DP Desires

DP Desires


Movie Type: DP

Minutes: 142

Production Company: Bluebird Films

Director: Unidentified

Themes: Anal, Euro

Condoms: No

Release Year: 2011

Stars: Ally Style, Bianca Lovely, Bellina, Gilda Roberts, Kattie Gold, Liane Sweet, Paige Ashley

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Kattie Gold fantasizes about two guys (George Uhl and Tarzan) that are doing work in her house. Her pussy gets eaten and fingered while she gives a weak blowjob. The guys each have a shot at her pussy before entering her ass. They eventually give her some DP lovin’. Considering that she’s got two cocks on her hands, there’s very little ATM, but some is better than none. Both cumshots to her face are solid. Although Kattie’s reasonably enthusiastic, she doesn’t have anything to offer where personality goes. The scene also suffers because some of the director’s commands can be heard. You can even hear him sniffling at times.

Now we’ve got Liane Sweet and Ally Style. The former has fake tits and a thick stomach. The latter has big boobs that appear natural, but they’re hardly uncovered throughout the scene. Leny Ewil and Steve Q join the girls by hopping through a window. Once the boys feel up the goods, the blowjobs begin. Ally is the better of the two girls where sucking goes. Sexually, she’s also a lot more exciting than Liane. When on top, Ally does a lot of hard banging. Both chicks get their asses tapped, but Liane is the only one that goes from ass to mouth. She takes some big swipes of the cock prior to sucking, so the filth factor is muted. Each girl gets DP before the cumshots. Neither guy pops well when aiming for their mouth of choice, but the loads aren‘t too small.

Being as she’s the one girl from a country with English as the native language, you’d think Paige Ashley would show the most personality. In fact, she hardly even talks with her partners, one of which speaks English with ease. Dillon fondles Paige’s massive fake boobs while J.J. tastes her vaginal juices. Her oral isn’t great, but every now and then she’ll put in a decent attempt at going deep. When each guy has had their fill of her pussy, they move on to her rear. Of course, there’s DP action, in both of the typical positions, prior to the load launching. Paige does some ATM sucking in this scene and might be the hottest chick of the bunch. She’s left with a couple of fair-sized loads to the mouth.

J.J. is again featured, but this time he’s got Neeo and two chicks to work with. One of the girls is Bianca Lovely, a petite blonde. The other is Bellina, a brunette with lovely natural fun-bags. Each of the guys feels up their girl of choice before doing some eating. She may be small, but Bianca puts more energy and depth into the oral than Bellina. The guys have a turn at both pussies. The girls both take it up the rear. Although Bellina has a tendency of swiping, she goes from ATM often and doesn’t mind who’s ass juice it may be. Bianca doesn’t go from ass to mouth, but she is filthy in a way all her own. At one point she shoves four fingers up her ass while having her pussy plowed by pecker. Each girl does some DP until it’s time for the cum to flow. Both ladies get facials to end the scene.

Finally, we have Gilda Roberts. Tarzan helps Leny Ewil prepare for a boxing fight. Gilda interrupts the proceedings so she can get laid. The dudes do some groping and breast fondling. Expect to see some nice balls-deep blowing from Gilda. She gets her pussy screwed and her ass too. ATM is included and it too is of the balls-deep variety, but not consistently. Gilda works well while in cowgirl. She also proves pleasantly surprising by doing some work while having her holes simultaneously penetrated. The scene ends with facials that aren’t stellar.

These girls are definitely of the filthy variety, but they don’t show much in the way of personality. Being as this is a Euro movie, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s hard to appreciate the looks on these ladies since they tend to leave on too much clothing. The poor editing in the first scene sets the tone for what turns out to be a pretty average movie. As much as I appreciate the girls for being nasty, the only scene that struck me as being really strong was the last one. Gilda Roberts put in a solid performance, although she’s not the hottest of the lot. The other girls need to work on developing more of a persona to go with their nastiness.


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