Fantasy Football Wrap up Week 4: Asa Akira’s Pure Perfection Still Perfect

Fantasy Football: Week 4 Recap

Four weeks down and everyone is still pretty active in the fantasy football leagues. All we really need now is some good trash talks, someone else to write one of these updates and some cheerleaders. How about some fan sign shots from any female who wants to support her favorite team? What can I offer in the way of publicity to get some fun eye candy going? Thoughts?

Now for the recap:

League 1: AKA 2008 League. Week four brought us our first tie. The tie-breaker gave the Anarchists a win, running their record to 3-1. The lost dropped the Flying Roaches to 1-3 in a season that has already seen them lost Jamal Charles and Kenny Brit. The A-Holes also bounced back to run their record to 3-1 with a 12 point win over team Analgroove. Rog’s Asa Akira’s Pure Perfection team stayed unblemished with a league high 192 points in a 69 point win over Willie D’s squad. An insane 52 points from Aaron Rogers couples with an equally incredible 32 from the Ravens D made the match up more one sided than it should have been. This week Astro’s Knights take their shot at knocking off the league’s lone unbeaten team.

League 2: AKA League 1 (Confusing names man.) Going into week four, the league had only one unbeaten team, TDs & Beer and one winless team, SteelCityPornos. In a match up so close that it was decided by the 2 point home field advantage, The Pornos got on the board, scoring a 108 to 106 win over TD&B. The Ginger Lynn Classics rode Rogers 50 points to a league-high 161 points. This week’s top match up features to 3-1 teams fighting to keep pace as Boston Haze takes on Red’s Potatoes. It should be a good week.

League 3: AKA Rog Review Naughty & Nice This small league is getting out of hand. Boston Haze stayed unbeaten with a second early season win over Mama’s team. Other than Haze and the Super Freaks who are 0-4, the rest of the league is 2-2. This is what happens when only one team attends the draft. Can anyone beat the Haze? Next year we are expanding this league. It’s too much fun to be only six teams

League 4: AKA RogReviews League 2 Like the other league, this one featured a tie. Sadly the idiot who set up the league (Hey, that’s me) did not have a tie breaker set up. The Peanuts ended up tied with PWing’s squad at 93. The game kept the Peanuts as the only team still without a loss. In a recurring theme, it was Rogers who lead Team Yeung to the league’s high score at 128. Yeung will try and ride that hot streak as he aims to pin a loss on the Peanuts in the week’s top match up.

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