Lex the Impaler 7

Lex the Impaler 7
225 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks,
STARS: Jacky Joy, Franceska Jaimes, Jada Stevens, Lela Star, Alanah Rae, Angelina Valentine, Lexington Steele



For this seventh edition of Jules Jordan’s Lex the Impaler line, he has a collection of babes that don’t really leap off the box at you. Earlier versions are more star-packed than this one. For that reason alone I wasn’t quite as sure that I would love this one. As luck would have it though, it’s really fucking good. While previous movies had better star power, this one lives and dies on really well shot action and great sex. All six scenes are well worth watching. Starting with Lela Star who is not lacking in star power at all, the movie focuses on hot chicks taking Lex’s big dick in every hole. Lela has a nice ass that gets split in two. I was enthralled from the start and haven’t enjoyed Lela any more than I did here. Franceska Jaimes is a new girl who is built for pleasure. She is fun to watch and takes every inch of cock Lex has to offer, even in her tight ass. Angelina Valentine is known for her deep throat skills. Lex is too much for that orifice, but she uses her other two to make sure that keep him happy. Great finish to a strong first disc. Busty Alanah Rae opens the second disc with her best scene to date. She might well become a gonzo favorite. Jada Stevens is a really cute little babe with a tight body. Her scene is not the strongest of the movie, but still has highlight-worthy moments. The finale is a strong rebound scene as Jacky Joy applies for a job as a secretary. Jules lets Lex fuck her silly and she loves it. Though the names in Lex the Impaler 7 are not as big as in previous volumes, the action is just as good. Lex proves once again that he is the gold standard and these babes are up to the challenge. If you like watching Lex fuck hot girls up the ass, then you won’t find a better title in 2011 than Lex the Impaler 7,

Lela Star & Lexington Steele

The always sexy Lela Star kicks of the movie in white lingerie, chains and a blindfold. Unable to see what is coming she waits and rubs herself until she feels Lex working his lips up her thighs. Her rolls her onto her side so he can kiss her ass and show the camera those sweet round cheeks at the same time. She feels his cock hanging over her face and takes it into her mouth. Even with a blindfold on, Lela is rather stunning and seems to really be enjoying the way his massive tool fills her mouth. Taking off the blindfold, she flashes a lusty look with her eyes before giving a few final sucks. Lex bends her over and works her from behind. His long cock is too big at first, but she really tries, pushing back until he bottoms out. Mish seems to work better and after some monster strokes, he picks her up and buries his meat inside of her. That pushes Lela past where she needed to be and she is ready to bounce her hot ass up and down while riding him reverse cowgirl style. Trying her ass next, Lex works between those perfect cheeks and really stretches Lela’s sphincter to the max. She loves it, especially when on top and pushing down. This also gives the best possible view of her lovely ass while it gets crammed full of dark meat. We get some great close up shots during RCA. Her pussy looks quite juicy as she straddles him and takes it deep into her colon. This is a pretty great anal scene with lovely ass shots and way above average energy. They finish with a big shot onto her lovely face. This is quite a hot scene, especially for fans of Lela who want to see her plugged hard in every hole.

Francescka Jaimes & Lexington Steele

This really isn’t a line where I expect to see someone new, but I don’t recall ever seeing Franceska Jaimes before. She is a tall brunette with a lovely face, nice curves and a devilish look in her eyes as she shows off in a fetish heavy outfit that leaves her big ass sticking out for our viewing pleasure. Lex takes notice of that ass and gives it a playful spank while she reaches back to get her hands on his cock. She bends right over and lets him rub his dick on her butt before bringing it around to her mouth. Taking it slow, Franceska sucks and gently strokes that massive pole like she knows just what to do with it. He slides it in during some standing doggy until every inch fits. Then he makes her clean off what she can. This pretty woman has no problem choking herself on Lex’s sword. With the initial round out of the way, Franceska loses her clothes, straddles Lex and rids him high and hard in reverse cowgirl. Given the chance to fuck it the way she wants, this sexy babe thrashes her hips and grinds on him in a way that is eye pleasing and just filthy hot. This is one of those scenes that you don’t quite expect. It started out all right and then really fell into place. Francescka finds her grove. For his part, Lex responds to her genuine enthusiasm by giving her long, deep strokes that fill her completely. Just when her pussy seems ready to burst, Lex moves down and fucks her ass. She has her legs pulled up high so the camera can get a perfect view of the fun. Big ass lovers are going to flip watching her bounce her cheeks for the camera during some cowgirl anal. Lex flips her over, pulls out and blasts a big load up at her open mouth. Franceska takes what she can on her face and then sucks him dry. Look out world, this girl is something to behold.

Angelina Valentine & Lexington Steele

Angelina Valentine is the sort of girl who was born to put on a bikini. Her stunning curves fill the top and bottom perfectly. She struts and teases by the pool, showing off that perfect body and waiting for Lex to show up. As soon as he does, she helps free his cock from his pants and greedily jerks it into her mouth with both hands. They head inside where she bends over in front of him, waiting for that cock. Lex makes her wait a while long, feeding her his meat again this time letting her try hard to swallow it all. This time she earns the cock and Lex lets her ride it. Angelina ride in reverse cowgirl with her shaved pussy totally stretched around his cock. He loves the way her body takes every inch and scoops her into his arms to drop her full body weight down around him. There are some great body shots when she bends over and begs for his cock in her ass. She holds her cheeks open for his cock and for the camera. She rolls onto her side, throws one long leg high in the air and lets him pound away on that asshole. Taking a break from the anal, Angelina gives deep throat another try. Damned if she doesn’t get really close to swallowing the whole of Lex’s mighty impaler. That last inch or so ends up in her ass though when Lex takes her standing doggy. Fans longing to see this leggy babe take more than they thought possible will love this scene. She finishes up doing the thing she is best known for, sucking cock like it’s the best thing in the world. She uses two hands, locks her eyes on his and refuses to stop until his balls have exploded into her mouth. Angelina keeps sucking until he is totally dry and she has swallowed every drop.

Alanah Rae & Lexington Steele

Jules pops by to see Lex is up to. He’s got new find Alanah Rae all ready to bust out all over. Alanah is sporting a little black fetish outfit that shows off her killer curves above and below. Jules watches through the window as Lex shoots stills of the sexy blonde. Eventually things get more than a little chummy. Jules moves inside the house just in time to capture the action as Alanah tries to devour Lex’s might mast. She is working really hard to get it all in and uses her hands to handle the excess. He lets her keep going for a while before taking out her big tits for a taste. Alanah sucks hard enough to make them wiggle which is always nice. Getting onto her back she spreads her thighs and lets him have at her shaved pussy. Naked other than her black boots, Alanah takes the long strokes with plenty of energy. Once she gets to sample the meat, she is ready to ride it. Great bouncing tit shots as Lex tosses her around and fucks that sweet pink slit. I have seen Alanah in some pretty good scenes, but none quite this hot. She throws her legs back and lets him go up her ass. It takes a few strokes for her to get over the shock, but give her credit for a quick recovery. Good leg shots here as she holds them up in the air as Lex takes long strokes between her cheeks. We can’t get through a whole scene with this babe without at least some tit fucking. She does a few strokes with her rack just to give her ass a rest. Lex goes back into her pussy and finally unloads all over her pretty face. This is Alanah’s best scene so far.

Jada Stevens & Lexington Steele

Cute brunette Jada Stevens wiggles her butt in some sexy leggings as she waits for the ultimate muff stuffing to take place. She pulls down the stockings and winks at us with her tight browneye. The tease here is very good and has Lex ready to come get some. He takes her inside and has her rubbing her body against his cock. Jada turns around and gets that big thing into her mouth. She gives a short, but very messy blowjob before mounting up. She has a big smile on her face while taking his cock. I really like Jada’s body. She’s natural, cute and has a good little round ass. She goes face down and spreads her cheeks for some really good footage. He’s got her all bent over for some nice looking anal action. I wouldn’t say that the energy level is super strong here. There are certainly hotter scenes in the movie, but Jada’s hot little body and cute smile keep her in the game. Long anal strokes into her sexy butt don’t hurt either. (Well, they don’t hurt the heat of the scene. Jada’s results may vary.) Lex gives her a big shot on the face that covers her from forehead to chin in sticky goo. I want to see more from Jada Stevens, but she may need to rest up a bit after this.

Jacky Joy & Lexington Steele

When Jules is interviewing secretaries, he has Lex help him out. Sexy blonde Jacky Joy comes in for her interview wearing a tight blue blouse, stockings and panties. No skirt needed for this hottie. She is ready to go so Lex bends her over and decides to see just how well Jacky can improve company morale. With her glasses still on, the busty blonde does a really good job of keeping Lex’s rod lubed with her mouth. She bends over and shows off her legs while he takes his time and works his big cock deep into her tight folds. Jacky’s energy level is very good, especially when she is on top and shaking her big tits for the camera. In between positions Jacky sucks his cock and talks about how sweet her pussy is. She looks great with her glasses on, but has to take the off eventually because the action is just too intense. When they are face to face she matches his thrusts with her own, bumping hips and taking every inch. Her dirty talk adds a whole lot to the mix and really gets good when she is on top in cowgirl reaching around to play with his balls while she shakes her ass. She drops to her knees and uses her tits to help him over the edge. Lex shoots on her face and rack, helping Jacky get every drop by rubbing his dick in the mess and letting her lick it clean. Super hot finale here.

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