Natural (Elegant Angel)

146 Mins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Natural Tits, Tit Fucking
STARS: Amy Reid, Victoria Rae Black, Hayden Winters, Angelica Raven, Taylor Vixen, April O’Neiil,


William H. has got his hands some crazy natural racks for this movie. OK, he doesn’t literally get to put his hand on them. Then again maybe he does. Sometimes being a director does have its perks. At any rate, there are some fantastic boobs in this movie and all of them are factory originals. Given that this is an Elegant Angel project dedicated to a specific body part, you can correctly assume that the tease footage will be extensive and top heavy. The sex is also very good and often focuses on that specific area of the anatomy. I am tempted to say that the sex is actually even better than the boob footage. The movie starts with a great scene from one of my favorite naturally gifted girls, April O’Neiil. She’s generally into other girls so this is a rare chance to see her get drilled by Manuel Ferrara. It is pretty tough to beat this cutie, but the rest of the movie is pretty good too. Amy Reid is still one of the hottest bodies in all of porn. She uses her perfect curves to draw us in and then gives us a really solid scene. Those two scenes are the best, but the rest of movie isn’t bad either. Victoria Rae Black puts her lovely natural boobs to good use in one of her most energetic scenes to date. Hayden Winters and Taylor Vixen prove that guys aren’t the only ones who love big natural tits. If two is good, four is better. Angelica Raven finishes things up with a very solid fuck. Overall this is a solid movie with great tease and good sex. It’s worth a look on every level, but if you happen to love big natural tits, it is a must see.

April O’Neiil & Manuel Ferrara

I have really had a thing for April O’Neiil since the first time I saw her. She’s perfect for this movie because her natural set of tits are about as perfect as can be. The tease focuses on her amazing tits. It’s short, but very good. I’m sure we will see more of that rack once Manuel is through eating her little pussy. April has done mostly girl/girl work so we get a chance to see her working with a big cock and that’s really nice. April sucks him hard and then puts his cock between her perfect tits. Manual chokes her a little before putting her on the couch for a proper tit fuck. He gets behind her for spoon. That is great for the tit shots until he decides to grab her throat. Choking is one thing, but hello, you’re coving her tits in a movie focusing on perfect natural boobs. Things get better in this regard when she is on top. April rides his dick hard and her boobs shake and quiver with every stroke. If I wasn’t already a huge April fan, this scene would turn me into one. Manuel fucks her hard and she gives back plenty of energy. I really like the shots with her legs up in the air during reverse cowgirl. They finish with some nice tit fucking and a big pop shot.

Amy Reid & James Deen

Amy Reid has managed to make a great career for herself while staying natural. Of course she has amazing tits to go along with a body that is pretty much flawless so why mess with anything. She does a nice job showing off all of her lovely bits before turning the action over to James. He has his face buried in her pussy and gets her quite worked up. Using both hands on his big cock, Amy looks up into the camera and bobs her head on his dick. Amy seems really happy with that cock and stops only briefly to wrap her tits around it. Amy has a big smile on her face as she rolls onto her back and gets fucked hard enough for her lovely tits to shake and dance on her chest every time he thrusts his long prick into her. She throws both legs to one side allowing the camera to capture her ass as she reaches around to finger it. This fun continues when she bends over for doggy and sucks him for a bit before pushing back on his cock. Don’t go thinking she’s going to give up the A though. Amy keeps James in the pussy as she climbs up on top of him and let him slam fuck the hell out of her little pussy. If you want to enjoy a picture perfect body, this is the position for it. Amy drops to the floor to take a big load on her face. Most of it ends up on her mouth which is just fine with her and makes for a visually pleasing finishing shot.

Victoria Rae Black & Manuel Ferrara

Thin and cute, Victoria Rae Black has a fantastic natural set. They are big, full and feature prominent nipples that just beg to be sucked. The tease before her scene features some really cute footage in the bathtub. Victoria plays with the bubbles and smiles for the camera. Manuel goes right for her tits, burying his face between them and enjoying the soft natural flesh on his face. Victoria prefers hard flesh and puts her mouth around his dick while he reaches around and fingers her asshole. He works his cock into her slowly at first until she can get used to it. Victoria takes over on top and leans forward until her tits are in his mouth. For boob shots, the reverse cowgirl does the trick. Victoria’ s lovely set shakes and jiggles while she works hard to keep every inch of his dick inside o f her. They work in some serious tit fucking before they finish up. I have seen Victoria in a few scenes lately and none more energetic than this one. She takes a good load between her tits at the end.

Hayden Winters & Taylor Vixen

It’s time for two to play together. Busty babes Hayden Winters and Taylor Vixen are in the bathtub ready to show off the goodies, if they can keep their hands off of each other long enough. They rub their boobs together and kiss, making this tease segment stand out just like their perking nipples. The girls retire to the couch where they continue their sexy make out session and add some playful over the panty rubbing. The sex takes a while to develop here as the girls enjoy lots of breast play before going ahead and eating each other out. With a strong emphasis on breasts, the girls lie on one another, rub gently and really play nice. Though it has a different vibe to it, this scene is very hot and features great girl on girl kissing as well as the big booby shots.

Angelica Raven & Manuel Ferrara

Beautiful Angelica Raven finishes off the movie. Her lovely breasts are spilling out of her black dress as she poses. Manuel doesn’t want her posting. He wants his cock in her mouth. Angelica is more than happy to oblige, using both hands and her mouth to get the job done. He gets behind her and fucks her shaved pussy really hard while holding onto her. She gets on top and shoves her tits in his face while his dick lights her up. The doggy shots really allow her boobs to take center stage. Watch them wiggle and shake as only real ones can. Great boob shots and good energy highlight the scene and a nice shot on her face cap off today’s entertainment.

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