Just Jenna 2

Just Jenna 2
264 Mins
Jules Jordan Video/Jennaration X
DIRECTOR: Jenna Haze
THEMES: Tease, Anal Sex, Big Cock, Jenna Haze
STARS: Jenna Haze, Keni Styles, Mark Ashley, Justice Young, Evan Stone & Scott Nails



Four hours of Jenna Haze. Let that sink in sports fans. Four hours one of the hottest girls in the adult industry. That’s four hours to enjoy the splendor that is Jenna Haze. If you are ready to stop reading now and just buy the DVD, go ahead. If you’re a fan of Jenna then you’re going to love this. It is wall to wall Jenna Haze with awesome tease, white hot sex and solo fun in between the fucking. That’s more than enough for me. I doubt if any of you are new to Jenna Haze, but in case you are, get ready to fall in love. She stars in five boy/girl scenes here that have all of her holes well fucked. I love the solo scenes. Jenna is gorgeous and with no one in the way all that shines through is her beautiful face and killer body. The boy/girl scenes are even better. Jenna never slows down no matter who she’s working with. Opening with Keni Styles, she goes after cock and never lets go. Great energy here from start to finish. Mark Ashley helps Jenna prove that she loves big cocks. How she can take so much is beyond me. Watching her make the big ones disappear is something special no matter how many times she does it. Justice Young pushes her to her limits with fantastic energy. Evan Stone gives her another long cock to love. Jenna handles him and is ready for more. Scott Nails gives her a final fuck. Everything has been said already. That final scene is great too. If you like Jenna, add this movie to your library now. Just Jenna 2 is the perfect way to spend four hours of your day, unless of course you can actually be with Jenna herself.

Jenna Haze & Keni Styles

Making her way into the hotel room alone, Jenna slowly takes off her coat and writhes seductively on the couch. The tease is slowly paced and the lighting is a little moody, but it gives us plenty of time to enjoy Jenna’s body before she makes her way into the bedroom with Keni. He doesn’t waste any time, pulling her up onto his lap and kissing her nipples while she grinds on him. Jenna moves slowly up onto his face and rides for a while. Keni has a better idea though and eats her from behind so he can choose which whole to lick and we get a better view of the fun. Swinging around into 69, she attacks his cock, moaning loudly as she tries to swallow every inch. His tongue on her pussy seems to be distracting her a bit, so she kneels and focuses all of her attention on his meat. They move into mish where Keni rams her hard. Jenna is always vocal and this scene has her at her boisterous best. For those of you keeping score at home, she keeps her stockings on, but not her heels. When she rolls on top of him, Jenna gets her pussy stuffed and her ass played with at the same time. Great energy here and some really deep strokes as he pounds her into the bed. It really doesn’t matter what position they get into because the energy level is high and Jenna has a smoking little body from every angle. She sucks the cum out of his cock, eating every drop and sucking him totally dry while talking to the camera. This is why Jenna is still a top-flight fantasy girl.

Jenna Haze

Sporting a more causal look and sprawled out on her bed, Jenna shows off her ass in some sexy little panties. She bends over and fingers her ass, showing us what it might be like on a lazy Sunday morning around Jenna’s place. Her fingers do the walking on her wet pussy and she talks us through the fun. Fingers can only take Jenna so far. She breaks out a sexy little vibrator that sends her into fits of twitching and filthy talk that may leave you as out of breath as she is. Hot solo break from Jenna Haze.

Jenna Haze & Mark Ashley

Jenna is in the mood for some big cock so she struts her stuff into a room where Mark Ashley is waiting to peel those little panties right off of her hot body. She dances and teases for a big, but he tosses her onto the couch and starts rubbing her pussy while he licks her ass from behind. Jenna is ready and throws her legs wide up (with heels on) so that he can really get in there and do it properly. Even as wet as she is, that cock is a very tight fit. Jenna plays that up perfect, helping him wedge that thing right up in there so she can really feel it. Only after being rammed for a while does Jenna stop to suck it. Once she does, however, she pulls out all the stops. Using both hands to jerk it, she sucks the balls, devours the head, flashes those pretty eyes and talks up a storm. Mark turns her around and shows his appreciation for her oral efforts by slamming balls-deep into her tight little pussy. Jenna climbs onto his cock and shows off her ass while she slides up and down. His cock looks even bigger since she’s so tiny. How she takes it is anyone’s guess. He shoots a load on her mouth and she licks what’s left off of a glass table in front of her.

Jenna Haze

The tease for the next scene features some hot opening shots of Jenna’s ass. She is in a hot little black number with some matching heels that give the fun a bit of a fetish feel. Jenna slides her hands into her panties and fingers her slit for our viewing pleasure. Great close up shots of the finger fucking as Jenna fucks, rubs and slaps that pretty little slit before she even breaks out the lube. Once juiced up, she grabs a fat black toy and lets it buzz her into the next dimension. Rolling onto her side, she shoves the toy into her twat and fingers her asshole.

Jenna Haze & Justice Young

Rocking a hot little bikini, Jenna shows that petite girls can have smoking hot bikini butts too. I know that the good stuff is still to come, but this is great tease footage and has me ready to watch Jenna all day. (Good thing because this movie is frigging long.) Justice is waiting inside with a big cock and nothing to say. That suits Jenna just fine of course. She drops to her knees, puts her hands behind her back and sucks like a champ. Justice stuffs her pretty pussy and makes Jeanna squeal with delight. She rides it, but enjoys being on her back even more. Jenna is loud and gets violently slammed with every inch of meat Justice has. The doggy is really easy on the easy and it looks like he might just fuck her hard enough to break some hips. Watching Jenna ride that cock until he explodes all over her pussy gives us the idea that she’s really having the time of her young life.

Jenna Haze

Looking soft and pretty in a little white number, Jenna kicks off disc two by inviting us to watch her get off. She spreads her thin legs and shows off both of her lower holes. They are ready for fun and the camera is in close to capture all of the action. She fingers herself with two at a time, getting the juices really flowing. With her panties around her ankles she throws her legs back and uses a pocket rock to work her clit. That’s just the warm up though because she has a big glass toy waiting under her bed. That big thing really does the trick in yet another hot solo scene. Jenna falls off the couch and stuffs his meat into her mouth. She seems to really love this one.

Jenna Haze & Evan Stone

Evan Stone is waiting for Jenna, but before she plays with his big cock, she has to show off her body gain. Hot dress this time, but it’s Jenna’s hot body that we really care about. Evan gets right to work on Jenna’s cute little boobies and then moves down to her pussy. He takes her by the hair and guides her mouth to his cock, gently fucking that pretty face until most of the meat is down her throat. He picks her up and drops her down on that long pole filling her up and helping her show off that cute little ass. They roll into a semi-mish position that allows him full strokes into her. The best footage comes when Jenna gets on top and works her hips expertly. Some porn looks great. Other porn is just hot and dirty. This is both. Jenna looks beautiful up there, but she also fucks like she wants everyone to jerk off simultaneously to her hotness. They end things with a great shot in her mouth. Even pumps his cum into Jenna’s mouth and she holds it so we can watch.

Jenna Haze

These masturbation scenes are all pretty hot. This one is especially good because Jenna is talking directly to the camera. It’s a very personal scene with some hot jerk off instruction. The pay off of course is watching Jenna totally naked save for her heels, getting off all over her fingers and telling us all how much she would love to suck on our cocks. Hey, it’s fantasy, but it’s a damn good fantasy.

Jenna Haze & Scott Nails

Leading up to the final fuck, Jenna looks super hot in pink panties and stockings Eventually she loses the panties and rubs her pussy in anticipation. Scott works her over with his fingers, but his cock is what she wants. First she sucks and strokes it until it is slick and throbbing and then she jerks it off with both hands. He spins her around and fucks her from behind, grabbing her hips and ramming that mean home until she squeals. Lifting up into doggy she pushes back and then spins around to taste her own cum on his dick. Reverse cowgirl almost seems to give her a little trouble for a while, but with the help of her fingers on her clit, Jenna manage a very hot ride and eventually bucks her hips like she’s jerking him of with her pussy. Her fingers find their way to her ass and in between every position she sucks him clean. That’s just because she’s Jenna fucking Haze. We expect nothing short of her best and she never disappoints. Spinning around she takes it right up her asshole. Somehow that massive thing fits and she is still able to hold herself open for the camera while getting resized. They finish this fantastic anal scene with a big popshot all over her pretty face. Jenna Haze is a fucking star, always.

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