Teach Me


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Teach Me


Movie Type: Lesbian

Minutes: 192

Production Company: Elegant Angel

Director: Mason

Themes: Older / Younger, “Real” Sex

Condoms: No

Release Year: 2011

Stars: Allie Haze, Dani Daniels, Darla Crane, Jana Jordan, Jessi Andrews, Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Zoey Holloway

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

The first pairing consists of the very cute Dani Daniels and Zoey Holloway. The latter has held up quite well when you consider that she’s forty-four. After the girls introduce themselves in separate interviews, they do some light kissing. Breast suckling is followed by vaginal rubbing. The girls each do their share of licking and there’s fingering too. In addition, there’s some nice intertwining of legs and vaginal grinding. At different points in the scene, the girls come big-time and do so legitimately.

The best scene, without any question whatsoever, features one of the classiest porn-stars (if such a thing is possible) out there today. The lovely Julia Ann is teamed with the comparatively plain Jessi Andrews. Although she doesn’t have much to offer in the looks dept., it’s Jessie’s enthusiasm that carries her through. This scene has the same brand of action seen previously, with the expected eating and fingering. The difference is that the girls really seem to be exploring one another and testing their limits. They gorge themselves on pussy and some of the fingering is surprisingly deep. Both go so far as to choke and spit in each other‘s mouths. There are more than a few instances where the ladies seem totally enthralled by the action. Much more so than the other chicks, they completely lose themselves in the sex. The scene goes on for nearly fifty-five minutes and is definitely the best and most intense lesbo scene I’ve seen all year.

The last scene was stellar, but this next one is a dud. Allie Haze and Darla Crane give us some background info about themselves. They do some kissing. Then they do some more. Boy, they sure are doing a lot of kissing. There’s some eating and rubbing in this scene, but nowhere near as much as there ought to be. It’s more than a little appropriate that the scene ends with a lez kiss.

Finally, we have two ladies that are almost polar opposites in terms of looks. Lisa Ann’s got massive floppy tits and a hefty ass to go with her deeply tanned body. Then there’s Jana Jordan, who’s got perky tits, fair hair and a very tight body. The girls chat about their origins. They do some kissing, whip out their tits and then the action begins in earnest. Both Lisa and Jana have more than a couple of turns eating, fingering and rubbing before all is said and done. Thing is, they seem much more insincere than any of the girls in the preceding couplings. The majority of the moaning and panting here struck me as fake.

This movie has very little to do with having the older girls each the ounger ones. Mason seems to have been more intent on getting these ladies to act naturally than anything. I get the sense that she wanted each chick to explore one another and to do some experimenting along the way. The second scene is pretty incredible and anyone with a fondness for lez action will not be disappointed. Allie Haze and Darla Crane do too much making out to be taken seriously. Mason let them go a bit too far with the mouth-to-mouth, which results in a lame scene. Dani and Zoey worked very well together and put in a scene that was above average. The last scene is nothing but typical and gave me the impression that neither girl was capable of acting in a natural fashion.

Those with a fondness for lez movies will be more than satisfied with this release. This is one of few movies that I can say is actually worth checking out for a single scene alone. The Julia Ann and Jessi Andrews connection really resonates and shouldn‘t be missed if you‘re into girl-on-girl lovin‘. Mason’s objectives are admirable, but I’d say she only realizes them in the first two couplings.


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