Filthy Family 4

Filthy Family 4

117 Mins
Reality Junkies
DIRECTOR: Bobby Manila
STARS: Asa Akira, Lily Labeau, Chanel Preston, Tanya Tate, Victoria Rae Black, Tommy Gunn, Ryan Blaze, Barry Scott, Rocco Reed, Justin Magnum


Some things run in families. Whether it’s blonde hair, blue eyes or a nervous hair twirl, you can often tell siblings by their genetic traits. The women in this special family also share some traits. First and foremost they are all raving sluts who can never get enough cock. Sexy cougar mom Tanya Tate and her three darling daughters, Chanel Preston, Victoria Rae Black and Lily Labeau all love a good hard cock and will go to great lengths to get it. OK, only mom goes to great lengths. The girls just come from college, call up a few meat puppets and get fucked. Tanya goes a little further, fucking Rocco Reed just to keep him away from Chanel. Totally kinky and hot set up that leads into a fantastic fuck. One at a time we watch the daughters fuck their boyfriends. Lily is really energetic and provides highlight reel material with amazing reverse cowgirl. Victoria Rae Black needs to mix in a Twinkie or two at school, but she has clearly spent plenty of time fucking and sucking. Chanel is the dirtiest of the bunch, going straight for the anal sex and loving every throbbing inch in her back door. When the girls are done, it’s daddy’s turn. He hooks up with the family maid, Asa Akira. Nothing especially kinky here. Just a super hot scene form a woman who is head to toe perfect. Very energetic fucking here as she uses every inch of her perfect body. I’ll watch her all day long. Overall this is a well shot movie with just a little bit of kink and a whole lot of fun.

Tanya Tate & Rocco Reed

When Rocco comes looking for Chanel, her mother, Tanya Tate, is none too happy. She doesn’t want the two of them seeing each other any more. Realizing that she can’t solve the problem with words, Tanya grabs his cock and offers to rock his world if he just stays away from her daughter. That’s a totally hot set up and Tanya makes it work. She makes short work of that moderate dick, wrapping her lips around the base with ease. Rocco eats her pussy and then slips one leg up onto her shoulders. The strokes are good and hard as Tanya rubs her clit and talks dirty. Nice shots of her on her back as she shows him that mommy really does do it best. Turning over, she kisses him while riding. Her big tits tangle in his face, but the camera stays focuses mainly on her round backside. Tanya keeps things good and hot when she spins around for reverse cowgirl. Great dirty talk as they finish up in doggy and she spins around to catch the big load right in her mouth. I don’t know if her darling daughter did that for Rocco, but I would say he did pretty well for himself in the trade.

Lily Labeau & Ryan Blaze

Mom takes one daughter out shopping as soon as they get home, but Lily wants to stay behind and catch up with some friends. Apparently that’s code for “suck some cock.” She invites Ryan over and all he wants to do is talk about what she might be doing while she’s away at college. Lily wants his dick and won’t discuss other things until she had a taste. He eventually wises up and just lets her suck his cock. Lily is exceptionally pretty and flashes her pretty eyes up at him while eating his meat. If you’re getting head this good then who cares what she’s doing when she’s off at college? Just enjoy the sweet pussy and shut the fuck up. Ryan gets the message and works his dick into her wet little hole. Lily fucks like a girl who hasn’t had dick in a while that that makes for a very energetic boff. The reverse cowgirl in this scene looks so good that I actually dare guys watching not to jerk off to it. Lily has a great little body and shows such wonderful energy. No wonder she made her guy forget about her partying so quickly. Ryan fucks her hard from behind and shoots his load all over her face. Lily earned this one and I hope we get to see her again before the movie ends.

Victoria Rae Black & Justin Magnum

Tanya’s other daughter, Victoria Rae Black tells her mom that has a girlfriend to see. She’s lying of course and rushes right over to fuck Justin. This skinny little thing leaves her shorts on while she undresses her man and eats his dick. It looks like she’s skipping a lot of meals at college, but apparently has perfected her oral efforts. I love the way she looks in reverse cowgirl, spreading her thin thighs and sliding that shaved pussy up and down on his cock until every inch is buried deep inside of her. Justin rolls her onto her back and spits on her pussy to keep it wet. He rubs the head on her clit and then pops it back in. He pulls out and shoots his load right into her mouth. Maybe she is so skinny because she eats protein shakes like this instead of actual food at school.

Tanya Tate & Barry Scott

The final daughter, Chanel Preston has moved on from Rocco and is happily getting busy with Barry Scott. Her father (Tommy Gunn) interrupts and that slows Barry’s roll. Chanel is still horny though and wants to have that cock inside of her ASAP. Barry gets her going big time with his fingers, working her pussy into a lather and making Chanel totally cock starved. She literally attacks his meat with her mouth, moaning and gagging around as it hits the back of her throat. If Barry was at all worried about her father before, he forgets all about that when he starts fucking Chanel’s dirty throat. He isn’t afraid to get a little rough with her and she isn’t backing off in the slightest. Barry takes off Chanel’s shorts and gets his fingers busy inside of her asshole. That has her ready to go. She gets in reverse cowgirl and lets him have her butt from the start. Chanel is a very dirty girl, slapping her pussy as she slams her hips down to take his big cock between her cheeks. Barry takes his cues from his girl and grabs her throat while drilling her ass. This is a well shot anal scene with some great shots of Chanel throwing one leg up behind her head so he can slam away. He finishes off with a big load on her face. Good thing dad didn’t come in twenty minutes later.

Asa Akira & Tommy Gunn

The day is over for Asa so she is in street clothes (Tight shorts and a tank top) and says good bye to Tommy. She comes on to him and he’s not about to turn down one of the hottest women on the planet. Asa calms his fears with her mouth gently massaging his throbbing cock. Before his pants are even down she has worked her lips down close to the base. Using both hands, she strokes it expertly until it looks ready to pop right in her face. Tommy helps her out of her clothes and watches as Asa rubs her pussy. He gets the hint and dives down to eat that pretty little slit. He leans her back on the couch and fucks her hard. As usual, Asa takes an incredible pounding. For such a petite woman she really does seem to thrive on deep, hard thrusts. He pulls her on top and grabs her ass, holding it open while she pumps up and down. The best looking shots come when she is allowed to just work at her own pace, shake her ass and pro fuck the hell out of that dick. I like the reverse cowgirl as well. Asa has a body that you can enjoy from any angle. Tommy works her in doggy and finishes with a short round of spoon before busting his load. He shoots that wad right on her pretty face, ending the movie with the best of a good lot.

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