Bisexual Britni Speaks Out On Stds


Britni Writes:

I have had as much as of this paranoia about STDs as I can handle. People need to get the press, out of your minds and think on their
own. In the last 5 days, I have heard STDs and HIV about 5000 times.
Are people press controlled robots? They need to get their risks
and priorities straight. I find it odd I am continually warned about
STDs but not a single person has asked me how I get to these shoots I
have sex at. I drive my car to the airport, take a commercial
airliner to the most violent city in the world, then rent a car and
drive to the set of my sex scene. On the scale of risk to my health,
just getting to the scene is 10000000000 times riskier then doing
then scene, but, people get so focused on the SEX, they forget that.
They have bypassed the most dangerous thing I do, by thousands of times over, to focus on the area the risk is so trivial, its barely worth
mentioning. I have always found that odd.

You need to keep paranoia and STDs in a more reasonable area of
risk. I was telling a new girl in porn, last year, that the most
risky thing about doing porn, was being on the LA highways. She
could not get the STDs out of her mind and was not sure she wanted to
do porn. Ultimately, she decided to go for it. On the way to the
set, a drunk plowed through a red light and t-boned the suburban we
were driving and practically cut it in half. Laci was in the back
seat and spent most of the next month, in the hospital. So, to this
date, I know ZERO people who have acquired any STD whatsoever, and
two killed and one severely injured in car accidents. Yet, the focus
is on the STDs, still. Its very sad.

Please do keep in mind, that an STD is merely a communicable disease
and being an STD does not make it worse then any other disease you
can get. A few years ago, I was banging this chick that I really
liked. We were sharing a dildo and masturbating one another with
it. Later, as it turns out, she had chlamydia and the flu. I ended
up with both. Now, the clamydia is so minor, I barely knew I had
it. It took ONE pill to completely get rid of it. Now, the flu,
kept me down for nearly two weeks. I was sick as a dog, puking,
fever, could not eat, could not sleep, ect. Of course, the flu being
deadly under the right circumstances and powerful enough to keep me
down for two weeks, was forgotten about and people only focused on
the part that took one pill to get rid of and never showed any signs that
I had it. To this day, no one asks me if I ever got the flu during
sex. No one asks because the press has not made the flu sound
sexually transmitted, though, it definitely is. I have not beeen warned
in this forum one time, that I should be wary, its flu season. Think
about it. You have all asked if I use condoms, but none have asked
if I have had my flu shot or wear my seatbelt.

A girl from 20/20 Primetime asked me once, why I took such risks and
did condomless porno. While asking this question, she forget that
she has flown in from NYC and driven 45 miles across LA to ask me
that question. When I turned the question on her, and pointed out
who had really taken the risk that day, and asked her why she felt it
so necessary to take such risks in her job, simply to ask me that
question, when she simply could have called me and asked. She was so
stunned by the logic of it, she could barely stammer out her
reply, “because its my job.” No one would ever ask why an
electrician takes the risks he does or why a cop takes the risk he
does. Both jobs are INFINITELY more risky then doing porn, and they
get paid a FRACTION of what I get paid. A job is a job and some are
more risky then others. In the end, its all a cost analysis: Risk
VS. reward. I take very little risk in the grand scheme of things,
and the reward is fantastic. Being that the risk is sexual, people
simply have tendency to pay more attention to it, then they should.

I was hanging out at a swing club a few months ago. A new couple, I
had met online showed up to see me and take a tour. After touring
the place and watching people have sex, they sat around for an hour
talking about whether swinging was a good idea. Now, they had already
navigated their 3000 pound gasoline bomb, across rush hour traffic,
to be there. And During their hour long chat, they both smoked
cigarettes and had a drink or two. Ultimately, they came up to me and
said they had kids and swinging was simply too risky a venture for
them. They proceeded to finish their drinks, light another cigarette
and hop back into their 3000 pound gasoline bomb (that claims 75,000
American’s a year) and drive back home. All the while, calling
SWINGING the event that was too risky for them. Further forgetting,
that 10 years of active fighting in Vietnam only claimed half the
fatalities that cars cause EVERY YEAR.

Have you ever noticed that condom adds always say, “may stop some
forms of STDs.” Stop and think one day, before you roll on a condom
and think your safe from anything, about this: A virus is 1000 times
smaller than the pores in latex. If you blew them up a trillion
times, a virus going through a pore in a condom would be very much
akin to throwing a golf ball through a square that is 20’x20′. The
golf ball never even knew it was slipping through a space so large and
neither does a virus. A condom is likely to stop some of the
bacterial born diseases, but they offer ZERO defense to viruses. My
rule of thumb is this: If I think the person is risky enough that I
believe I should have him wear a condom, he is risky enough to be
avoided, COMPLETELY.

In conclusion, am I saying sex and STDs are not risky? Of course
not. They are real and they do happen. Am I saying people do not
die from AIDS? Of course not, we all know thousands do. I am simply
saying that we need to make sure we keep our attention on the things
that are harmful to us, in the appropriate order. Assess all risk,
appropriately, for everything you do. Always remember that you take
far greater risk driving your car to the market to get a loaf of
bread then you take swinging. Keeping that comment in mind, I have
yet to hear anyone say, “I am not going to get bread, its too risky
and I have kids to worry about.”

I rarely, if ever, hear people ask cops/firefighters why they take
the risks they take. No one asks, because it is their job. A job
they do well and with pride. My job is no different. It has risks,
far LESS then a cops, and it has rewards, far MORE then a cops.
Make sure you keep the press and government out of your mind while
making these decisions. Weigh all risks simply and by the true
threat they pose you. Do not focus on any risky action, 100 actions
down the list of risk, forgoing the first 99, blindly. Think about
things objectively and do not simply parrot something your friend’s
mom’s, brother’s friend heard on church TV 3 months ago.

Sexually yours,

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