Faye N’ Georgia’s Birthday Bash 1 & 2

Faye N’ Georgia’s Birthday Bash 1 & 2

210 Mins
Bluebird Films
THEMES: Party Sex, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Faye Reagan, Georgia Jones, Carina Thomas, Tanya James, Missy Stone, Layla Rivera, Louisa Lanewood, Alyssa Reece, Jenny Hendrix, Melissa Jacobs


Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones share a big birthday celebration. It’s so big that it takes two DVDs just to capture the fun. Both women are beautiful, but Faye really steals the show here. She is not limited to girls-only so that helps a lot. Georgia has her moments as well though. Before either of them get going, their horny party guests have some fun. Tanya James, Missy Stone and Layla Rivera make a revolving door of the bedroom. They each take a guy in there and fuck him on the same bed. The dude’s are supposed to be strippers and/or partygoers to keep up the theme. The lighting is poor in this room and it hurts the action just a bit. Tanya looks good, but runs out of energy before her scene ends. Missy is cute and fucks like a champ. Layla is the hottest of all three with a very energetic scene. Dani Jensen also appears later in a scene that doesn’t involve one of the birthday girls. She is super cute and her scene is worth watching. That leaves us with the two stars. Georgia of course only does girls. She has a hot scene with Dani and then one with Faye. Both are worth watching. I think I like the finale with Faye a little better, though Dani is smoking hot. The real star here is Faye Reagan. She is stunning, perfectly built and totally hot in her sex scenes. On disc one she fucks her boyfriend Dane Cross with an audience. The highlight of this one has Faye with both feet locked behind her head for some of the hottest footage you will ever see. Her second scene is even better. Not content with one cock, Faye takes on three. It’s a mini gang bang, but just as hot as can be. She really looks amazing from any angle and brings intense heat to every sex act. This scene alone is worth the price of admission. Never mind the poor lighting and occasionally bad editing and just enjoy the best this movie has to offer. Faye taking on three cocks is more than enough for me to make this a must-see movie.

Tanya James & Jack Lawrence

What would a birthday party be without strippers? Jack shows up as a fireman (What, not a cop?) and gives Tanya a private show right after. She finds his hose right away and stats sucking. Playing to the camera, she slurps and slobbers while pulling his hips towards her face. She gives good looking head and then moves to the bed so he can lick her shaved hole. He pushes her legs back and fucks her in the middle of the bed. The long boots are nice and her legs looks great as she gets drilled. The lighting is a little dim in this scene, but Tanya is also good for a bit of eye candy. The doggy is pretty good for a while, but as this scene closes in on thirty minutes, it begins to drag and needs a shot of Red Bull or something to get it moving. He finally shoots on her tits bringing this opening fuck to a close a few minutes too late to save it.

Missy Stone & Dane Cross

Taking their own break from the party (in the same bedroom) Missy Stone and Dane Cross hook up in same bad lighting. She grabs his cock and sucks it deep, staring into the camera to let us all see the action. I love the eye contact here as she stretches her lips to take as much dick as possible. Dane pushes Missy onto her back and stars fucking her until those cute little tittes are shaking on each stroke. This fiery little vixen can sure take a good hard pounding in that little shaved slot. Missy gets out of the bed and bends over against a bookcase, inviting him to come on over and slam fuck her twat from behind. Nice shots from across the room as she arches her back and takes him all. Moving back to the bed, she straps a fireman’s helmet onto his head and rides his cock. She is really enjoying working his hose and he pumps her as hard as he can from below. He gives her a little choke action in spoon and then stands over her jerking off onto her face while she stares into the camera.

Layla Rivera & Derrick Pierce

With her hair still wet from the pool. Layla straddles Derrick and starts sucking his cock. She’s still got her heels on which is just perfect I guess. Taking off her top she shows off her big tits and then gets right into reverse cowgirl so she can make his cock disappear. Great ass shots as she starts bouncing up and down like she really wants to feel him smash her cervix. After the early ride, Layla stops to suck her juices from him, but is right back into fucking position in the blink of an eye. This time the camera moves in close for hot shots of her shaved pussy getting stuffed with meat. There is something I really like about Layla. She just seems to know how to move her body and fucks like she actually enjoys cock. When she dismounts this time she grabs a big vibrator that keeps her clit buzzing while she sucks Derrick’s cock like she is in love with the taste. That is seriously hot shit. Derrick takes that momentum and uses it to slam her hard from behind before rolling over the leggy brunette and using her flexibility to create hot eye candy. He pumps her until she is ready to have him dump his load all over her waiting tongue and wide open mouth. Layla Rivera is a first class party girl.

Faye Reagan & Dane Cross and Louisa Lanewood & Georgia Jones

The birthday girl finally gets into the action after well over an hour of the movie. Faye and Dane starts kissing among the party guests, but are soon given some privacy to take things to next level. Dane puts her on her back to eat her pussy, but flips her over to fuck that pussy doggy style. Faye looks amazing in any position the but camerawork is really poor for a while. It’s like they can’t decide how to shoot her and that kind of kills it. Moving from poolside to the bedroom, the horny couple finds a nice rhythm. As he starts to pound away from behind again, Georgia Jones and Louisa Lanewood join the fun. Four on a bed is pretty crowded, but it seems to make young Faye quite happy to have an audience. Dane puts Faye on her back and she locks both of her feet behind her head for some short but furious fucking. (That’s it man, grab a hose and cool me down. Faye fucking like that is just too damn much.) They move back outside where they continue the fun. Faye keeps sticking out her tongue as if begging for cum. She finally gets it, all over that pretty face. For some reason they run back inside for a little more footage. I suppose they are trying to seem spontaneous, but it just ends up looking poorly edited. Even with the unnecessary extra people and bad camerawork this is hot stuff.

Georgia Jones & Louisa Lanewood

With Dane and Faye all done, these two settle in for some hot lesbian action to finish out disc one. Birthday girls should always get attention and Georgia certainly enjoys the taste of Louisa’s sweet pussy. They 69 each other and are a jumble of legs and boobs. I like both women, but after watching Faye get fucked; this one comes off as sloppy and a little flat. The close up shots are pretty sweet if you like watching pussies clench and twitch from tongue and vibrator stimulation. Personally it feels like halftime started a little early.

Faye Reagan & Danny Wylde, Dane Cross, Rocco Reed,

Since it is her party, Faye has her eyes on a few special guys. Danny Wylde gets to spend some time on the couch with the lovely redhead and he clearly enjoys every inch of her. He eats her pussy and she leans back like the perfect princess she is. When it is time to suck however, Faye turns up the heat, jerking is cock and sucking his balls like they are all she wants on her birthday cake. Outside the party, Faye’s boyfriend Dane is on the phone. He has no idea that his girl is sucking cock and isn’t thrilled to see what’s going on. He doesn’t mind too much though and lets Danny keep enjoying Faye while she does her best to make her boyfriend forget that she’s cheating. Faye straddles a cock and shakes her perfect tits, putting on the sort of show that we would expect from this incredible young woman. In the middle of some deep throat double suck action she tells us that she is being a “bad birthday girl” and she’s right. Just when it looks like two dicks might be all she needs, along comes Rocco Reed. He has some catching up to do so after a short BJ he starts power fucking our little ball of perfection. Danny and Dane go back to double teaming Faye for a while. The editing still feels very choppy. I know this is supposed to be a free flowing party atmosphere, but it ends up feeling sloppy again. Things pick up when she just takes on all three at once, bouncing on a dock while sucking and stroking two others. This does the trick for everyone involved and Faye gets the first popshot on her perfect tits. The next shot covers her stomach and boobs, leaving her sticky and very happy.

Georgia Jones & Dani Jensen

The other birthday girl, Georgia Jones, has another kind of celebration in mind. No triple meat sandwich for her. Instead she buries her face in Dani Jensen‘s tight little box. (Who can blame her for that?) Georgia spends a lot of time talking to the camera, but has the skills to do that and keeps Dani really happy. These two lovely ladies look fantastic together. If you enjoy scenes with no guys then you are going to have a lot of fun watching Dani work a slim vibe into Georgia until she is quivering with delight. Some other girls stop in for a short taste, but this is mostly a sexy one on one between two very pretty girls.

Dani Jensen & Rocco Reed

Apparently hot lesbian sex isn’t enough to quench Dani’s thirst for fun. She cruises around the pool area looking for a boy to play with. She and Rocco find a nice comfortable bed set up outside and start messing around. He buries his fingers into her pussy while she strokes his cock to full mast. Once up, the dick is in her mouth fast than I can come up with something clever to say about how quickly she has it in her mouth. Annoying background music aside, the action here is good. Dani sucks and then mounts Rocco’s meat with serious intentions. He does her so well that her foot keeps twitching. It’s rather hypnotic actually. I love the way she sucks cock in between positions like she’s more than happy to taste herself and keep him lubed up for ore action. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her flat belly.

Faye Reagan & Georgia Jones

Finally get to see the birthday girls get it on. After Faye’s mini bang earlier in this disc, nothing is going to blow me away, but this is a great way to cap the night. Faye takes the first trip to pussy city, licking Georgia and making her moan over the loud music. Watching these two lie around kissing is already pretty hot, so seeing them in a torrid 69 is bound to make your blood pump. Faye leans back and smokes a cigarette while Georgia shows her that a girl’s tongue can do things three cocks can’t. These two are going to good friends for a long time to come. I know that they had to finish the movie with this scene, but it clearly is a letdown sexually after Faye’s big one.

Bonus: Popshots, Trailers, Slide Show


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