, but stick to the mouth and pussy. The action is rather pedestrian as the guys fuck her until they are ready to shoot all over her tits.

Kimberly Kane & Tony DeSergio

With their suicide mission all set, Kimberly Kane and Tony DeSergio express their love as best they can (in a porn flick.) Kimberly looks beautiful as she is stripped and kissed. Turning the tables, she lovingly licks his cock until it throbs and shines. The sex is about as romantic as porn sex can get with lots of eye contact between the performers and plenty of eye candy. He finishes by pulling off the condom and shooting all over her bush.

Kaylani Lei & Bobbi Starr

In the middle of war, Kaylani Lei and Bobbi Starr devise a plan and take a break for some hot lesbian sex as well. You know this is going to be stunning eye candy. Kaylani is one of the most gorgeous women in porn with a flawless body and skin you just want to eat ice cream off of. (Just sayin) Bobbi is also beautiful and really knows how to get the most from every partner she works with. She reaches around her petite partner and rubs her gently until the juices flow. Kaylani returns the favor, curling up between Bobbi’s long legs and focusing all of her efforts into some furious finger fucking.

jessica drake & Rocco Reed

With the suicide mission in full swing, jessica and Rocco engage in what they have to believe will be their final act of love. It’s a little heavy and jessica stays in character giving this scene more than a bit of a dark edge. Rocco licks her pussy and tries to keep her mind on happier things. It seems to work or at least gets her in the mood for something deep and hard. Turning her attention to his pleasure, jessica puts his cock in her mouth and delivers a frantic and totally hot blowjob. Great energy built up here as he takes her from behind. jessica reaches around and plays with her asshole. I’m laughing a little at the condom here. We can ignore it in some of the other scenes, but these two are going at it as they believe they are dying. I’m not sure if safe sex is really going to be on their minds. Really good doggy here and they finish with a shot on jessica’s pretty face. It drips to her chest.

Aiden Starr & Kimberly Kane

The invaders aren’t really so bad. They were just trying to thin the heard a bit. Besides, they come in hot human form and love eating pussy. The super day glow whiteness that surrounds Kimberly and Aiden Starr as they 69 tells us that Kimberly has been taken to new heights of ecstasy. (That’s how I’m reading it.) It’s a very artsy scene and Kimberly is fun to watch in anything.

Bonus: This is a four disc set with tons of bonus features. First off you get both Blu-Ray and DVD copy of the movie itself. There is a bonus disc with BTS reels focusing on the sex, the movie, the crawler and the girls. This will give you every possible look at the making of this movie. There are also photo galleries, cast files, bonus sex scenes (jessica, Kaylani Lei & Alektra) access to a digital copy of the movie and a fourth disc of all Wicked promo material.



NOTE: Wicked has extended a special discount price to our readers so your membership to www.Wicked.com costs just $17.95 per month if you use the links on this page.

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