First Day Of Shooting At Mike Bushler’s Fya Independent’s New Studios!


How appropriate today’s beautiful early spring weather in the San
Fernando Valley is. This is the first day of shooting at FYA
INDEPENDENT’s exquisite brand new sound stage studio. Over a hundred
percent larger than FYA’s previously adequate (but not horse hung)
digs, this new huge luxurious palace-de-perversion has impressed talent
and technicians alike. Ooohs and Ahhhs issued forth from those ushered
in to view the state of the art video sound stage. Amenities being
built include a guest suite like bathroom with jacuzzi & shower, and
many other little things which go into making up a comfortable work
place to create some of the hottest erotica under the porn valley sun.
Even while still under construction folks were amazed at the beauty of
this pavilion of prurience. The talent was flabbergasted by this
facility, and Mike is justifiably proud of it.

This is the fantasy land where the future of FYA INDEPENDENT releases
will be dreamed up and realized. Exclusively for the use of FYA
INDEPENDENT, the impressive new work space is the realization of one of
Mike Bushler’s daydreams, a place of his own to call the creative
shots. To produce the kind of wonderful smut that appeals to a wide
market from folks new to porn through those with seasoned specialized
tastes. BTW, if you are a female between 18 and 40-ish (including
ladies with Big Boobs) you might consider giving FYA a call about b/g,
g/g, solo, catfight & fetish work in this sparkling fresh filth
factory. Yes, a talent search! You could be our next Bobbi Blaze
( with your own website & FYA contract!

The first title slated for shooting in this new locale TODAY is
WIFEORAMA #5. It’s the latest installment of the sex-widow (y’know,
kinda like a golf widow, married gals who have lost that lovin’ feelin
from the mister) series. It will be the FIRST “Gonzo” to be shot using
THREE cameras – another benefit of this fantastic layout – a Flying
Boom camera and a Long Shot View camera will join the Documentary Style
Hand Held (reality TV style) camera. These final scenes of WIFEORAMA #5
will be the cherry popper for Mike’s new studio. Don’t rush out and
start jerking off already, but do get the noxema & kleenex ready for
this one. I saw some of the talent in the office, and, oh my, katie bar
the door, if Celesté wasn’t already a wife I’d borrow a club & drag her
to my own cave! Fortunately the FYA editorial suites are a bit apart
from the deluxe new production campus and I may be able to continue on
without drooling into my keyboard.

In a business dominated by millionaire players and connected
conglomerate corporate entities, Mike Bushler is a refreshing change of
pace who has the big boys keeping an eye on what he does. This David
may not be out to slay the Goliaths, but he does have the giants
worried. Mike’s new well-appointed dream factory is one heck of a
sling, providing everything from Big Boob (NAPALI VIDEO), to Fetish
(IGNITE/FYA), to XXX Gonzo & Features (FYA). FYA INDEPENDENT is
covering the whole market!

All titles for FYA Independent are distributed by AVALON GLOBAL MEDIA
Contact Leela at 818-886-0402 • Fax # 818-886-0494 or

To find out more about FYA INDEPENDENT visit FYAINDI.COM

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